Bubbles of Empty Space - comment 74432

Miami says …

I know why. Empty space is filled with source energy, with light. When you collapse it, the light is released.

Others will cite things like cavitation and electrostatic plasma generation and many more theories. Of course, many of these will be true, as an aspect of the journey of science. But after more is known, someday later, it will simply be that empty space is full of light. Science will discover the simplicity of that eventually.  


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Si says
Of course, this statement will cause no end to mark’s against. Because mark has a belief that one should not be able to know such things and anyone who claims to is just making shit up. And of course, mark will be proved wrong … but in the mean time, he will shit all over anything like this because of his belief.

It will be really nice when mark gets rid of all his beliefs like he keeps saying he will. Then we can post such things in peace.   

Si says
Any ETA on getting rid of this belief mark?

Si says
Notice, seth and mark, that my answer on FB had a completely different character of tonality. Notice what the long-standing energy here at the FBI draws out of people (I am a person) by this comparison. Spin that as you will, it is still true. You guys don’t think your approach to things has any effect on the space it creates. But it EXACTLY does that. Someday you guys will get this and change, so that this space can be the synergistic space you both really want it to be. Until then … you reap what you sew … and you both are very aware of the mire that exists in this FBI pit. I don’t need to point it out to you. You know. And only you guys can do something about it.

But don’t read what is below. Your head will explode!

Bill Davidson My opinion only, is that some form of cavitation is responsible for the anomalous heat production in most "cold fusion" or "LENR" (low-energy nuclear reaction ) Sometimes the anomalous heat production is acute and produces small explosions. IF..the anomalous heat is being produced by some form of cavitation, it would be very interesting to find out what causes it. My personal opinion is that the electrolysis is creating plasma and the cavitation, when it occurs, reacts with the plasma and produces a larger effect.

Clinton Mitchell During bubble collapse, the inertia of the surrounding water causes high pressure and high temperature, reaching around 10,000 Kelvin in the interior of the bubble, causing the ionization of a small fraction of the noble gas present. The amount ionized is small enough for the bubble to remain transparent, allowing volume emission; surface emission would produce more intense light of longer duration, dependent on wavelength, contradicting experimental results. Electrons from ionized atoms interact mainly with neutral atoms, causing thermal bremsstrahlung radiation. As the wave hits a low energy trough, the pressure drops, allowing electrons to recombine with atoms and light emission to cease due to this lack of free electrons. This makes for a 160-picosecond light pulse for argon (even a small drop in temperature causes a large drop in ionization, due to the large ionization energy relative to photon energy). This description is simplified from the literature above, which details various steps of differing duration from 15 microseconds (expansion) to 100 picoseconds (emission).

Computations based on the theory presented in the review produce radiation parameters (intensity and duration time versus wavelength) that match experimental results[citation needed] with errors no larger than expected due to some simplifications (e.g., assuming a uniform temperature in the entire bubble), so it seems the phenomenon of sonoluminescence is at least roughly explained, although some details of the process remain obscure.

d’Artagnan Evergreen Barbosa Mmmm. I understand all these explanations, having a strong background in Nuclear Physics myself. IMHO many of these ideas will be found valid, stepping stones on our journey of understanding physical reality. I also think that empty space is full of source, full of light, and someday we will advance to the point that we will understand this phenomena from that simple perspective too! And that the journey there will be a fun unfolding!  

Si says
… and before you get your rainbow panties all in a twist, notice where this thought is posted. It’s in group fbi gossip. You gotta have your head screwed on straight before you can untwist your panties! null

Si says
Hey guys. mark, seth

Lets get some comments over here. Silence only proves I am right! null

Seth says
nop silence proves nobody is interested.  why would be be interested in your negative stuff about us? … don’t tell me … i can not stand the delusional controtions you go through.

how about practicing some attraction yourself … let’s make this a positive space.

Si says
That’s more like it!

It’s going to take some real work, and some real shaking up, to change the negative habits happening here. A habit doesn’t change itself, and these are many years in the making. Before FBI even.

Seth says
and i hasten to add that at least 1/3 of the habits are my friend’s.

i love null the way [author] works in that sentence …
it is about 3 times more precise than any other words that i could have used null

taking responsibility for my friend’s own habits is a good idea in any scheme of thinking and feeling.

Si says
And I do take full responsibility for my experience here. And that is all I ask anyone to do. Take full responsibility for the experience you my friend are having.  

Seth says
well i do …

My habits, my thoughts, my feelings, and what i do is what i take responsibility for. 

why you keep asking me to do something that i am already doing? 

Do you perhaps presume that i don’t? 

Si says
I know that you expect others to manage aspects of your experience that are your own responsibility.

Seth says
for example ?

Si says
I don’t want to get into examples. Whenever I do, you just Left Turn away from whatever I present. Keep it simple. If you are having an experience and it is not what you desire, simply take responsibility for your own happiness and experience. That’s all there really is to it. You are able to know when you are having a joyful experience, and when you are not. The rest is simple. Take responsibility for that experience you are having.

Seth says
well then you are just doing gossip and making up bullshit about sombody else for your own profit.

drill down into the specifics … orthersise you shoud know that you are lieing to yourself.

Si says
It is the Left Turn that is the deception. It is not actually a #LIE … just a intentional blindness. Leading you to another Left Turn is not helpful for either of us. I take responsibility for choosing more joy than that.   

Seth says
well get specific .. or go fuck yourself.

Si says
Getting specific would be fucking myself, and you. Specifics are what create the crazy mess. As Abraham always says in this situation. Go general. Go general. Go general. Get out of the specifics … they have the wrong momentum to take you where you want to go.

Seth says
wow you always come up with a rationalization. 

so sorry … go fuck youself … literatlly … figuratively … and in real life … but i do heart you null


Si says
It is you who always Left Turns dear sir. You could simply “Go General” and reap the abundant rewards. Instead you Left Turn and keep screwing the pooch … rehashing the same old tired thoughts.

Seth says
it is too easy to forget that there really are just particulars … generalities are all to prone to become so vague and ambiguous as to loose all of the real edges.  which is why i have learned not to value waving at stuff in some vague way … oh sure that is fun … my friend can go very fast and far and deep with generalities … the question is has my friend  gone into practical experience and creation which can be #shared  … or merely into the alluring #shiny #drama of #LalaLand.  


me, i have done both. 

Si says
Going general gets one back to creating their reality, back to “Believing is seeing”, instead of stuck in a pattern of “Seeing is Beliving”. Once there, once back in the drivers seat, one can then choose their circumstances … and most especially, choose what is most exciting, to experience next, with or without others. I am sure you have had all manner of experiences, both of creating, and of living. But how often are you driving and how often are you a passenger in your own vehicle?

Seth says
well i do believe my senses. 

when i go to sleep … or mediate and close my eyes … i detach my senses from my thoughts and feelings …
then they are free … i can soar and fly … i can quite literally do anything i want.

but i choose to experience what i can #share with the rest of humanity. 
consequently when i #WakeUp and become #conscious,  i open my eyse and believe what i sense. 

i am pretty sure you do it the opposite.

Si says
Don’t forget. All that is subject to your beliefs. You believe, as many people around you do, that when you close your eyes, you go from an outer shared world to an inner unshared one. Not everyone has that belief.

I have experienced closing my eyes and continuing to see the world surrounding my body, in fact, see it in greater detail and vivid color. And see people moving and doing things in this world with my eyes closed. And when I open my eyes again, the people and things have their new position exactly as I saw with my eyes closed. And questioning them, they did what I saw too. This has not happened often, only a few times, but enough for me to know that going to the so called “inner world” does not have to mean disconnecting from others. It is all happening “in my experience” and my beliefs determine when I transition and even what kinds of transitions there will be.

You believe as you do and so you experience this inner to outer transition as you believe you will. Nothing more. It’s just your beliefs creating the foundation for your experience.

And p.s. “I do believe my senses” … of course you do, without the belief, your senses would be telling you something else, the result of some other belief. It is a good thing we see what we believe, or it would be really hard to have a consistent reality experience!

Seth says
like i said, “i am pretty sure you #believe  it the opposite”, 
#thanks → nathan for veriying my #presumption …
it actually explains why we see and do differently.

Si says
Yes, we see what our beliefs say we will. No doubt. Now as to “the opposite”, hardly. I see all across the spectrum. I see sometimes exactly as you do. Other times I do see things from the complete opposite. Often, I am somewhere right in the middle ground. I do not stay locked into one belief set. I vary my beliefs quite a lot according to the experience I desire to be having. Anyone can do this. More and more are. Lots don’t. But very much, I don’t just see things the opposite of you. From your singular perspective, I can see how anything that is not where you are must be the opposite though.

Seth says
Well it should have been obvious that i meant you are thinking opposite to me in the particular context in which we were talking.  … and in many other similar contexts in which we talk as well … but  not in all contexts … of course we agree there.

I too, “vary my beliefs quite a lot according to the experience I desire to be having” … and when i #intuitively  kow that i can not #share those experiences, i realize that i am day dreaming in #LalaLand … perhaps even in those lands told of by sages of the past which can no longer be visited.

i am having extreme troubles understanding what you are honestly saying when you say to me …
From your singular perspective, I can see how anything that is not where you are must be the opposite though.
… opposite to what? 

… and certainly you must believe that you can not see from my perspective. 

Si says
None of that makes sense. Just a twisting of words. Poetry maybe, but not sense.

Apparently you believe #LalaLand is not a real place, or a real experience. Can you identify when you started to believe it was not real? That point is a crucial belief nexus in many peoples lives. Don’t you think it is odd that virtually all children have some variation of #LalaLand in which they seem to have real experiences, but most adults don’t? Don’t you think it makes sense, that a being just arrived from pure source energy would be better able to have valid experiences of possible reality than one who has been here a while synchronizing their beliefs with the beliefs of others?

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