Interesting experiment on the election debates

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Actors swapped Trump, Clinton genders in mock debate – guess whose message won


Just before the second presidential debate in October, Professor Maria Guadalupe began to wonder what would happen if the brash, aggressive mannerisms of Donald Trump were emulated by a woman.

Turns out the hypothetical candidate was a hit.

In a bias-challenging twist, Guadalupe and another professor recently engineered a gender-swap exercise featuring a mock debate between a female version of Trump and a male version of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Despite some assumptions that the Trump-ish female would not fare well, audiences actually responded more positively to her. 


Si says
A Trump will always trump. That thought is well established now in the minds of all, weather they like it or not, they do think it.

Mark de LA says
Trump a nice winning verb too! nullnull

Seth says