In the jungles of time and space, it’s wise to remember that the best hope one has for thriving among the seen, the known, and the manifested, comes from playing off the unseen, the unknown, and the not yet manifested. 

Whatever you want, my friend, go there in thought first, and go there often.

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Seth says

Seth says
I agree …

the best hope one has for thriving among the seen, the known, and the manifested,
comes from playing off the unseen, the unknown, and the not yet manifested.

un universo
null null

… but always starting with thought … nope, not always best.

I concocted a strange attitude for the day this morning.  Usually i lay in bed and form a thought gestalt of the day before i rise to the occasion … notwistanding that in retrospect the day almost never goes as planned. But my thoughts this morning were turbulent and so free of desired attachments that i just got up and am making the day what it will be without force of forethought.  Seems to be working null … that though should (or must) preceed a deed is a presumed restriction on my dynamic that i just do not need or want. 

Si says
I think it is simply that you are not always aware of when, and what, you have been and are thinking.

The above stratagee is actually one that is recommended by Abraham. And it is also based in thought. Specifically non-thought. Because all thought attracts, manifests. Non-thought does not stop thought from manifesting, but it does stop the thoughts you are having right now from manifesting, and then the thoughts in your vortex, the thoughts you have had that are intrinsically and authentically your core, come into play.

It is a rule of thumb in #LOA … when your experience and/or your thoughts are not as you desire, stop thinking … then your true aligned thoughts, the ones you have been having your whole life, will become active and present in forming your experience.  

All action, all manifestation, comes from thoughts … but not always the thought you are thinking, or not thinking, right now.

Seth says
well i think there is just a naming confusion here.  seems to me that you (et all) are calling just about any mental activity, “thought”.  

but i distinguish several disinct kinds of mental activity. 

i experience a difference between a “will to action” … and a “thought that simulates an action”.  i can even feel a “will to action” happening and then getting supressed by a stronger “procrastination”.   Sometimes i even twinge when the latter happens null … in other words that has a qualia.

Thoughts that simulate (predict) an action can preceed  it, or not … those mental activities are quite independant of an actual “will to action”. 

But “non thoughs” are intreaging … er … i am not aware of them null … so i guess you can say just about anything about them and make it so null

#btw … action prompted by habit IS a case of action not preceeded by thought. 

Si says
I don’t think we have such a difference in defintion of thought. I think it is simply that you still, and have always, rejected the idea that a thought becomes a thing. All forms of thought become things, though the process can vary in tangibility and quality depending on the particular type of thought as you note above. Willful thoughts, for instance, create in a different way than wistful thoughts. But all thoughts become things, somewhere, somehow, weather you take the experiental journy of each thought or not … and that is the one thing I think you are not allowing to enter your experience. Whenever that aspect comes into play, you simply go elsewhere, find some other explanation that fits that situation, even if the overall gestalt of your explinations are inconsistent with each other, and quite frankly, they often are. That thoughts create things is by far the most consistent and simplest explanation across the board and across all experiences in time and space.

Si says
”action prompted by habit IS a case of action not proceeded by thought” ~ Seth

Thoughts have momentum, and the delay between a thought and a manifestation is not bound to time. Thoughts happen in a timeless realm, and then we as humans bind thoughts to time as we take experiential journeys.

So actually every habit is the result of quite a lot of thought. It takes a journey to create a habit, and during that journy a whole lot of thought happens. All of that thought then continues to create, there is much thought momentum built up in a habit.

Seth says
Well a thought is a process which sustains itself the more it is repeated.  I think that is the essecence of what you mean when you say, “a thought is a thing”.  

I actually demonstrated that to you the other day.  I should make a independant thought of that domenstration because it is quite striking and you even acknowledged it at the time. 

1) Invent a action … let it be small and trivial with no important consequences. 
2) Invent a thought … any thought but a small one is best for this demonstration.
3) Think the thought and then do the action
4) Repeat (3) for 17 seconds
5) Now any time later think the though
6) You will notice that you will do the action

I took for the thought pronouncing the letter “B”.
For the action I chose my right index finger to twitch up.

I did that experiement about a month ago.   To this day as i think “B” my right index finger will pop up.

Seth says
Conversation forked to thought 23131

Seth says
well both thought and actions have the momentum of habit.  we are together on that one null

i can have a habit of action …
or i can have a habit of thought …
or/and i  even i can have a habit of a thought preceeding an action, see “A thought causing an action”.

Si says

Mark de LA says
#NotMyOntology (see any/all of the above) . 

Si says
… and you just dumped that shit here for what reason?

Mark de LA says
Because YOU dumped my name in the body of the item!  Leave me out & I can ignore your shit.

Si says
I DID NOT dump your name anywhere. Your name is there only because I used the [author] live reference and YOU are the author looking at it right now. And doing that DOES NOT name tag you at all. You could have ignored this all you wanted to. Apparently you did not want to.

Mark de LA says
It’s in there fucker remove it or don’t complain about my response to it being there. null

Si says
I am not complaining about your response, I am complaining that your response is not content shitting upon.

Use your words to make responses please, not what comes out your butt hole.

Seth says
saying “author” in square brackens is just like saying the pronoun “you” … the system just substitutes your name for the pronoun.  

If sombody somewhere says, “you are a shit head”,  do you feel a need to respond as if it were a personal insult? 
Me, i do not.

On the other hand it was kind of #kewl that the universe was able to call me out by name null … i get off on the universe treating me so very personally … usually it deals with me quite impersonally.

Si says

Mark de LA says
Leave out the author stuff & put the word you in unless you mean my name.  You folks are just dissembling. null

Mark de LA says
#BuhBye null (some other day) ZZzz.. 

Si says
Likewise, ignore things you have no interest in. The author tag does not “name tag” you so it does not force you to read it in your news. You can easily be selective. If I mean you personally, I would use a name tag like mark … and that you can’t so easily ignore.

Mark de LA says
My name is still there egghead .
 ← Nathan 

Seth says

well i am sorry.

it is what it is.
our egos are there;
and they prick each other. 

without that prick
you spine would unravel. 

the trick is to enjoy the prick.



Si says
Yes, it is still there. Ignore it and it will go away.

I am not removing the [author] reference, because that shows my name and seth’s name when we view it. You don’t get to have the world taylored to your desire, unless you take the reins and write your own story. So be responsible and do.

Mark de LA says

Mark de LA says
Don’t complain if I shit on your comments when you reference me or my name.

Si says
Well I didn’t. You referenced your own name by viewing the thought. When I view it, I see Miami, not Mark.

Seth says
Conversation forked to thought 23138

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