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Seth says

Mark de LA says
Hmm … get any energy out of it? I suspect it needs one more reflection. … Whatever null

Si says
If you have built many Tesla coils, and fully modeled the math, like I have, then you will understand exactly how this can work.  

Unfortunately the entire model I painstakingly created over 2 years, down to the last equation … was only in HyperMagic.

Seth says
so you lost your notes, data, equations, and working diagrams and work in some computer system?

….. or what is #HyperMagic ??

Si says
WTF? You don’t know what HyperMagic is? It was what CyberMind became on the Amiga, and later on an IBM. ?????

Yes, all my work on Tesla coils and my brilliant evolution of Tesla’s formulas from his Colorado Springs Notes into a Menton full of CyEnglish models, was in HyperMagic on the Amiga. I had created the ability to accurately model any Tesla coil given all the dimensions, the dielectric constant of the form, and the wire size. Something I have not seen done elsewhere. My groking of Tesla’s ideas on how electric fields interact as the voltage increases across the length of a ¼ wave coil seem to be missed by most.

Seth says
yeah that was what i thought it was null

so where are those files?  …. i mean, come on, a person does not invent free energy and then loose their notes as if that work was not important … er, unless it was not important.

Si says
It was not then the right time. Free energy was invented many years ago. Even Tesla was not the first, though he was the most comprehensive. When it is the right time, notes will not be lost.

Besides, once a thought is thought it goes into universal consciousness, becomes part of the muti-verse. It is not lost, and could even be read from the Akashic Records if desired.

Seth says

Mark de LA says
invent (v.) Look up invent at Dictionary.com
c. 1500, "to find, discover" (obsolete), a back-formation from invention or else from Latin inventus, past participle of invenire "to come upon; devise, discover." General sense of "make up, fabricate, concoct, devise" (a plot, excuse, etc.) is from 1530s, as is that of "produce by original thought, find out by original study or contrivance." Related: Invented; inventing.
inventive (adj.) Look up inventive at Dictionary.com
early 15c., "skilled in invention," from Old French inventif (15c.), from Latin invent-, past participle stem of invenire "devise, discover, find" (see invention). Related: Inventively; inventiveness.

Seth says
yes i have found that to be true as well … a though with real edges won’t be forgotten … it will come back again and again … in different guizes …. it can always be reproduced … notes or no notes.   the squiggley #fictional  #Bullshit thoughts just thunk for their entertainment or their value as excuses … well those are easily religated to the bit bucket null

Mark de LA says
XOR waiting for a time when there is less fertilizer in the room. null

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