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Mark de LA says ...
Liber S is quite interesting. Breck did a nice job of scanning it. My copy is a lot harder to read.


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Seth says

Si says
#hmmm OCR works pretty good on this stuff.  ( )

Z • K 
G.’. s.’. G.’. 
R - S Page One (0,0,ED) O. This book is a sequel to all those you have received. 8 le also the Initial of some other words, such as Syllogiem & Sonetum. The number of S is 60 Which Is the Hermetic equal of the number by gematrla of the letters, Z A M & those who do not fear the owes on Because may find In this document intrinsic reason other than the above for its title. Refer to it steely as Libor S & communicate it not save with Our leave. However, thoee parts marked with • six pointed star(e) are to be put in exclusive 8-0 which you issue as obviously indicated to the prepared & worthy. I. The Task of the ZELATOR ADEFTUS MINOR,in addition to continuing with the work already prescribed is to be-gin the study of the Inner College SECRET SCRIPT. En penn-ant note that both Secret & Script begin with the initial letter S. No curse should be absolute, so it may be well to explain that While Libor
 Legis may seem to advise tread-ing the Intense. under foot,yet it is best to exalt that Intellect as much as possible before subduing it. There is no credit gained by ignering • weak why. So,mals the most of what intellect you have 6 then when you surrender it to your will, the vanquished shall be worthy of the victor. II. The Z A M le correctly named by the three words which comprise the title of this degree, which you must not forget is included in the Grade of four equals seven;you do met become a five equals six until you teems a full AMPS= Minor. Study the meaning of the throe words inure initials are Z A 11 & apply what you discover to the doing of the tasks that are given you. III. During the rites when you face the East many times you give the Sign of SILENCE. Remember that it 1.• also a part of your OATH OF TRUTH to keep ellenoe as we prescribe. That same Oath involves absolute obedience to what we dict-ate even to writing it at the beginning of each volume of your books. We never expel • /Anion from Our Body but for violation of the OATH he or she has taken with Us. Whoever disobeys the injunction in section zero of the Probationer’s Commission violates the OATH OF TRUTH. These facts give you the mean of securing the expulsion of any Member of your Neighborhood,but you must collect & present to us evidence Which would stand in a court of law & we advise you not to wield this power without due forethought. XVII. The Fourth Power of the Sphinx is attributed to the EAST. The other quarters are assigned as follows: TO KNOW belongs to the South; TO DARE to the West; & TO WILL,to the North; TO KEEP SILENT is the peculiar function of the ...DAIMON whose home to In the East.

Si says
Of course, I am quite sure your inner beings notice the Gross errors herein mark and seth. Things like “OATH OF TRUTH” which is inconsistent with the nature of truth in reality, truth being that which one creates by thinking a thought until it is so.

Also notice the references to “effect without #doing” as in “These facts give you the means of securing the expulsion of any Member of your Neighborhood, but you must collect & present to us evidence Which would stand in a court of law & we advise you not to wield this power without due forethought.” 

… which clearly is known to both of you and believed by you via your heritage, and yet outside both of your current, and hypocritical, boxes of acceptance. These are in fact, examples of pure #LOA, boxed or not.  

I could go on, but I think it would be more informative to each of you to find the truth’s and inconsistencies in this on your own. Your own personal freedom will be better served by so doing.  

Reality does not happen to you, it happens for you.
Embrace it all and rejoice in your life,
and love of yourself.  

Mark de LA says
Shitty OCR , BTW!null Even Peter Ralston suggests telling the truth is the only way to reach enlightenment. 
The first thing one has to do is to learn to tell the truth about oneself to oneself. (Less #Egoo) null

Si says

Si says
Absolutely! I agree with every word of that 100%.  

… the difference lies in your assumption that truth is “out there”, some absolute that all will arrive at the same, given enough time and cohersing.

Seth says
well i broke with #GW just exactly on the OATH … and pretty much for the reason you gave above.   It even came to the point where when we recited the oath out loud during the ceremony,  i stood arrogantly mute.  Maybe mark remembers that.

Of course nathan could not have known that … but he makes up stories about it anyway.

Si says

Si says
I don’t really need to know anything. Following excitement does the best possible thing in respect to all involved without having to know everything.  

I just know what it feels like to read #GW’s works and where my excitement goes from there.

Seth says
my point is that you made up a false story about me when you said …

… which clearly is known to both of you and believed by you via your heritage, and yet outside both of your current, and hypocritical, boxes of acceptance.


maybe now you can see how false your story about me was … or maybe you will do a little song and dance about how you meant something different … or maybe you just do not write very clearly … i do not know … but i keep watching you smugly getting your brownie points for yourself by telling  stories about others.

Seth says

Seth says
and maybe some of us have even gotten beyond that realization a long time ago.

Mark de LA says
null – hmmm … never thought the truth was “out there” .  Like a scientist, some truths about things external to myself, I have to study the situation & make experiments & test theories – not just make shit up. Other stuff like what is “inside” I need to shine a light & grok it & get rid of the darkness of the #juice (lucifer-ahriman) ← occult names for dA’#juice to directly experience it.

BTW truth is a linguistic thingy whereas That which is, just IS!

Seth says

Seth says
#btw  …

i utter  truth as i feel it. 

Swearing to #GW’s #oath would contradict that and would be a lie.  I refuse to tell that lie.

Mark de LA says
The G.’.B.’.G.’. closed in 1987 – not a thingy any more. Still bugs you though, eh? Maybe scratched up something which bled #juice ?

Seth says
it’s not about that mark.  i just wanted to clarify my relationship to that oath.  … and even, me thinks, came up with a better one for myself. 

Mark de LA says
The oath to something which has no more physicality, eh? .. & make more juice? null

Seth says
that oath  is to myself.  it is a promise that i am being honest in what i say. 

Mark de LA says

Seth says

Si says
All observation. I have observed you enough over my life to know that you believe in #GW’s, what you might call, “magic” like this. Even if you rejected it, I have listened to you enough to know that you believe it. And I personally am observing your box in which you state, even as recently as yesterday, that “only doing manifests action”. The rest is simply the obvious tying together of that as hypocrisy.  No story here at all, just observation.

Seth says
well i believe in “magic”, #GW’s, yours, or #BozomicFactoring, or many others that i have studied, just to the degree that i do.  Meaning i blieve magic works only  if i believe it works … it is in the domain of #WillToBelieve.   I think you actually should understand that … it is completely consistent with your philosophy as i understand your philosophy.

You might conjecture that i reject it … well that is an easy thing for you to suppose  … and very general … i won’t  give you a brownie point for even thinking about it. 

But let me put it to you this way more specifically.    I do reject other’s magic that i do not like for myself.

Sorry i cannot figure out how you think the proposition “only doing manifests action” has to do with my belief in anybody’s #WillToBelieve.  I think that is a different topic, whatever it is.

tag #magic #magik

Si says
I did not say you reject, I said “even if you reject”, leaving it quite open for you to decide about that. Please don’t put words in my mouth. No matter what you think I am doing, I don’t do that, put words in your mouth you didn’t say. Observation is not putting words in your mouth, it is observing and reporting and giving my ideas about what the observation means. Very different thing.

So you are going to make me go look up exactly where you stated a emphatic denial of the non-doing process #GW talks about above? Why? How can you be so disassociated from what you say and do?

Seth says
ok sorry about missing your “if”.  

you don’t need to look up anything … just connect what you are saying coherently so i can understand it … or forget about it … i mean is that accusation all that important for you to tell me?

#btw, i have no trouble with “disassociation from what i say and do”, your demeaning beliefs about me notwistandikng.    One of the advantages with always telling my truth is that i do not need to remember my lies … hence no disassociation ever. 

Si says
I am talking about this, which is directly not the process #GW is talking about above.

“except that the “cirumstances” in the #world do not change at all (unless perhaps you #do something) … only your “experience” changes. “ ~ Seth from A finely tuned set of beliefs sensing a roll of tape (comment 73767)

Clearly #GW is talking about a circumstance in the world, not just the magiker’s own experience.

Seth says
I think the question in your mind should be whether #GW believed that changing one’s beliefs changed circumstances in the world.   To be honest with you i do not know … nor can i remember him ever talking in those terms … nor do i get in Liber S that he mentioned anything which would imply that one way or another … nor do i remember him saying anything like that anywhere else.  GW did not drill down to that level of psychology … rather it was all just a practice as i perscribe kind of teaching. 

mark  may know more about what he has written that might contradict that which i missed or ignored.

I obviously do not believe it and have said as much … and you do believe it.  There is no hyprocracy going on over here.

Mark de LA says

Mark de LA says
Like many others RS, GW, PR & even TR – said don’t believe me, here are some tools. Try them out & see what happens. No true enlightened person wants a copy of themselves or someone to think like they do.null
just for those who want clones xor belief clones:

Free yourself & get rid of beliefs ! Don't be a BELIEF robot - M.R.

Mark de LA says
re changing beliefs new “science” → 

Seth says

Seth says
when i was about 12 (or so) and must have showed some interest in “magic”,  #GW gave me a book on magic.  but it was not a Steinar book … it was a book more about stage magic.  I have always wondered, even back then, why he gave me that book to read.   Maybe that book is still in his library.  mark, did he give a book like that to you to read too?

Si says
In other words, re article above, “Dopamine is a neurotransmitter that is known to play a role in how our brains derives pleasure from activities such as gambling and sex, as well as addiction.”

… so Dopamine is the chemical in physiology related to “excitement”. And researchers discovered that they could predict decisions based on dopamine levels in the brain just before the decision was made. Hence → people tend to make decisions based on their current relationship to excitement.

Well isn’t that interesting. Science gets one step closer to where #LOA already is.  

Seth says

Mark de LA says
Dopamine is the transmitter. Read the article. Everything looks like #LOA to d’A . If he were an ape everything would look like  bananas .null
Image result for apes and bananas

Si says
I read the article, and a nuero transmitter is simply a specific kind of chemical.

Everything IS #LOA … it is one of the fundamental principles of all reality. Something that is in everything, like an atom. #LOA shows the magnitude and direction (the vector) of anything to anything else in reality.

Mark de LA says
RE: Copy of - New at Breck's Website (comment 73854) – nope!  When I was in college he gave me a copy of The Golden Ass which I read for the first time a decade ago. A nice 1930 numbered edition. My fb page has a pic from it.  What I got out of it was that different epochs & eras had a different mythology of what is happening in life. What we call contexts & ologies were gods to the ancient Greeks.  Even Peter Ralston acknowledges such in his latest book. N has his own mythology. You have yours . I have mine. Liber M was about an occult mythology. BTW, scientists have their own mythology → the atomic & quantum theories. Medicine has viruses & bacteria & prions etc. null

Seth says

← stare at the #LOA dot in the midele of the picture and the world will go away.

I guarantee !

Mark de LA says
Nope! still here.null

Seth says

Mark de LA says
Mythologies usually span cultures & peoples in a region of the Earth although these days the regions are perhaps Internet uri. null

Si says
I agree with all that. All I say is that #LOA is the current mythology for the 2000+’s … but even I have said that I expect #LOA to be superseded in my lifetime, with something even more intrinsic.   

Evolution happens. Aging and disease happens when humans don’t keep up with evolution, mythology or otherwise. 

Seth says
What specifically do you mean by “intrinsic” ?

Si says
The dictionary definition works pretty good for me.

  1. belonging naturally; essential.
    synonyms: inherentinnateinborninbredcongenitalconnatenatural
I might add, “a base building block or principle that all aspects of the given system have in common” and “not a modifier or derivitive”.

Seth says
i know what the word means.  I want to know how you apply it to #LOA.

Si says
The same. #LOA is an intrinsic principle, i.e. one that is part of every relationship and movement in reality, in one way or another. #LOA sits between thought and action similar to how gravity sits between mother earth and you … and gravity is also intrinsic.

Seth says
okay that is what i thought you meant.  me, i do not believe it.  #nature works in many mysterious ways … not just the one that my friend is currently obsessing over … imho of course.   mark’s  famous reduction is even more poignant … something to the effect that “The universe is made up of peanut butter and not peanut butter” null

Si says
I don’t see how “nature works in may mysterious ways” invalides the intrinsic nature of #LOA any more than “nature works in many mysterious ways” could invalidate the intrinsic nature of gravity.

#LOA is just a principle, like vibration attracts like vibration. Everything we experience in reality is in some state of vibration, weather it is atoms, or thought, or light, or anything. #LOA is simply a principle that says that like vibrations become coherent … and because all things are in vibration, all things are subject to #LOA in some manner.

Seth says
fine i’ll say it differently.  i do not believe that #LOA is an elemental intrinsic force of nature.  Rather i believe that it is just an effective way to practice getting what my friend wants.

Si says
Okay. You are welcome to believe #LOA is not intrinsic … for most things, that will simply work. But just like gravity, you can mostly ignore it too, but if you try and walk off a cliff, you will have a problem, and with #LOA, if you focus on a thought you don’t want, it’s going to be coming at you like a mac truck … like it or not, they do obtain.  

Seth says
well the way you describe it there, it sounds more like it is elemental only to human psychology.  even thought there are many ways that human psychology works, not just the way that my friend’s or his friends is working now.

here is another force that is intrinsic to human psychology … “the more my friend does something, the more that is what my friend does” … which is just another way of describing habitual behaviror.  As intrinsic goes, that is a real #doozie null

Si says
No. #LOA is intrinsic to vibrating things, including the base elements of psychology, which are thoughts and emotions, and both of which are vibrating energy in our being, but not exclusive to that. All vibrating things, including atoms and light.

Gravity also affects all things, including atoms, and light, and even the heaviness of someone’s depression.

Gravity and #LOA are parallel intrinsic principles in nearly every way one compares them.

Everything vibrates. And everything that vibrates will have coherence, or not, with other vibrating things according to the basic principle of #LOA.

Seth says

if there were only attraction, there would be no vibration.  

i keep telling you that and you keep denying it. 

try demonstrating  a  vibration with there being only one force involved. 

Si says
Modeling vibration in the physical world with physical components has many involved forces yes. As one hairs up the scale, forces of all kinds come into being and interact. At the most basic level, it is only vibration of energy and no forces at all.

Light is an example of vibration without forces.

Seth says
well it is true that light is a vibration.  knowing what forces (or no forces) are involved is currently beyond my pay grade.  i think theoretical physicists are playing with vibrating symmetries … and no i do not know what is acting and what is reacting against what to make that work.  but i bet that #EricReiter has a better feel for it than do i.

but sorry, i cannot extrapolate anything from your wild conjecture there, which sounds like one hand clapping to me, that convinces me about anything that relates to my psychology. 

Si says
What you can do is simply take #LOA to exist, and then use it quite successfully to model what you experience and predict it and make appropriate changes.

Why #LOA works is mythology, as Mark said elsewhere today, so is the graviton for that matter, but that #LOA does work, and that gravity does work, as intrinsically reproducible components of our experience, is something one only has to play around with to see and work very effectivly with.

Someday, the mythology around #LOA, and why it works, will very likely change, just like someday the mythology around gravity will change in a way that allows us to create anti-gravity … but the simple fact that gravity and #LOA work, right now, to model all known elements they are said to effect, is easy to work with and reproduce.

Seth says
okay so it does comes down to believe it on Faith … use my #WillToBelieve … and yes, as have you, i would become a real #LOA enthusiast.  The strange thing is, i can do that with oh so many other spirits.  Honestly i can.  My choice … you see … no depency restrains.    So i will use it for how it works for me … i don’t need to make it an intrinsic element of my universe to do that. 

Si says
You will find the #LOA model more useful to you, able to accurately model and predict more things, and be a better tool in your toolbox, if you treat it as an intrinsic principle. The more you cripple it, the less use you will find for it, and thus instead of being a comprehensive tool in your toolbox, it will only be a offhand one. You can push #LOA as far as you dare and it will hold up and model things well for you. If you do not, you won’t implode, but you wont be up on the leading edge exploring the most cutting edge ideas with the most effective tools known across the board either.

Yes, this is always your choice. You get to make it. There are many tools to do a particular job. The more tools you have to carry around and learn and understand, the less you will be able to actually do.

Seth says

Okay, #fabana it is very shiny indeed !

… but i choose not to seize hold of it. 

Si says
I passed the grabbing the shiny object phase long ago. Now I use the shiny object on more and more things every day, and it continues to outperform even my wildest expectations. #LOA has never under performed for me no matter what I have applied it to … and by utilizing it’s predictive qualities, I have completely changed my life, and the lives of many others I contact. And I have come to understand and then build upon the understanding of a very large number of things in my experience with #LOA. Shiny object it may be … and when I finally find something it does not model well, I will let you know it has an end. null

… don’t hold your breath.

Seth says

okay … hold tight

Si says
Did you know that up and coming Yes Island is full of monkeys that look very similar to that one? Soon I will be in good company!   … thanks of course, to #LOA … could not do it without.

Seth says
i love news from Yes Island null

Si says

Sean says
Good info - thanks for recommending the Online OCR tool. I found another one that has done pretty well at reading PDF documents. I am using it to  capture both data from both electronic or scanned files:

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