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Mark de LA says ...
I thought to not allow defacement of this post but let it loose anyway – was a mistake.null


  1. SSS
  2. btw


Si says
I did not deface this post at all mark. I only added one thing, the OCR example which was quite helpful to me being able to read and understand it.

What I did do was make a complete copy for my own continuation here Copy of - New at Breck's Website and even did not put a “fork” reference in yours for your own peace of mind and our great cooperation.

What you did do is deface your own … instead of the copy I created for us to pontify on. null

Mark de LA says
Your later comments did.

Si says
My later comments were replies to your shitting. I made a place for you to shit, you shit on your own stuff instead. Not My Fault.

Mark de LA says
Such commenting is why GW preferred to publish his material to a private group which had ground rules for interacting with him instead of interacting with idiots .

Si says
… and you dutifully continue the abomination of cooperation with otherness. I agree.

You are welcome to have your shit hole and those who want to shit with you there. I prefer to converse with real people in the real world, not a fantasy club.

Mark de LA says
More #SSS – ZZzz… #done I’ll get null (NOT)

Mark Twain > Quotes > Quotable Quote

Mark Twain

“Never argue with a fool, onlookers may not be able to tell the difference.”

― Mark Twain

Si says
Good point. … and #btw, thanks for the Super Studly Saying kudos to me.

 … for now, I will stop arguing with a fool. Adios. 

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