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Miami says ...
… you see, this is something #GW did for both you and mark, seth. He built into your foundation of beliefs a belief that you must judge all information that comes to you by the source by which it comes. 

… in truth, we each have a discriminating element in our own being which we can use to value information with, it is our emotions. We don’t ever actually need to reject or accept information with our thought. Our emotions always let us know if information is applicable to us personally, or not, and that knowing is of the highest quality.

Hence the meta-program #GW gave you both, which causes you to evaluate the messenger, and the method of delivery, and even the ego transactions involved in the delivery, ahead of valuing the information itself, is only complicating your lives and the quality and quantity of the information you can obtain.


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Mark de LA says
Hogwash! #SSS – authority is but one dimension of validation.  Ethos, Logos & Pathos but 3 dimensions of rhetoric. Proof – see Barbara Cubed.  You tell less lies if you talk about yourself rather than others.

Si says
Yep. Barbara Cubed. And where did that come from? Oh, yea, #GW  

… point made.

Seth says
well i do consider (judge) the source of information before i assume that it is true or false for me.  For example i have found that britebart is biased pro  #Trump.   Whereas #CNN is biased against Trump.   I arrive at those judgments by noticing  the same kind of reporting happen again and again and by corroborating information with other sources.

#GW didn’t  talk about that … nor do i remember such a matter being dealt with in #BarbaraCubed.   For the most part #GW was authoritarian … we were supposed to take what he said as true on faith and not question it.   I first experienced that when GW noticed me reading Gandhi.   He told me that he brought me up to read good books … eg Steiner books.  I suppose that you could say that he was teaching me to consider the source … er, his source.

How to ascertain political (social) truths is something that i had to discover on my own.  It became obvious to me as i tried to do it on the Internet … but there are many memes about it on the Internet of today.

How do i arrive at such judgements of source?   Well, yes, i must rely on how the information hangs together in my mind with what is already there.  How it hangs together is not necessarily formed by how it  emotionally  effects me … but yes, i  certainly choose what i want to believe in, where i am free to do so.  For example i am not free to believe the Sun will not rise tomorrow morning … but i was quite free to choose against this Trump presidency.  Now that he is president i am not longer free to choose that he is not.

To be honest with you … i don’t know what you are driving at in this complaint about me and mark.   On the surface, it does not hang together well.  Rather it seems like a way for you to compare yourself to me and mark for the sake of your own adgenda.   Unfortunately it seems illinformed … at least about me.

Si says
It all came about from you saying you don’t value my information because it is always accompanied by an ego transaction. That lead to me explaining how you, and Mark, value information first by it’s source, then by the means of delivery and transactions involved, and only finally the merit of the actual information … and I gave alternatives. I also noted that you and Mark apparently do that based on a foundational meta-program (belief pattern) you picked up by proximity to #GW in your formative years. All of this is very clear looking from the outside-in, as I am able to do, since I was absent from #GW during that particular formative period.

This is a summary and how I arrived at my observation … in answer to your question.  

Si says
null p.s.  A judgment would be “your are stupid because of this” or “you are broken because of this” or even “life is shitty (yours or mine) because of this”. I don’t make judgments. In fact, I say you are always perfect exactly as you are. What I do is observe and report what I observe and relate what I believe to be the most likely outcomes of the patterns I observe. Quite a different thing from judgment. #OTOH … what Mark often does, is pure judgment, not observation. All of his shitting upon is nothing but judgment. I think you confuse us due to the fact that both Mark and I relate to you using ego transactions … hence cycling back to where this all started … and I still say “when you start obtaining information based on the information and your desire to obtain it, instead of judging the source by witch it comes to you, then you will have it, it will be yours!”  ← pure observation

Seth says
well i am sorry, that is nice and all, that you are thinking like that over there.

but you should know that the things you make up about me and mark here are just stories that you are telling yourself … they bear no resemblence to what is happening with us.   I told you in “About: Megaphone vs Free Speech vs Political Correctness - comment 73418 - comment 73462 (comment 73476)” … how and why i “value information from its source”.  I did not get that from #GW …. that part is all just a story that you have made up … not something that you have observed about us who are outside here in the world.  The fact is i learned to do that well after i left home.  None of that could you possibly have observed through your senses. You simply have not followed what i say and do long enought and closely enough to surmise the source of that behavior.   But you sure as hell can imagine that you do.

Seth says
back on perhaps the other subject …

A salesman or shaman will give me information that is designed to effect me in a way that benefits only the salesman or shaman. 

That is a well known fact.   It is  quite common knowledge in our society.

There are a lot of things that you tell me, nathan, that fall well within that pattern. 
When that happens, you should not expect me to take what you say on it’s face value.

And okay, yes, that is something that i did learn from #GW …
but i am sure,  it is not something he wanted me to learn null

Si says
The above is only half of the story seth. The rest of the story is that each of us have, inside our own being, a detector that can determine, in all situations, what is relevant for us. We never have to think about if it is a salesman or a shaman or an angel sending the information our way. All we have to do is feel the relevance of the information to our own being, by noticing our own excitement in relation to the information without any other thought about where it is coming from. And sometimes, the information that is relevant to our own being comes from paths like shamans and even salesmen, because they were the most downstream and immediate way for the information we needed to get to us.

#GW taught you half of something and then turned you loose with it incomplete … I guess because he wanted you to find the other half on your own.
Reality does not happen to us,
Reality happens for us.

Mark de LA says

Mark de LA says
Yep hate spawns all kinds of stories – check the politics of #TrumpBashing null

Si says
No hate here. That would be reality happening to you anyway, not for you.  
Hate is perceived, not imposed.

Seth says
i think you totally missed the point of what i said.  Obviously i have  inside my own being, a detector that determines, in all situations, what is relevant to me.  Did you really think that was new information to me?  Did you think i did not believe it?  So you told me that again to say what?

#btw … since what you call “reality” is just another term for “what we experience” … and since we are the only being which experiences said reality … then it is trivial and vapid to say again that it happens for us null.

Mark de LA says
#SSS on n’s part again. 

Si says
Super Studly Saying  Cool!

Seth says
it is so easy to loose focus with such strong negative feedback screeching around.  i keep wondering why people continually go for the screech … oh, perhaps the actual signal has less #juice … #shucks

Si says
A screech to one can be a song to another. I perceive the harmony in the song that is unfolding before our very eyes and ears.  

… I guess, your perception is not so encompassing.

Mark de LA says

Seth says
yeah i know you like the screech. 

it seems you will always go for it rather than focus on a deeper melody.  

here is a brownie point for your encompassing perception → 0

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