Double clicking to edit a thought or comment

Seth says ...

for example i wanted to edit but i got this.
Well, the picture shows that you are over the comment title, not the comment body, when you double clicked to edit. I just added a hover-box around the content body of thoughts and comments, when you can edit them, so you will clearly be able to see when you can edit by double clicking, and when you cant. When you can’t, double clicking highlights text, which is real handy and I use it all the time for forking and copying.

Otherwise, the UI gadgets work quite well without the collisions that they once had.  

If you find any other area where you are doing something and it doesn’t get the result you want, it is probably much like this one was, and I can probably apply helpful styling to make it clearer where you actually should be doing what.


  1. thanks


Seth says

fact is that generally across the board, i too often get the wrong protocol when i click.  obviously from the perspective of the system there are reasons i get the responses that i get.  i use the system all the time, more than any other person, i am the formost user of the system.   telling me that i am at fault because i am a goat, and the system is correct, is out of whack.

Si says
”goat” is from a different context, not even linked to from here, no reason to include that vibration.

The system is quite correct. However, I do know how the system works because I set it up, and you may not. I know where to click. It is very intuitively obvious where to click when, no doubt about that. But, as I said, it can be made even clearer by good styling … which I may not notice because I do know where to click when.

That is why I say you can tell me when you find such a situation. Then I can add good styling to it. That is where you can be helpful independent of other vibrations.  

… and go ahead, call all this communication “tranactional” by whatever belief you pull out of your hat this time. It is strait up clear and accurate communication. You could simply believe that too.

Si says
… and stop pulling up that meme of Steve Jobs. Apple design is exactly what I do … and I can exactly show that in any situation. You should be pulling up meme’s about Microsoft … because how they program for users is more like what you want … i.e. do it according to how the primary user likes it to work.

Seth says
i’ll give you specific examples when they happen.

Si says

Seth says
the change you made above helps … #thanks → nathan

Si says

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