Amazon Shipping Procedure Change

About: Learn about new Shipping Settings

Dear Seller,

The new version of Shipping Settings is now available for your
account. The new Shipping Settings gives you more control in defining
shipping options for your inventory by allowing you to define domestic
and international regional shipping settings and estimated transit

The new migration deadline for your account is 03/22/2017. After this
date, we will automatically migrate you to the new Shipping Settings.
However, we highly recommend that you migrate yourself to optimize
your shipping settings.

This new version of Shipping Settings provides you access to the
following features:

Offer items for Seller Fulfilled Prime (eligible sellers in the U.S.
only). Learn More
Offer items for Same-Day Delivery (eligible sellers in selected U.S.
cities). Learn More
Set different shipping charges for Two-Day Delivery by state.
Set international shipping charges and shipping speeds by country.
Set different shipping settings for different sets of SKUs.

Go to the Shipping Settings page on Seller Central and migrate to the
new Shipping settings.

Learn more on how migration works and the changes between the old and
new Shipping Settings.


The Amazon Marketplace Team in private email to me
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Seth says
see also this

also this

Seth says

looks like there is a undo … so no reason not just to click when i get a null … just so i have time to squiggel around before March 22.

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