I used them to repair my computer:
UPDATE: FBI Extensively Used BEST BUY ’Geek Squad’ For Secret Surveillance...

Trained technicians, shared target lists...


Si says
Cool, but I don’t remember repairing your computer, even though I am the FBI’s Geek Squad.  

I will admit that I do survail you though … every time you shit, I notice. Guess you could call me the shit police!

But seriously, who cares? What difference does it make who the FBI watches? People write their own stories, the FBI doesn’t write the stories for people. If the FBI is interested in someone, that is part of that person’s story.

Seth says
my attitude is that if the Federal Bureo of Investigation is surveling me, then #whoot, maybe they will learn something null

Si says

Si says
Well of course they are. Mark doesn’t have to use Geek Squad to get that. Just the fact that I write FBI all the time here has triggered every flag in Carnivore that there is. I am quite sure all of our activities here are well viewed and the FBI knows everything there is to know about us. So what? You hiding something mark?