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Miami says ...
Well, when you start obtaining information based on the information and your desire to obtain it, instead of judging the source by witch it comes to you, then you will have it, it will be yours!  
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Seth says
Well there are different kinds of information.  There is information that is independant of my desires about it,  and there is information that is not independent of my desires about it …  google analytic synthetic.  And even that is not binary … there being lots of degress and aspects to highlight.  we could discuss that to any deapth that you desire.

Me, i like to seek all different kinds of information … some of it i choose what to experience according to my desire … others i accept that it is not my my desire that makes it notable.  It’s the difference between living in a subjective bubble of my own desire and construction … or living in the actual #world where there are others.  That is my choice … and not something that you should be lobbying for or against.

Si says
No one ever asked you to live in a subjective bubble of your own desire. I do not do that either. I live in the actual #world. One could say though, that you live in the actual world less than I do, because you live in a smaller frame containing only the things you allow in your experience, otherness inclusive. There is a huge range of things I experience, otherness included, which you do not because it is not inside your box and you are determined to stay in there.

Seth says
Do you see what you just did there?   You compared you way to my way and said your way was better and my way was smaller.  That was the only message you just transmitted to me.   If there was something esle there i missed it because of the nature of the #Egoo transaction between us.

Si says
It is the message of this time. There is no other. It is what you attract.  

I can only emit vibrations that match your own, that you emit, unless I lead with my own vibration, and on these subjects, I have agreed not to do that.

Seth says
okay, you are in a subjective loop.  


Si says
Okay, that is a left turn. Nice box you have there. Walls are getting stronger too!  

Seth says
actually you should learn how to recon this #Ego stuff using relativity.  after all that is what ego what it is about. 

that was me going straight and you turning right into just your little self.  … that is how i accurately experience  it. 

Mark de LA says
Then too there are spies with their own agendas 

Si says
The ego stuff is only because of what we talked about yesterday. You authenticate according to the source first, then the method of delivery, and finally the actual content. As long as you do that, then that is how information will be delivered. When you evaluate information on it’s own merit, by your internal compass, and not by how it comes to you or how the means of it coming feels or is judged by you, then information will come direct, including from me … no ego at all.  

Seth says
well actually i “authenticate” (#trust information)  by all of those .. source, method of delivery, and content.  To which i would add corroboration.   If there is only a single source, then i tag it as such and look for other sources.   I don’t know which comes first … i expect that varies all over the place.

Evaluating information “by my internal compass” is almost the exact definition of being subjective.  

I choose to be objective about information … especially that information that is not about me but rather is about others.

Si says
The only way to be objective about information is to evaluate it by your internal compass. That is the source telling you how that information actually relates to you. Evaluating by what others say, or do, is like trying to run a marathon by tuning into what aches and pains and exhilarations are happening in the runner next to you, instead of your own. The only way to be the best in relation to all others you interact with is to first tune into your own true blueprint, and be the best you are. Otherwise, you are out of your business and whatever you do will be much less than you are capable of and much less useful to any other, not only yourself.

Seth says
okay that is the information that you are telling me.  

i do not #trust it … i get contradictory information from many other sources … and it does not hang together well inside myself.  it sounds to me like just a grand excuse to be sujective about everything … but i know that everything is not just about me.

Mark de LA says
Nate is a fairly good actor in the “as if” something were true domain of experience – most others are similarly disposed. Check out the mess that beliefs are churning these days.  One need not follow Nate however since either of yours are “as if” regardless. 
#MakeShitUp as you like.  Communicating “as if” what one of you says is more true than the other is folly to the max.  There is no proof without demonstration & direct experience:  illative force disappears without it.
Don’t waste your time with #TuQuoque arguments; #IDC – just tickling the edges this AM.

Si says
… only because your compass has some pre-filters that are not part of the intrinsic human experience.  Those filters are add-ons, belief based, and unnecessary. The contradictory feelings and thoughts seep in through the interactions with those filters. When you face information directly, not according to where it is coming from, or how it is being delivered, then your compass will be giving you the highest quality of feedback about the information you are receiving and how it relates direclty to you … and to others in your experience.

Si says
I directly experience all the things I relate mark. I don’t tell you anything I have not verified, usually many times, with my own experience and doing.

Mark de LA says
Talking about others and speaking for all humans is a waste of comment space nathan- still in the #RWG.

Si says
I don’t know where you get that belief from mark, nor how it actually serves you in any useful way. If you do not relate to the world around you as you see it and call it what you see and experience, then you are not actually interacting with it, but are only interacting with your own subjective box and beliefs people hold onto … not the ones that are authentic now.

Seth says
well in this case the source of the information is fairly well irrelivant.   The information itself does not hang together inside of me.   I know that everything is not about me.   Why do i know that?   Well i observe that people dissapear from a context and the context continues just as if they were not there.  I do not consider myself to be any different than those people.  So if i always recon all information relative to myself, i would always be telling myself a lie.   That is just about as “intrinsiclly human” as i know how to be.  

Mark de LA says
Notice how hard it is for Nathan to quit the #RWG in Seeking Information (comment 73501) null

Seth says
i guess you guys realize that a 3 way dialogued at this depth is far more difficult to grock than a 2 way. 

Mark de LA says
Really?  What part of your experience are you pointing at seth ?

Si says
How do you actually know anything continues on without you seth? If you are able to have any awareness of it at all, then you are interacting with it still in some way.

Does a tree falling in the forest without a human ear to hear it make a sound? No. Sound is the interpretation of the human ear of vibration. Just like #RS says that color is the interpretation of the human eye of the interaction of a photon with an object.

i.e. you have no actual knowledge that anything at all happens without you. All that you have awareness of, you are a part of.

Si says

Seth says
… the part, mark,  that tries to #listen to what the other is saying and figue out how to blend my own thought with it so that they make sense.

Seth says
#shucks i used others and not myself in my example … i already answered your objection, nathan.

i notice that other people leave a context in which i am experiencing ..
and the context goes on as if they were not there.    

because i do not think that i am any different than others in this regard,
i can conclude that
contexts are not all just about me.


Si says
#IDK … this 3 way dialog seems trivial to follow. Try following the 6 way texting of a bunch of teen girls for instance. It is quite doable by running parallel contexts in your mind.  

Seth says
… yeah it can be done but it will rapidly become shallow and fall into the usual loops.  it is a lack of focus. 

Si says
#LOL … and as is often the case when allowance is honored over structure, there is your answer, from the broadside even. Parallel contexts!  

Seth says

Seth says

Mark de LA says
& everyone else agrees  with you eh seth Seeking Information (comment 73508) null

Si says
#LOL nope. 

Seth says
… obviously not, mark .   there are many stories in this naked city … mine is but one of them.

Si says
True story.

After all, stories are what others are. You are your story, I am mine.   

Mark de LA says
Yep, nothing IS! – all story – Q.E.D. end of the need to converse. #PML

Seth says

well i am more than just my story … i am also what i do … and what i feel … and even what i effect … and even what i bond with … and even ...

Si says
#IDK mark. When you go to the Library, do you read the books of others too? Or only the ones you write?

Si says
All of which is simply the story you are telling with your experience.  

Mark de LA says
silliness – more of #DA ‘ irrelevant comments.

Seth says
there is a grand distinction that makes a big difference between what i do and a story of what i do.  

to notice the difference, notice that …

what you do underdetermines the story of what you do. 
said differently there are many stories of what you actually do. 


Mark de LA says
#BuhBye folks null ZZzz…  – too much censor this item. null (parallel context apparently disallowed).null

Si says
Exactly! There is a multi-verse of stories about what you actually do. Which one is you? Yours of course!  

Si says
Stop writing judgmental shitting upon, and start writing authentic content, and no one will have any desire to censor it at all!  

Seth says
what i do is not any of the multi-verses of stories of what i do. 

thinking otherwise would be making the #MapVsTerritory error. 

Mark de LA says
Stop writing SHIT about others!  Fuck Censorship. thumbs down

Seth says
gentelmen, notice how (and maybe even why) this thread decayed.

Si says
There is nothing wrong with writing things about others as long as it is authentic. I think your authenticity detector is underdeveloped.

Si says
#IDK seth, all seems on track with what is most important to each.  Who are you to judge for others?

Si says
That’s right. What you do is your story, no matter what the multi-verse of stories is. Your story is you. And I am my story.

Seth says
fine … carry on. 

me, i tend to try to avoid dialogue for which the only thing that i can detect is #Egoo transactions of the form,  “i am better that you are”.   perhaps there is more to this thread … if so, then i missed it.

mark… was there anything in this thread other than the usual “i am ok, you are not” ?

Si says
Exactly seth. That is what I have been saying. What you personally allow in first goes through a “where is is coming from” filter and then a “what is the transaction filter”.

Hence, you are not involved in this conversation due to your second filter preventing you from accessing the content. i.e. what you call the ego transaction rejects the content. i.e. that is why you are in a box.

Mark de LA says

Mark de LA says
Much simpler without argument in #GofB – thousand more words wasted here.null

Seth says
but the objective question is ...
“is there any content here exclusive of the ego fight?”

if there is this other content, then either you or mark should be able to express it apart from some ego jab at each other or at me.

So that is a challenge to both you and mark … what is the content that you are dealing with in this thread?

Si says
Set aside your filters and find out seth.  

Seth says
which is just a jab at me.   but i already read the thread and found nothing in it except you and mark fighting over domance.

#shucks … i’ll go read it again … and report back  →   nope, i found nothing new … just  the stuff that has been said time and time again … and jabs by mark and jabs by nathan at each other.

Si says
Well, mark is fighting for dominance, with himself. I am only provding a waldo for him to use.

There is still plenty of content though, from all of us. When you lift your filters, you will see it. Right now, the ego transactions are where you stop seeing, that’s all.

Si says
”and jabs by mark and jabs by nathan at each other” ← and that’s all you see. Your filter stops there. It is the edge of your perception box.

Seth says
← your self serving story which inadvertantly puts me down.   That is the effect of your last transaction.

me, i am still looking for something new.   new growth.   i am not finding it here.

Si says
Well, your box is contextual. There are lots of ways you can grow where there are no borders for you to left turn at.

But … the way’s you desire to grow, are inside a box you have chosen. It is hard to grow beyond the borders of a box, especially when you don’t acknowledge that the box is even there, but butt your head against it every day anyway.

I don’t put you down. I observe you, and tell you what I am observing. I have no disrespect for you and don’t judge you. If you feel put down, you are judging the behavior I am relating to you, quite on your own.

Seth says
more of the same.   #BuhBye

incidentally i am quite aware and ackowledge the box (#subjective bubble) that i am #inside.  Your made up story to the contrary notwistanding.  

now i wonder who’s bubble you were really refering to.

Si says
Well, it’s a start.  

Myself? I identify with wanting others to do what I can clearly see is best for them. #hooponopono is excellent for that form of identification.

Seth says
Well my reading of #hooponopono has nothing to do with “wanting others to do what I can clearly see is best for them” … rather almost the opposite.   Did you notice that the doctor started with his own experience, and did not try to fix the patients according to his own conceptions. 

I actually believe in #hooponopono as described in that movie … i’ve seen it work both from the inside and the outside.  For example i claim that #GW and #lotus (and the rest of the family) could have cured #gregory had they understood that process.  I claim that many forms of #insanity are not what they are cropped up to be.  When the #outside acknowledges their participation in creating the turbulence #inside another’s mind, then the turbulence gets calmed.  Notice what the doctor said to the patients.   Notice that it is not, “Myself? I identify with wanting others to do what I can clearly see is best for them”. 


Si says
You misread. I did not say #hooponopono is that. I said #hooponopono could be used to cure that inside myself. Cure my identification.

#kudos → seth for #hooponopono #grok  

Seth says

Seth says
well #kewl … then i now see what you said null

Mark de LA says
RE: Seeking Information (comment 73546) – maybe write your own stories & then read them back to yourself; probably your best audience. Trying to bully others into the same stories as you write for yourself is futile – at least as far as I am concerned. Others are free to do what they will.  #RWG just narrows my attention to different stories than you write – shortens the amount of time I need to spend with your thoughts. Enjoy.

Seth says
well ideally there would be no “bullying others into the same stories as we write ourselves”  …
rather just a #listening to understand others stories ….and a more accurate expression of our own.   

At best to blend them into a common one that can be #shared …
but at least to understand why another believes differently and how that effects what they feel and do.

Mark de LA says

Mark de LA says
Believing is a separate distinction from behaving.  null
Free yourself & get rid of beliefs ! Don't be a BELIEF robot - M.R.

Seth says

Seth says

… it is yes

Mark de LA says
I don’t care what members of ISIS believe.  It is when they carry what they believe into action that it seems to suck! null

Seth says

Seth says
… it does null

but i think you will fine that what ISIS believes will effect how they feel and what the do.   so if you care about what they do, seems you should also care about what they believe.

Mark de LA says
As a practical matter they would need to be contained when their behavior threatens civilized society.  They could sit in their cages believing what they want for as long as they can sustain it.

Seth says

Seth says
… yep.

Si says
If they believe they must stay in their cages, they will.
If they believe they cannot be caged, they cannot.

No cage ever contained a true believer. “Gandi said that, or something very like it”.  

Seth says
…. true.

well ISIS has specifically told the world, in what they say and do,  that they have no intention of “staying in their cage”. … i think that path, started by mark, is just hypothetical imagination of something that is not happening in the #world … how can it uncover any new understanding here?

Seth says

Mark de LA says
Gandhi is dead.  QED

Si says
I think mark’s brain is dead. Long live mark’s body! QED

Mark de LA says
I think #DaAsshole needs to take a shit – his brain is producing too much preposterous filth!

Si says
Nice of you to finally notice what it feels like to all the rest of us to be downstream of your constant butt flow!

Mark de LA says
#BuhBye null

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