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Seth says

← when this popped up

← note where my cursor was when i double clicked

Si says
Well, your arrow cursor was not inside of any content area at that point in the page … so I am wondering why you were double clicking to edit? No hover box would have been active there. Since you were not double clicking inside any editable content area, the browser defaulted to selecting the closest “block of text” to your cursor, which is what all browsers do by default on double click.

How is that bad?

Si says
Just checked Firefox … and the hover boxes which indicate to you that you can double click to edit something, are working the same as in chrome. Not sure why you would have been double clicking out there in no man’s land?

Seth says
yeah i see the boxes, they will help condition my fingers.

but that is not the point.

i double click to edit (wherever now). 

i select text and hover when i am not editing to get that other menue. 

it is irrational for the system to pop up that protocol on a double click … and not at all what i ever expect, or want,  it to do. 

Si says
… but that is just you. All browsers do a text-selection protocol (selecting the closest block of text to the cursor) on double click. That is what the majority of people are used to and expect. I watch people do that all the time, and I do to quite often too.    Just because you have not been using that feature of browsers doesn’t mean it is not a well known and commonly used feature that has been there since probably day one of the first browser. I actually had to work hard to “keep that standard feature” working everywhere.

And whenever a block of text is selected, I put up the additional buttons so you can do nifty #TD things with that selected block of text if you want to.

Seth says
well there was not text to select where i double clicked.  the system irrationally picked some text to think that i double clicked upon it to select it.

Si says
You are calling a standard feature that works in nearly all text based systems, not just browsers, but nearly all editors and other utilities, irrational. That is your choice perhaps, but it is not the choice of the *many* or such a feature would not work exactly like that in most programs. In fact, I utilize that very feature quite often in my programming editors to select and move around blocks of things, instead of just selecting a word like ti does when you click on exact text. It is a nice feature.

Seth says
nope got nothing to do with that.

i use double click to select a block of text all the time. 
i also double click to edit. 
i select text and hover to get a menu of things that i can do with the selected text.
all of that works great … even for me null.

but double click can move attention to some unexpected place and then bring up a menu when no text was originally selected. 

← here is another example.

i actually clicked wrong and managed to create a unwanted thought in the process, which i had to grock what happened and then delete.

 1) selecting text  2) and bringing up that menu 3) and editing …. is overloading the double click event. 

Me thinks it would be better if double click would never bring up that menu.

Si says
Well, I utilize the fact that double click brings up that menu quite a lot personally!

In the case above, where no text ”appears” to be selected, the browser (not my software) actually did select some non-visible text, like a non blocking space or such. That I have been trying to get rid of but have not found all the cases of it yet.

It is not that the menu comes up on double click, it is that the menu comes up when text has been selected by any means, including double click, which is a valid way to select text.

Si says
… wow … using Firefox right at the moment and the screen sure jumps all over the place when you are editing other things on the page! That really sucks! Doesn’t happen in chrome. Something to look into. Didn’t used to do that in FF, must be changes in the latest release.

Seth says
well okay … one solution might be to attach that menu to a right click when text was selected.

or maybe even deprecate that menu … me, i rarely use it …. and yes, that is just me … just like the stuff you do is just you.   maybe ask mark how often he uses that menue.  but to be honest with you it pops up all the time when i do not want to use it,  and that is a nusance.

Si says
I use that menu all the time, yes. It is probably my most used feature outside of widget controls and menus. I use it to fork quotes quite often. I use it to create a menu of items, and then make each item into a new title, moving down the list as I go. Half the time I want to create a new thought, it is out of some part of a exiting thought or information, and that menu makes a snap out of it … just swipe and click and a whole new thought is ready to go with the information either in the title, or quoted in the body, and cross linked to the source … saves me tons of work.

An extra right click is possible, but I don’t see why … and that would make the feature pretty much invisible and unknown to new people. I can’t really understand why you are selecting text all the time when you don’t want to be. That seems to be the real issue. The menu only comes up when you selected some text (sans the case where it comes up when the selected text is invisible which I will eventually find all cases for).

To be selecting text so often when you don’t want to, you must be miss-clicking on things, or clicking out in no mans land for some unknown reason or something. Isn’t that the real problem? If it pops up all the time when you don’t want it to, why did you select text there?

Seth says
okay there is something wrong with my fingers.   maybe i should train them to do just exactly what you do.

Si says
Maybe you should train them to use a computer, that’s all. Most people do that.  

Si says
But the question remains valid. Selecting text is what causes the menu, and the menu is valid when text is selected by any means.

It is the browser itself that selects text, we never do that programmatically outside of edit boxes. So the still valid question is … what are you doing that selects text using the standard browser controls in the standard way that wasn’t text you wanted selected?

Seth says
Nope the valid question is how to change the system so that things dont not pop up as a  nusance. 

For example as i was composing this response i wanted to copy my original response here which you ignored. But the menue that i could not use here popped up as a nuasance.

But hey oh godly designer … twist that around so that it is me who am doing something wrong.

Si says
That is an entirely valid place to pop up the menu. I could have easily wanted to have forked that text or created a thought title out of it. The menu is not in the way of just copying the text at all. It is a really nice extension feature. What is wrong with it being there? Makes no sense. Seems like you are just being a control freak.

Seth says
okay your are not getting this, and just going in a loop … i am sorry ... i will live with it …

the bigger problem is that you do this on almost every single user problem that i bring up
and even the user features that i need, some of which i created myself and you broke or eliminated. 


Si says
Okay. Well I may have fixed it so that the menu no longer will come up when text “does not appear to be selected”.

But I guess that no longer matters. You seem to be completely off the board now on a witch hunt. That is a valid menu to be there whenever any text is actually selected for real and it doesn’t ever get in the way of using the same selected text for other reasons. If your real, and honest, objection is simply that you don’t like the menu because you don’t use it … well #BuhBye … that’s just a self serving witch hunt.

Seth says
okay its working better now null

Si says
As long as you continue to think I broke anything, you get to keep that thought. It’s yours, you own it.  

Si says
Yes. It is working better because I understand the real issues. You think I am being a jerk when you present things that are not the actual issue and I shoot them down in favor of the real issues. You don’t seem to engage me with the actual issues … you just seem to have reactions to things and then justify your indigence for the reactions by any means you can lay your hands on. So yes, that makes it seem like I am denying you those justifications.

If you would stay with me on the actual issues as I identify them, it would not seem like I am denying you things. It would seem like I go out of my way to make things work the best they can for all people, which is exactly what I always do. (unless someone takes ownership of a negative idea … I can’t do anything about that … someone who wants to own things they think are broken is going to own them no matter what I can do).

Seth says
what is that suppose to mean?  i thought it, quite intentionally and told you about it.

i can give you specific examples … but i am pretty sure you already know what most of them are.  These are not things that i made up and are responsible for … not things that “i own” … rather they are things through negligence and lack of concern for how others want to use this tool were left  #NotWorking .   I am calling those to your attention in the hopes you will fix them.

Sans getting another developer in here, or doing it myself, my thoughts on the matter will have no effect on the problems getting fixed.   So sorry, i must just live with them … since i use this too so much, i can always find ways around malfuncitons … after a while i mostly forget they are there. 

New users, however, will not be quite so tolerant as me.

Mostly i want not to argue with you over every single thing that comes up
and then need to hair into your stories  about why my fingers don’t work
and after that hair into stories about how i don’t think and act like you do
and spend all of our energy on that introverted dialogue all day
instead of the exciting stuff that we can do 
should we be able to cooperatively work together.

Seth says
hey i will go just as deep into the real issues as necessary. 

but i don’t want to get into your made up shit about why something does not work over here.

and i don’t want to mix that in with #LOA issues … and/or personal transactions between us ...
for example as you are doing in Copy of - New Email List Manager System (comment 74168).

Si says

my thoughts on the matter will have no effect on the problems getting fixed

Your “thoughts on the matter” do determine what will be fixed. I don’t “create” anything you experience. You create every last drop of it. I participate in the happening, the after effect, with you, that’s all. Most likely I will experience that result with you with the experience of me being part of the nuts and bolts of it … but that is only the material experience, the playing of the result. The actual fixing of anything that you experience as fixed in your reality happens in your thoughts, and by the ones you choose to dwell on.

You have dwelled on these things you think I broke as if I broke them for so long now I have no desire or ability to try and influence all that thought momentum. To say it the Abraham way, when you get yourself into alignment on this issue, I will come in and share happenings with you in that aligned space.  

Seth says
well you may belive that.  but i do not.

Si says
… and that’s why you are experiencing what you are. If your belief does not support the experience you desire, change the belief. It is the easiest way to obtain ANY manifestation, very quickly too!  

Beliefs ==> Perception ==> Interpretation ==> Emotional reaction ==> Thoughts ==> Action

People think their experience changes by action begetting action. But it does not. Action, happening, experiencing, is only the end result of a process. A process that begins with belief.

Si says
#LOA is the nuts and bolts that makes up the process that becomes experience. Including #LOA in the discussions leads to quicker fixes and experiences that fully evolve each time though. I will always include #LOA in any process. Not doing so would be tying my hands behind my back.

That stuff you call made up shit is just how you are perceiving it. Your perception comes forth from a set of beliefs you have about how people should interact. In reality, people can interact in any manner and say anything and all is well and communication flows. Only beliefs about how people should interact can put a spin on that.

For instance, if you were conversing with an alien from another planet, you would not be so quick to judge. You have a pile of beliefs you are operating with about how humans should interact, and that colors and determines your experience.

Seth says
Doesn’t work that way. 

I have been believing that you would fix this shit so that we would have a nice frisky puppy to go into the world with for over a year now.   

What i believe privately about what you do  has zero effect on what you actually do. 


So sans me getting another developer in here to polish the puppy, that polishing apparently just will not happen. 

Oh sure, i can take the puppy out the door into the world believing that these things will not matter to others … or change  my mind and just assume on Faith that you are right on all these usability issues … even though my instinct built up over decades of user design and actual implementations tells me the opposite.  

That is the kind of control that i have with my beliefs in this matter. 

Si says
#LOL … I don’t think you have any idea what beliefs affect what.  

“What i believe privately about what you do  has zero effect on what you actually do.”

Yes, you believe that. And so it guides your perception, and finally your experience. This is the belief you are struggling with. The one creating our shared experience. The belief above. Whatever belief you thought I was talking about, it is not the one. This one IS THE ONE.  

Seth says
huh? … which one is the one?

Anyway i am not struggling with …

What i believe privately about what you do  has zero effect on what you actually do.


although apparently you want me to null.   I am quit very sure of that. 

But i come at this from an entirely different direction.  
I ask, what does your belief do for you …
what does it serve?  
Your belief justifies to you, saying to me,  that it is my falult things #donotwork .  
Can you see how effectively it does just that. 

That aspect of your philosophy is used by you to put off on others, something that does not work.
And enhance your own pride in the process.
That is always the way you use it. 
That is the transaction between you and the world.
That is truly a bug in your philosophy from my perspective. 

Si says
Exactly. When we accept full responsibility for our experience, then all the things in it that we don’t like in our experience become easy to adjust and bring to our desired state of beingness.

Because you are quite sure that your thoughts don’t have any effect on what I do, you are impotent in a co-creative relationship with me. I have to do everything, you nothing … while both of us experience the end result.

I simply ask you to change that belief so that we can actually co-create each other’s end experiences. It’s a lovely thing to ask someone, to take responsibility for showing up as a creator, not just a indulger in the end experience.  

Seth says
Look we can talk together and establish rapor …
even cooperation,
and excite our will,
acting accordingly with the things we actually do. 

But all manner of private thinking and believing over here, will not change the vibrations between us
without actual vibrations flowing in the channels above.  

If that kind of #VooDooDolls play is the what you are expecting from me, 
then your own thinking to that effect is quite ineffective.   
That is not my tempo. 
That is not my magic.

Si says
Yes. I am sure you can see how the beliefs you choose require me to do ALL the reality work, and you get to slide in and enjoy the show after the multiverse produces it. I am not talking about programming of course. I don’t expect you to do any of that. I am talking about being responsible for creating our experience, your own thoughts. Your thoughts about shared aspects, and your thoughts about me.

You actually do create with your thoughts, but because you are not taking responsibility for them due to your belief, the experience we are having is exactly what your thoughts are mostly upon. You have come to expect me to be and behave a certain way, and so, our experience verifies it. That’s the co-created result.

If you would work on your beliefs, the reality between us would go right through the roof with all the energy work that has been put toward it over the last year.  

Seth says
yep, blame me for not believing in your magic …
see how that works for you? …
see what your belief allows you to do?

You would not know i discovered that kind of magic when you were still in junior high school …
don’t  forget, i studied under a master practitioner of the art  null

Si says
Whatever you practiced before, what you practice now is spectatorship. Both in our created reality, and for the most part, life itself. I have said before how you and Mark are like a couple of old crows sitting on a wire discussing life around you as it goes by. Your approach to our co-created reality is basically the same, and you have chosen beliefs which support and uphold that experience.

Yes. I am doing the bulk of the reality work. I think I am quite justified in asking you to take more responsibility for what you create with your thoughts. If you want to call that blame, have your way with that, as you usually do. I call it simply being responsible for your part in the reality experience. It is nothing more than that.

Seth says
oh so that is what you believe … well, kewl, that is what you will experience.

Ask yourself why i would believe in your version of reality when i always end up on the shitty end of your stick just as you say above?

i can play your game too.

Si says
Not interested.

Seth says
good …. me neither null … see what i mean.

Si says
No. I hear your disappointment talking. There are much better belief systems than those which support disappointment. You should try one.

Si says
It is a known issue that live references don’t make it through the “widget clipboard” correctly. That is why you can’t edit the live reference in the next button above (have been working on that). 

But the button live reference is not new seth. You have known about it for months at In thought buttons.

In fact, you even liked and commented on the -- draft -- back in October here 

[!btn (22276) how to make a button]  →

Seth says

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