Is that which IS, the same for all of us ?

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Miami says ...
Where it transits from what IS to what isn’t is when someone makes the assumption that what IS for me is the same as what IS for you. If you could put yourself literally in someone else’s shoes, you would find out how much, nearly everything in fact, is different.

And if you try to resolve that by saying that there is some one what IS, and each person simply perceives it differently, then you are making yet another assumption. There is no proof of that at all, and in fact, the majority of the evidence speaks to the fact that there is not one what IS. Only long standing tradition of thinking makes it a common assumption. Even young children don’t make that assumption, it has to be learned.

All that we know is that what IS, IS. There is nothing else we actually know that we didn’t imagine about it. So, is it my selfie, or yours?


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Si says
Immutable Laws (Also intrinsic laws)
  1. You Exist, and in some form you always will.
  2. The one is the all, the all is the one.
  3. What you put out is what you get back. (the #LOA)
  4. Change is the only constant … except for the first three laws.
What IS is basically the immutable law’s #2 as experienced through immutable law #3.  

Seth says
those are only your beliefs, not mine. 
consequently i do not think they are all that immutable or #intrinsic.

Mark de LA says
That which IS, IS! It is the perception & mutation by beliefs & experiences that creates differences between people.  It is semantics that confuses whether you are pointing at your coloring of that which is to fit your selfie experience & saying it is different between people – it all seems real.  Those who deny all existence may have a hard time.  Those who imagine their existence are back in the coloring of experience with selfie stuff & beliefs.

Si says
This is what IS.

Beliefs ==> Perception ==> Interpretation ==> Emotional reaction ==> Thoughts ==> Action

Si says
You can put some meat on those bones. Go ahead, try and disprove any one of those.  

Mark de LA says
XOR once you start with beliefs you left that which IS! behind ….
Some rainbow panties to cover it with: null

Si says
The whole thing IS what IS. All of it. Nothing is left behind.  

Mark de LA says
Beliefs & all that shit is part of IS, but IS , IS! 

Seth says
None of those can be proved …or disproved …  one way or the other.   They are individual choices. 

You seem to think if something that you believe cannot be disproved,
then it must hold for others even those who disbelieve. 

That is not the way belief works …

nor the way assumptions work mathmatically … i choose to believe that parallel lines never meet, you cannot disprove that … but it is absurd for me to think that my choce applies to everybody just because they cannot disprove my belief.   They can choose to believe that they meet at infinity, quite willy nilly in relation to my choice … and i cannot disprove their willy-nilly assumption.

#mathmatics #beliefs #assumptions #proof 

Si says
Yes. This diagram shows you how you experience ISness. That’s all.  

Thus if you want to creatively affect your experience, you can. Doesn’t change what IS, the whole thing is what IS. Only lets you experience as you wish.

Mark de LA says
Which may have no correspondence to that which exists.

Si says

Si says
Of course. Though I suspect you are saying that under the assumption that there is that, and only that, which exists. And that, my friend, is not the case. null

And even #PR does not say such a thing.  

Mark de LA says
& neither did I. Your belief about my assuming such is your stuff. Can’t count existence – although most would count it like as one universe. Subdividing into imaginations, beliefs, ideas, thoughts, physical substance & hierarchies of beings sublime to the ridicolous .. etc can be confusing – do we count the idea of pellic-sausage as existing or the actual pellic-sausage as existing ; manifesting in physical reality is a more solid IS than just a thought. 

Si says
No difference. Now you are making it too complicated.

If pellic-sausage is thought of, it exists. You may take your attention there and experience it, or you may not. It’s up to you. That is the point of the sequence above. It is up to you.

IS just IS … your selfie, is yours … and mine is mine.  

Mark de LA says
Repetition doesn’t make anything more valid. #BuhBye If you can’t tell the difference between the thought of $100 and $100 – let me pay you in a thought of $100 to go jump in a volcano. 

Si says
Apparently you believe there is a difference. So you experience one mark.

Your right, I often don’t experience a difference … and that’s why I often have a $100 bill in hand and use it.  

I think of one and it is there. Here in Florida I have had to change my thinking a little, not so much for $100 bills, as I was, because here in Florida there are so many counterfeit $100’s and $50’s in circulation. I have had several now. I think $20’s instead … and so there are plenty of those $20’s flowing in and out of my hands every day!  

Now, if you were to pay me with the thought of $100 mark, it would not work. Because you would be lying. You don’t believe the thought of $100 is the same as $100 so you would, by your own belief, and in your mind, not be paying me the value you are offering. Hence I would not experience $100 payment from you. Now if you did believe that the thought of $100 was the same as $100, then you would be providing me with value you believe to be $100 and since I too would believe that, I would experience $100. That’s how reality works. It’s that simple. And I experience that every day and live that belief fully. It works. It is quite real.  

#OneHundreDollarBill #ThisIsGood 

Si says
The volcanio experience is very similar to the $100 mark. If you belive I can jump into a volcanio and come back to keep haunting you, and I do, then I most surely will. If you don’t believe it, you won’t be able to experience it … in the simplest form, you won’t know when I do it, and so you won’t believe I actually did it, even if there is recorded video, you will believe it is fake.

Mark de LA says
You believe your shit & I will believe & grok as I do.  No need to communicate on beliefs any more, it’s just a waste of time. Image result for waste of time

Si says
Remember in NLP Bandler and Grinder recorded video of people hypnotized who didn’t beleive they could be hypnotized? But the people were not able to watch the video. When they tried, they went into a trance instead?

All reality is like that. What you don’t believe, you cannot experience.

Si says
Pretty standard answer someone would give who is up against the wall of their own belief. Don’t you think?

Mark de LA says
Yep, you are very much in your pretty standard #RWG still going & going & going.

Si says
I am very much consistent with my understanding, my solid practice, and my experience of life through the beliefs I have. You seem to be calling it rwg simply because you can’t get any traction debunking the thoroughness and seeming validity of my all around experience and my personal knowledge and understanding of it.

Mark de LA says
Whatever . don’t care what kind of fantasy you believe in. Just don’t want to waste any more time on it.

Seth says

Seth says
so nathan,  why do you think that #proof has any sway here one way or another? 

You always seems to go to that one thought, which cannot be proved, to justify your #belief that all of our personal experiences are not nested as part of one larger experience. 

#btw,  there is another matter to consider when choosing to be in your own universe … and that is how you appear to others who are not in that universe.   i suggest that the more your universe (beliefs that create it) diverges from the common man’s, the more #crazy you appear to them, the more you appear to be living in a dream, the more you appear to be living in #LalaLand to them … the same goes for the not so common man.

To get around that phenomena … which is real, #trust me …  i identified #agreement or that what we can #share as an anchor.   #shareing works … it’s what makes civilization work … it’s what got us to the moon … it’s what created the internet … it’s what makes a family … it’s what will get you to Yes Island.  

… and guess what? … #shareing does not require that everybody’s #beliefs be the same null
… er, it does not require “that which IS be reckoned the same for all of us”
… it requires only that we #agree on enough things to make what we want #work
Signed Seth, i #LoaSwim

Seth says

Si says
Two useful things in there.

1) You judge my “phylosophy” by how I treat you and Mark. As I have said, there is no relationship. I treat you and Mark, at the personal level, quite differently than how I treat any others on this planet, and that has nothing to do with my philosophy. If it has to do with anything outside of us, it has to do with #GW’s legacy, which is still playing out.

2) “the more you appear to be living in a dream, the more you appear to be living in #LalaLand to them” ~ Seth

That is not how those who open their minds to the ideas do appear to each other, nothing like that. That is only, and only sometimes, how someone with an open mind appears to someone with a closed mind. And that is where your own fear lies. That is how you locked the door you won’t open … with thoughts like that … fears about how others see you … fears about how others might treat you, if you were to re-open that door. Thing is – it’s not the same door at all, it just looks like the same one from the side you are on.

No one in my direct world thinks I am living in some made-up land. Those who practice as I do know that I am living in a much more direct and active reality, right there with them, than those who are asleep in their isolation bubbles, thinking reality is something “out there”, and so not fully participating in it. And those who don’t practice as I do are mostly in awe and wonderment at how my life just hums along so smoothly without all the bumps and pitfalls they experience in their own life. They ask things like “How do you do that?” and I tell them “I create my reality” or “I tell my own story” and they invariably ask “How can I do that?” … and I tell them, and a few get it, most go back to living in their bubbles, not thinking I am crazy, but just some enigma they can’t comprehend. ► And that is what YES Island is all about. Creating a place for people to come and be immersed in learning to create their own stories, their own reality.   It is by far not the only such place. There are more and more all over the world every day. It will simply be such a place for people who like the kind of things I like … and like thinking about reality the way I do. People who like the idea of reality being something you say YES to, instead of no … and often Hell YES! … because it is all your creation, no matter who you are, or how many people you share it with.

Mark de LA says
I judge, when I judge, by the Golden Rule . (*)  When behavior & integrity & one’s words (internal/external) are other than tzu then the resulting cognitive dissonance tells me that the aforementioned Golden Rule is not being followed.

Si says
You judge according to your beliefs. The cognitive dissonance you experience is the feeling of the harmonic created by the vibration of your belief, and the vibration of the thought you are having. This is always true for everyone.

If you had different beliefs, then the cognitive dissonance you experience would happen for different people, and different things they say and do, than the ones you experience as dissonance now.

The Golden Rule even says that. It says “as you would have them do unto you” … which is a reference to “your beliefs”.

Mark de LA says
I was tempted to say what I am now saying that my words need no further interpretation. I was 19 when I first groked it & it does not fail & is valid even today.  No other laws or reasoning is necessary.  
XOR (*) – etc.

Si says
I have no qualm with your groking of the Golden Rule mark. I have considerable qualm with your application of it … you basically don’t apply it. You mostly just bully, which is "getting people to acknowledge what you want done unto you”, not “doing to them as you would like done unto you”.

Mark de LA says
Yep d’Asshole erupts again … null 

Si says
Apparently, something true enough was said to trigger a radical harmonic in your experience mark.  

Mark de LA says
#RWGBait rejected.

Si says
Enlightenment rejected actually. null

Throwing the rwg label on it is just your way of turning away from the light. 

Mark de LA says
#RWGBoomerang back unto you! yet again! null

Si says
It may be that, or it may be what you have been looking for. The only way to find out is to say YES. Saying NO does not ever reveal anything.

Mark de LA says
I extend unto you the invitation that JC gave Ahriman-Lucifer when Ahriman-Lucifer offered JC the keys to the kingdom of Mammon :
Image result for kiss my ass

Si says
I have no idea what all the rhetoric means. But I do love cats, and how simply they say yes to life. Thanks for the great image!  

Mark de LA says
Perhaps you will never know! null

Si says
Perhaps what IS, IS. No knowing required.   

Mark de LA says
The #RWGBoomerang keeps going … null

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