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Give me even one example of me judging you mark.

I bet you cant.  


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Mark de LA says
#AlreadyAlwaysArguing is itself an example!

Si says
I didn’t ask for an example of that. I asked for any example of me judging you.

Mark de LA says

Seth says
respecting others, … appreciating #othernness …., is to harbor no #judgment about them …

and does that not also extends to not judging if they are judging ? null

Si says
Okay. That is fine. And since you don’t have an example of it, then by the definition of a lie that you use mark, you are lying IMHO. So please don’t say I judge you. Thanks!

My definition of #lying may be different … but when we speak of you, lets use the definition you apply to others.

Si says

Mark de LA says
Calling someone a LIAR is judgement.  thumbs down

Si says
But you are getting into a very grey area seth. Judging and observing are clearly not the same thing. Judging implies some quality of rightness and wrongness being determined. Observing and relating what is observed is without right or wrong. Somewhere in the middle those ideas cross paths. Much of what you might think is judgment is only observation, especially in my case … and most likely in the case you cite above too!  

Si says
If you notice, I did not call you a liar. I said that you would be labeled a liar by your definition of what a lie is, at least, how you apply it and who you say is lying.

I also said our definitions most likely differ.

So, in effect, you just called yourself a liar and I had no part in it.  


Mark de LA says
I say proudly that the Golden Rule exceeds all you folks wishy-washy definitions & weasel words of what judging is all about.
#BuhBye null Note it took a little over 35 minutes to get your own #RWG & #AlreadyAlwaysArguing  going this morning. null

Si says
You are welcome mark. Glad to be of service in your quest for this kind of thing.

One might wonder why you would want to get others going this way, but I don’t. I remember stories of yours of how you would print out things from other peoples accounts to embarrass them when they left their account open on their computers.  It is just the kind of thing you like to do … making believe it is your job to do it is even better for you. I simply call it bullying. It is not Golden Rule based … and neither is getting others going.

Seth says
i agree, it’s a grey and a ticklish area.  i think any comparison of yourself to others could be called a judgment … especially if it is coupled with pride in yourself. 

then too is not the mere harboring of a belief about another a judgment?  is it not best to experience them  through your senses in real time, rather than letting your beliefs from the past form most of your experience of them? 

If i listen to your actions, expecting you will be motivated according to  my beliefs about you, am i not prejudging your very actions?   …. which, of course, in a fight is a winning strategy.

Si says
Not sure where you pulled “expecting you will be motivated according to  my beliefs about you” from. That is not #LOA or anything I have talked about with you. I have always said the opposite. I have always said that we never change others, and at best, influence them very indirectly. We change our experience, not theirs. They change theirs and their experience is not dependent on any of our beliefs. We both may share beliefs, but each person’s own beliefs determine that persons experiences, no one else’s.

“is it not best to experience them  through your senses in real time” … believing is seeing … my senses are determined by my beliefs. If I change core beliefs, what I sense will also change, even directly physically. Haven’t you ever experienced something hot as cold, or cold as hot? That is just a special case where beliefs and sensory experience gets crossed. In truth, all sensory experience is an outcome of beliefs. As Abraham says, our senses interpret vibration of energy, that’s all. What we represent those vibrations to be as physical manifestation is based on what we believe.

Mark de LA says
Yep, that’s the kind of shit you are attracting. ! 

Si says
#hmmm … then you are saying you don’t mind being the “dooer” in that attraction pair?

I think that is what I said … those “doings” are what you enjoy, Golden Rule or not. Right?

Seth says
Well …

“expecting others will be motivated according to  my beliefs about them”

 term constructed by seth

is not a term i got “from you” … or even in opposition to #LOA or to nathan’s stated philosophy  ...

rather it is a term i constructed myself …
and is, #btw, not the kind of expectation that culture in myself
rather the opposite,
i had thought that i was clear on that.

But in constructing that term i noticed null that is is a useful stratagy for  Generals in  war. 

Mayby it would be best to consider your constructions, beliefs, etc in another thread …
and not just in comparison to mine.

Si says
Have no idea why you brought it up in that context then. It does seem similar to how you think my philosophy works … even though it is not even close.

Seth says
i am sure you have a way of distinguishing it from what you say you do.  i really is none of my business how you rationalize that kind of thing to yourself … and to be quite honest with you … i don’t care.

Si says
It’s simple. What I do for you is only for you. I have been saying that exact thing for many many years. Long before LOA. If you want to know what I actually do … look elsewhere.

Seth says
i have no idea how that is related to the expectation that i refered to in spout your own judgments about others (comment 74561).    doing something for a person is a different topic from expecting that a person will behave according to your beliefs about them.

Mark de LA says
Most of the spouts existent in this pos are handled in Profound #GofB material – my friend enjoy!

Seth says
#sethhmmm read  Profound #GofB material 

Seth says
back on my train of thought  …

for example ...

is your reading of what i said to  mean “something  about your #LOA practice”, an example of you “expecting me to be motivated according to your beliefs about what i believe about your #LOA practice” ?

seth’s question to nathan
… which, #btw, was not what i meant.

i realize that we are getting into  #MirrorMirrorBack phenomena here … but at some point to #grock what is happening we need to be able to identify each reflection in the #feedback loop … intuitively intending to avoid the negative ones just according to our #LOA excitements … do we not?

Si says
You keep switching around.

“expecting you will be motivated according to  my beliefs about you”

is a radically different thing than

“expecting that a person will behave according to your beliefs about them”

Those two are not even related to each other, yet you seemed to switch them around in the same context here as if they are at least similar, if not the same thing. One is from the point of the view of the other, and one is from the point of view of self. Entirely different structures of time and space and experience happen in each of those very different environments.

Seth says
the only difference that i see is the special cases of where the pronouns point.
Don’t forget, pronouns are varibles … just like me null

Yes there is a difference between …
“motivated according to beliefs” and
“behave according to beliefs”. 
but i don’t see how that difference is salient in this context.

To better  #grock what is happening i really do think that we need to be able to at least imagine that we are feeling like we are standing in the other’s actual shoes (#empathy), yet know that it us just  imagineing the switch  … and still know that we are living together … yet being ourselves.  ← which is a wierd sentence to write, and i am not so very sure i have it the best way yet.

tag #feedback #GoldenRule

Si says
Good stuff in #GofB … but just in summay, not much time right now, most of that stuff is “how things have been” and not “how things are becoming and will be” for humans. And knowing that, it is also easy to see how Peter presents it as transitional material … a way to bridge what was with what is coming.

Mark de LA says
XOR that is the way your selfie needs it to be. null

Si says
My selfie is mine, yours is yours. There is no diff except who owns it. Thing is that I know my selfie is my selfie, and you think yours is part of reality.


Seth says

Entirely different structures of time and space and experience happen in each of those very different environments.


i understand that the differences in the  “structures of time and space and experience” are only the differences in being you, or being me.   I can’t grock what else they might be. 

So yes, experiencing as you or experiencing as me is sooo very different … there is no doubt about that …. but in this particular context there is no difference that is important, at least to me.   Unless of course, you are the entire universe, and i but the mere mortal that i am.  But that will never #RingTrue over here …

so, sorry i don’t buy your “very different environments” assertion in this context … i null it anyway null.

Mark de LA says
Nope! You missed the point. nullnull

Seth says
Conversation forked to thought 23238

Si says
I believe your point is that I am making up what I want to believe, and you are believing what IS.

And that is exactly what I replied with.

Si says
They are very different. The structure I create and experience of you through my beliefs does not in any way need to be the structure you create and experience through your beliefs. When they connect, it is only because we share some beliefs that connect them. I can dream you into being and experience you that way, and you can experience it, if you are aligned to do so, or not. I have done all this many times, with Natalie and others, it is so.

You are putting two things together, because in a universe they must need to be together, but in a multi-verse, they are only connected via shared beliefs … and this is all a multi-verse, even if one can view it as a universe when they desire to experience it that way.

Mark de LA says
Yep you make up what you want to believe; including your belief that I am believing what IS!  Basically that which IS, IS! no belief is possible about it that would just be more #MakeShitUp stuff.
Free yourself & get rid of beliefs ! Don’t be a BELIEF robot - M.R.

Seth says
#sethhmmm #TooComplexToContemplate now

Si says
Yep. Exactly. What IS just IS. That is what I experience.

Perhaps, that is what you experience, unless you believe otherwise.  

Seth says

Seth says
interesting statement nullnull first time i have ever heard it said like that.  yours does #RingTrue over here …

especially the part …

no belief is possible about [what actually is] that would just be more #MakeShitUp stuff


  I have always said that differently, but mine is words to the same effect null

tag #AbsoluteTruth #absolute

Si says
Where it transits from what IS to what isn’t is when someone makes the assumption that what IS for me is the same as what IS for you. If you could put yourself literally in someone else’s shoes, you would find out how much, nearly everything in fact, is different.

And if you try to resolve that by saying that there is some one what IS, and each person simply perceives it differently, then you are making yet another assumption. There is no proof of that at all, and in fact, the majority of the evidence speaks to the fact that there is not one what IS. Only long standing tradition of thinking makes it a common assumption. Even young children don’t make that assumption, it has to be learned.

All that we know is that what IS, IS. There is nothing else we actually know that we didn’t imagine about it. So, is it my selfie, or yours?

Seth says
Conversation forked to thought 23239 … er, you guys can continue here just as you will … please don’t let my fork interrupt you.

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