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Miami says ...
Another interesting thing is how people in Paradise are looking through the windows of CNN & making up stories about what is going on … peeping toms in Paradise. null
If anyone were to focus on wanting truth Fastblogit or the news, twitterings & media would be thrown away first. I read this last night from Peter: nullnullnull

1:20 In light of the human need for knowing, it makes sense that beliefs flourish in the absence of either valid fact or authentic and direct consciousness. Although beliefs may seem benign, or even beneficial in some cases, great dangers exist in not recognizing belief as a willful ignorance. Beliefs aren’t just passing thoughts. They organize our interpretations, select where our attention goes and why, create bias in our perceptions, construct a foundation for a self-identity from which all else is related and viewed, and bind us to very limited worlds of certainty. In this way, beliefs dominate our perceptive-experience. Beliefs are generally known to us as what we consider to be true, but there’s another domain of beliefs that goes unnoticed.
1:21 Assumptions are taken-for-granted mind-axioms that operate as if true in our experience when actually they’re just personal and cultural inventions that are simply not recognized as such. Without thinking about it, we accept that self, social values, human rights, thought, mind, space, and other apparent “realities” are real in and of themselves. In actuality, we either make them up by ourselves for various unnoticed reasons, or absorb them from our family and culture. These beliefs and assumptions need to be uncovered and dislodged so that our questioning can proceed free of their domination.

Ralston, Peter. The Genius of Being: Contemplating the Profound Intelligence of Existence (Kindle Locations 360-369). North Atlantic Books. Kindle Edition.