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Si says
I have never been interested in twitter. I still am not. It’s for junkies, not lifers, IMHO.  

Seth says
Yep, i know you don’t, notwistanding it being a great social media with which to make connections in a larger space.  But then, my friend does need to have have eclectic interests  outside of my friend’s personal shell to appreciate it null … but then if your very philosophy encourages you not to go there, you won’t  … so yep, it hangs together well over here that it does not interest you over there … completely predictable. 

Si says
My philosophy has nothing to do with it. Lately you have been pinning more and more of my behavior on my philosophy, and you are getting it very very wrong every time.

The reason I am not interested in twitter is one and only one. Twitter is for spectators. There are livers, and there are spectators. Livers do things, they go out and have experiences, all kinds of experiences, in every way possible, and move on to the next experience after everything possible is gained from the current one. Spectators watch others do things, and talk about it, and share the experience of watching others do things with all the other spectators. Spectators occasionally have an experience, so that they can share the talking about it with all the other spectators … i.e. participate personally in the spectating experience.

None of this has anything to do with my philosophy … it is just how some people are, and how other people are.

Seth says
All of media is for spectators … and for contributors too.  To find the contributors you need to contribute yourself and match with them.  Your compaint is never intrinsic to the media, rather it is a function of those working through it.

I may now know your philosphy as you do … but i know what you do … and i listen very carefully to how you justify with your words.  In this case i used my understanding of your philosophy to predict that you would not be interested in twitter … and even that you would discourage me from tweeting.

Si says
And I have little interest in “all of media” too. 

And you don’t know what I do. What you know is how I mirror you … and a few occasional stories about things I actually do, which you nearly always rewrite until you are comfortable with it in your tiny personal way of having experience. i.e. you fit my tellings into your box. You don’t take them on face value as I tell them and rarely accept my expansive understandings of them.

All that you know of me is how I reflect you … mostly, when you look at me, you see an aspect of yourself, and usually one you have hidden from yourself. And that is not how all people interact, that is very specific to my nature, it is my unconscious skill.

Seth says

Si says
Nice solid left turn. That was a very open door you did not go thorough. Much is waiting for you on the other side of it. Much your heart would like to experience.

Seth says
So why do you mirror here tending to destroy our #timeing and cooperation?  

If your version of #LOA works so well, why not do it here?  

Si says
I agreed not to. You wanted to open these doors on your own, not by virtue of me doing it. Ultimately it does not matter, because I am only an aspect of you existing in your reality. We create others to experience and grow through them.

But in this case, the very experience you want to have is the one of escaping your own box consciously as the primary identity you identify with in the whole of your reality. That’s what you personally are going for. I am just here to provide you opportunity.

Seriously, do you really think I could have a happy life and great relationships with others if I appeared as you see me to the people around me all the time? #LOL … I would be committed!  I appear the way I do to you, and not consciously at all, it’s completely automatic, because we set this all up long ago. I don’t operate from that knowledge, it’s all unconscious, but I have become aware of what is going on. You are not able to access that awareness until you don’t make left turns … if you make it there this life.

Si says
p.s. You don’t have to take my word for any of this. You can see it by examining your own life. You have the full knowledge of a Thelamite, but you operate your life as if you are a Troglodyte (I use those terms simply because they work here, not literally). You have structured your life very uniquely. You personally only experience inside the box of experience of the common man, in fact, even more assertively than most common men do. At the same time, you have the knowledge of the higher realms. You are in the unique position to clearly observe the boundaries between the two. This puts you where you can cross those boundaries in full consciousness of the experience. Most people will never be able to do that, they will either be fully expanded, or not … to have the self-crossing experience requires a very special setup of conditions, such as you have created for yourself. And someone to keep you trying, which is why you created me.

Seth says
Well  ...

i do like to  experience escaping my box consciously as the primary identity with which i identify.

I do that all the time, as best as i can, when i appreciate others. 

I don’t need your help there.

null Except of course to get better tools so that we all can do it better !   You are a great tool maker … and a great fixer of broken tools.  That is where i need your help, nathan

Si says
No you don’t. Whatever box you think you are escaping, it is not the one I am talking about and not the one you really want to scale.

Seth says

Seth says
try telling me something that i do not already know which does not just serve yourself. 

Si says
None of this serves me in that way. Of course there are many things I get out of this, but not the self serving aspects you think you see. Those are just the reflection of your own ego on my surface. They are there so you can learn to recognize your ego, when you are ready to do so.

Seth says
when you can be honest about yourself and others, come back and we can chat again.

Si says
That is pure reflection. Take it to heart.  

Seth says
hmmm … where have i heard that kind of response before null

Si says
Do you want to know “how” I do this? I read what you write and let it generate a feeling in me that represents it’s essence. Then I respond back with that essence. I am rarely personally connected … the process is mostly automatic. I let the essence of you return to you but in my words and in the manner of my personality.  Some time ago, it was much more difficult for me to separate that doing from my own interactions with others around me. Now I can do that easily. That ability of “staying in my own business” is something I have personally gained through this process with you and is now a valuable ability I am using in other parts of my life. I happily thank you for the opportunity to have used you to develop that skill. That is how “otherness” truly works and it is lovely.  

Seth says
there is some truth there that i can imagine … even intue.  

but, nathan, i did not create you. You are another person … a separate being.  It is just your story that tells it otherwise … not mine.  When i relate to you i relate to the actual you … i look for your otherness, not just myself.  I do not interact with the representation of you that i construct in my mind.  I truly wish you would do the same for me.

Si says
… as I have been saying, I don’t talk about the “representation of me that you have in your mind”. That is yet another thing. Imagination is important to the “story writing” process, but it is as you say, something “only in one’s mind”.

When I say you create me, I mean that quite literally. Within your thoughts, during this lifetime, and even many other lifetimes and spans between lifetimes, in all those thoughts, there were representations of aspects of me. They all come together and literally, in every sense of the word, “create me” in your current reality experience. It’s true.   

Seth says
nope … sorry …. whatever you are is quite independent of whatever i have done in myself … i love you null

Seth says
well what it looks like to me is that your turn the essence of what i do around 180 degrees and reflect it back as negitive feedback … incidentally serving yourself in the process.

Take for example tweeting.  Did you reflect my essence back to me ?  honestly?  Really !!


Si says
Yes, you don’t have that belief. Not having a belief only means you have not yet generated that belief for yourself, created your own representation of it. Humans evolve reality, at the base level, in only one way … they create new beliefs. The beliefs determine perception which determines thoughts which determines the reality experienced. People in a culture share a large block of common beliefs. That is what keeps their reality experience similar.

There are always leading-edge beliefs being generated up on the front of evolution happening. Few experience those, and it takes time for those to work their way into the common pool for a culture … and not all make it there.

When someone doesn’t have a belief, all it means is that they have not generated a representation of that belief, yet. But if the belief can be known and shared in consciousness, then the belief has been evolved and is part of reality and available to those who desire to rise to it.  

Seth says
your model is unbalanced and inadequate.  fun story though … er, especially for yourself.  justifies everything nicely, eh. 

Si says
That model is very comprehensive. It fits well as a lattice structure for any other more specific psychological model you care to bring forward.

If you don’t think so in some case, then please present that case and why you don’t think it fits. All you did there was shit on something without content like Mark does.

Si says
Exactly! And I am really good at recognizing when someone is using a broken tool too.

But sometimes, one does not want to stop using a broken hammer, simply because they have been using it so long that the grip of it in their hand has become a part of them and their experience, and they can’t think of trying to use something new and possibly better … without fear of loosing a part of who they are.  

Seth says
i have been getting closer to a better model of #LoaSwim’ing in my work in #TetModel.  That does not suffer from the unbalances that you seem to be insisting upon.  

Of late i identified the living plant growth … the #etheric … as being the exact same thing as #will … that one is kind of deep … and of course you won’t like it because you insist of the thrust of life being directly from self … from #Ego.  You won’t even conceed that one can #do without first #thinking.  And of course you will not see that as an unbalance … er, sorry, that being kind of just who you are.

see everybody can #makeUpShit about others … see how very fun for me that is?

Seth says
the broken tool i am using is fastblogit.  funny little flim flam you did there null

Si says
Your right, it is made up shit. Because I never “said” your model was “wrong”. Never. All I ever said was it was more complicated than it needs to be and mixes qualifiers and modifiers with intrinsics which makes it rather unwieldy to use for actual experience building and modifying … it’s mainly just a model for thinking about all these things you are identifying together in one bowl.

Yes, all the elements you are working with, and the new ones you are #grok’ing, are real things. And I would never say otherwise, your diatribe about me notwithstanding.

You still have not identified any unbalance either … you just point at my model and say the word “unbalanced”. I can show how the model is the underlying lattice for anything you wish to present, should you dare to go there.   


Seth says
the unbalance is that creation does not come exclusively from thought. 

Si says
FBI is not the only broken tool you have in your hand.  

And quite frankly, it is the lesser one. When the real broken tools are fixed, FBI will follow right in step.  

Si says
You say that a lot, but you only justify it by saying that you don’t experience it that way. I have reached the point where I can experience it that way.

Saying “I don’t see the difference between red and green” does not make red and green go away. Other’s, who develop the perception, can still see both.

Seth says
well i use broken tools all over the place and twice on sundays … and most of them are inside of me … i am a broken man, as are we all … just as we grow and flourish anyway.   tell me something new.

the more tools i fix and learn to use, the faster i go, and the better i can hair up and supervene to a level where the real interesting stuff starts happening.   and of course it is not just me.  not just what *i* think into manifestation … that would be an unbalnace.  maybe balanced inside … but not balanced inside to outside and outside to inside.

Si says
You are not a “broken man”. No one is. You are you, as you have made yourself to be, and all is well.

You do use some broken (or less then most effective) tools, mainly because some of them have become so much a part of, and so dear to, your experience, that you dare not put them down.

Seth says
as usual you missed the point … sorry no kudos for hearing the essence of what i said and reflecting it back … but you got your goodies anyway.

Si says
You exactly called yourself a broken man. I saw those exact words. I know that one who uses those words, no matter how they actually identify with them, will have aspects of being a broken man inside their reality experience. Even Bandler and Grinder proved scientifically that what one says is taken exactly literally by the unconscious mind in carrying out it’s duties in our experience. That is what is important to me in what you said, because it is what has a direct degrading effect on your experience, and I value you having the best experience possible.

Seth says
i was putting your clear statement that i was broken in your comment, About: twitter. it's what's happening. (comment 73996), in a better context.  What i am does not need to be judged by you. 

my point is that as we fix things that do not work, we can hair up to things that do work better. 

How about fixing some of the things that are not working here …. especially those that make connecting with the rest of the world faster and more effective ?  Some things that come to mind are …
  1. titles
  2. Register through facebook and twitter
  3. comments from guests
All of those are things that were working and you broke.  Fix those and i will be able to “experience escaping my box consciously as the primary identity with which i identify” quite a bit faster and more completely as i can now with this broken tool.

I want to open as soon as i can.  That is where i need your help.  As far as i can tell the rest of this is just your own self serving static.

Seth says
In other words, stop mirroring me,  #asshole!   Be your own authentic self.  Hear me as my authentic self. 

This is not about you fixing me … or helping me fix myself … or any other variation on that. 
This is about us doing something in the world together.

Your philosophy which justifies this introverted negative feedback spiral is not working between us. 
Surly you are evolved enought to see that by now.

Si says
”What i am does not need to be judged by you” … never is. It does need to be witnessed and reported by me. Whatever judgement is involved is entirely on your own side.

If you want to open a domain, work toward opening it. What comes out I will help with. The 3 things you list above have nothing at all to do with opening a domain and are extremely minor in one’s #TD experience at all.

“All of those are things that were working and you broke” … I have broken nothing. When you come to realize that, your experience will improve drastically.  

Si says
I observed and reported something that was duly relevant to our experience together. That is what I am here for.  

Seth says
what you reported was relevant only to your own exterience here.  it had nothing to do with my experience.   i almost asked you, “You said that to say what?” … but i rather expected that we could go deeper faster than just the normal yada-yada-yada.

Si says
A better question to ask would be “why was that the outcome of my communicaiton?”
The meaning of your communication is the result you get.
Bandler and Grinder – Frogs into Princes

Seth says
there is no sense of opening unless people can usefully join it.  hence restoring the easy login is essential.  The titles are just obnoxious … they should be fixed. 

i will open when my own personal will #does it … we will see how much actual help you will be .. and how much just arguing and bullshit ensues depleting our energies.

Si says
None of that has to do with me. Yes, when you do it, you will do it. And when you get there, all will be well including anything needed from me.

Everything you related above is not about opening a domain, it is a diatribe of your crusades. If you open a domain instead of going on a crusade, you will have a domain instead of a saddle sore ride.

I will be there either way.  

Seth says

Seth says


Seth says

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