The art of doing

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The natural order of reality is to “go outside to observe and enjoy and learn” and then to “go inside to change and heal and prepare”. It is a natural rhythm, like breathing, and when one finds this natural rhythm, all things flow forward easily.

The whole rhythm together, as a complete cycle, is the art of #doing.
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Si says
This insight came this morning while meditating on Politics and why Politics simply don’t seem to work well and have not even in the time of Rome and Greece. See About: thought 23251 - comment 74736.

It is born out of observing my own new ways, my own new rhythms. By observing what I do that works so easily, and so well, in the greater world of man, and comparing that to how I did things before, how I so often struggled to accomplish even small things, in the world of man, by trying to only move the image in the mirror.

Thank you seth for hanging on so tightly to the worldly side of the scale, for by doing that, you kept me searching, searching for the whole, the complete, the ease, of this full understanding in the nature of #doing.  

Seth says

Seth says
i think that is a fine rhythm null … as you say … breathing in … and breathing out null

i don’t think it is the only one. 

Don’t forget, the outside changes too … and you inform those changes.  When it comes to politics … at least my idealized dream of it … then it is primarily changes outside of yourself that happen.

Si says
Yes, we perceive change happening outside. That is how we are focused. If we are perceiving it happening inside, we are imagining.

However, change “does not happen outside”. Change “happens inside”. And just like in a mirror, the change that happened inside is perceived by us “out there”, where we are focused.

Seth says
… er “changes outside don’t happen” ?  … omg null i beg to differ with you.

Si says
That’s right. Changes “dont happen outside”. Changes are only “perceived outside”. The real change, always happens inside … but we are not as humans focused inside, we are focused outside, so that is where we always see the change happening, even though it is a reflection, the movie of what actually happened. Our “senses” are connected to that movie happening.

Seth says
well i know that is what you have been running.  me, i do not believe it. 

Si says
Yep. Stand only on that side of the scale you will. Like holding your breath you do.  

new Notice the serendipity of this comment. → number 74747  

Seth says
null well yes i will null.

and no it is nothing like holding my breath.   it is hard for me to even concieve what your really mean by that.  more like if i believe that all change happens only in me, then i would definitely feel like i was holding my breath … holding it in … holding it in just for myself.  nope, this yodi don’t play that game.

Si says
If all change happened in you, and you held it there, then it would never be shared. You must breath in to discover, hold at the top to create, breath out to share, and hold at the bottom to observe. It is the natural cycle of breathing. This is also the natural yogic breath #btw
What you do is more like breath in to discover, then breath out sharply to create (willing) and holding your breath for a long time, before breathing back in to see what happened. Because you hardly hold, if at all, at the peak of the in stroke, the cradle of creation, what you expell is incomplete, and requires at best many cycles of in an out to accomplish the same observable result. You do the full cycle of #doing, all must who do anything at all, but because your emphasis is so much on the outside, the out breath, as being what creates, your breathing is inefficient, choppy. This is also why politics is so inefficient, and choppy, and often stalls.

Si says
When you discover that where you are actually creating is at the peak of the in breath, you will begin to dwell there more often, begin to become a deliberate creator … and your life will begin to flow with an ease and simplicity you have often desired, but never experienced as fully as you will then.

#ILoveThis #SoUseful #SoTrue 

Seth says
your first paragraph rings true over here. 

your second paragraph might have some truth … i don’t know … i would need to think about it more … that is about how i swim and my stroke.

but both paragraphs miss my point that  “changes happens outside of me”.  i mean it quite literally … and most of the change that happens outside of me happens without me not even being involved … it is probably not even be about me.     Those are the changes that politics deals with … not just with changes inside of myself and how i swim with them … breathing them in and breathing them out … informing myself and informing the world.

Si says
Your “perception of change” happens outside you, yes. But the actual change itself happened inside you, at the other end of the cycle. Your will carried it to the outside world, your out breath, and then your senses observed it … for our senses are directly connected to the peak of the out cycle of doing. That is how we are made as humans, and that is why it appears, by only observing senses, that change happens out there. But we as humans have the potential to observe the whole process, not just what we can with our senses.

Seth says
nope that is not how it works over here.   remember our #dominos discussion.  The changes i point to actually happen outside myself.  Do not confuse those changes with my perception of those changes which is a combination of my inside belief with the information coming into my senses from outside.

Si says
You seem to be confusing “inner observing” and “outer observing”. In this process, inner observing is imagination. It is a different cycle. Not the cycle of creating we are talking about. The cycle of creating is the full cycle between inner and outer.

I understand that it appears to work as you describe it. Because, our senses are tied only to the outer. We must utilize more of our perception than just our senses to observe the whole cycle of creation, the whole cycle of #doing.

Si says
By only utilizing sensory information, half the cycle is short-circuited in our awareness. We become creatures of the world, only living in reaction to what we observe. Some people are actually like this. Most have some inner awareness beyond what they observe with senses (awareness, not imagination) … but they still emphasize the sensory side, paying only a little attention to the inside, where the creating of reality is actually in process.

The best possible result happens when a human is fully aware of the whole cycle, and experiences it evenly in all parts, like easy full breathing.

Is it any wonder all the yogi’s and sages of our world talk about breath being the essence of life? It is! Living is breathing!

Seth says
Well i agree that we are not talking about inner imagination … rather “The cycle of creating  between inner and outer.” null … and yes our “senses are tied to the outer” … but (as you yourself have also observed) not exclusively so ….  rather they are “connected to our beliefs *AND* the information from outside”.

As we play in the wilds outside we do observe the whole cycle null … i null it when that happens null

Si says
”As we play in the wilds outside we do observe the whole cycle” – Seth

We can observe the whole cycle, but not with senses alone, and not if only focused to the outer. To observe the whole cycle requires observing with the inner eye as well (not imagination, the inner eye). Without utilizing the inner eye, all change “appers” to happen outside. When observing with the inner eye, it is easy to see the real changes happening “inside” and then watch them travel, inner eye, to outer senses, into the world and become a happening.

Si says
Beliefs condition the entire process of #doing. Not only the senses. That is why changing a belief is so powerful and immediate in what it changes in our experience.

Seth says
yep.   we observe “the whole dama” not just with our senses but also with our beliefs and intuitions and even our reason and even by participating.   absolutely null

Seth says
it is a matter of where i put my slider switch which is more powerful:  belief, or information from outside.  and for me it is not always in the same place.  … and i like to be aware of where i have the setting.

Si says
… and more, with our inner eye. For some reason, you don’t seem willing to acknowledge or speak about the inner eye, our ability to observe the formative inner processes in our being.

Si says
The point of “the art of doing” is to leave the slider switch behind. To instead, observe and experience the whole cycle of doing as it is like breathing. To participate in the whole cycle equally using both outer and inner senses. When this is done, there no longer needs to be a slider switch to set focus of attention. Attention follows breathing, inner to outer, outer to inner, switching smoothly from outer eye to inner eye, and back.

Seth says
well i express only what i expect will be understood by others.  rambeling on about what is deep inside me with no care or comprehension from others, i have found is contra productive.

Seth says
it is a good idea for me to be aware  how subjective i am being about something outside myself. 

i know that because i can observe others being obsessively subjective about what is happening around them and missing oppurtunities … i see that happen especially in our speak business over here … and in all of the groups that i have been involved with … and in my personal relationships with others.  

it is, however, easier to see that in others, a bit harder to see that in myself.   for that i need triangulation … which i could call carefully listening to what others are honestly telling me from their point of view.

don’t forget that we (at least i) am talking about politics … the art of getting something to happen amoung people, outside of myself … not about my personal career or enlightment or personal development or satisfaction or ...

Si says
I don’t seen any reason to “ramble on” about the inside half of the process either. However, it must be experienced to breath healthily, to live in flow and be naturally effective in one’s own life.

IMHO this is what the up coming timeperiod in human history is going to be about. Learning to fully experience the inner half of the cycle of #doing as immediately and as intimately as we have come to experience the outer half of the cycle of doing.

Mark de LA says
& you folks doing is what – build fantasy Island?  I see more “writing about” & “talking about” …. doing - in your actions.null

Seth says
it is a big world out there … lots of people in it … lots of different ages and places in their lives … not everybody or even every culture will be going thought the same phase of the swinging pendulum

Si says
If you are truly interested in good politics, then recognize the importance of the full cycle in creating, and especially in creating with others. Others actually create at the apex of the inner breath too. When everyone is equally involved with both the inner creation, and the outer observation (feedback from others), when everyone is using both inner eye and outer senses all the time, then politics becomes a elegant ballroom dance, instead of a shouting brawl in a pub.

Seth says

Si says
Politics managed with inner and outer cycles fully felt by all individuals, are naturally free flowing and sympathetic, and activity happens quickly from all the inner creation going on.

Politics managed only in the outer realm requires rules and procedures and structure to even get small things accomplished.

Si says
Of course, but as always, there are major themes … that which the majority are ready to learn together.

Seth says

Si says
Do the energy work first (the inner creation) and then the outer will quickly fall into place. ~ Abraham.

Mark de LA says
i.e. THINKING about null

Si says
Much much more than just “thinking about”. It is also feeling about. Picturing. Fully having the experience as detailed as possible, as well as identifying and experiencing the emotions one desires to experience when meeting the physical manifestation. Thinking is only a small part of all that.  

Seth says
yep the big 4 … thinking, feeling, doing, and sensing about it … see #TetModel … me i would not leave home without any of those.

Mark de LA says
Yep, more ABOUT than action.  Diagrams & piles of words abound. null At least seth & I began some experiments at PJ-2 ; such is where experience informs direction not just someone feeling good over in a corner somewhere.  
BTW economics is still the backbone in politics. 

Seth says

Si says
Perhaps you don’t leave home without them, but IMHO you mostly pick up and use “sensing” and “doing”, reserve “thinking” for your own use in private, instead of an equal creative tool, and relegate “feeling” to be an effect rather than an important creative tool in your toolset.

They should all be used together and without preference. Each is a tool, and each is equally important to the creative process.

Si says
95% shitting upon with a tiny bit of content.

When you participate equally, no matter your view, instead of bullying with your words, then your posts will remain unhidden.


Mark de LA says
Conversation forked to thought 23257

Mark de LA says
Conversation forked to thought 23258

Mark de LA says
Conversation forked to thought 23259

Seth says
i don’t know … perhaps … you really do not have access to any of that (my thinking, my feeling, and most of my doing) … so it is hard for me to grock how you can judge.  but i will think about that anyway … as you should know by now … i love to swim in these waters.

Si says
I didn’t say I know this. I said this is my opinion (IMHO?) and I have formed this opinion entirely by digesting the words you write here. Take that as you will, but no #MadeUpShit involved.

Seth says
… well of course you made it up … just according to your own words and philosophy.

Actually, now that i think about it,  you do have access to some of my thinking because i think quite out loud here.  So if you actually are listening, you hear my thoughts.   So i don’t know how you can honestly form the opinion that i “reserve thinking for my own use in private”.  That goes tilt.

I do not express a lot of feeling here in words … that is true.  Maybe if you would enhance the audio in domains i could express more.  I have noticed me expressing myself more passonatily at the #SocratesCafe … and of course to my wife,  and f2f friends,  nobody seems to have objected or  muffeled me … er, well maybe denise sometimes null.

and my senses … no you have no access to those … except perhaps some of my #photography.

in conclusion, nathan, you are talking out of the side of your neck nullnull

Si says
I am only repeating various things you have said. I added nothing else.

As far as you thinking, you yourself say that it is not a direct part of actualizing, you say that actualizing is only done by doing in the physical … or words to that effect, and you say that thinking does not directly affect circumstances, and if you doubt it, I can find those words of yours with search.

“you do have access to much of my thinking because i think quite out loud here” … exactly, and that is all I refer to.

Seth says
well thinking can be “a direct part of actualizing” …
in that aware thinking can preceed my will to action. 

but note the thought is not the actualization, not the #deed itself.  

fact is my will can also be prompted by my feelings or my intuition
or even my habits or even by the needs of the flesh ...
pretty much sans aware thought. 

maybe you (always?) do it differently over there … i do not know. 

Mark de LA says
Been looking for the spark that lights the match on fire for decades – ever since GW came up with his since then command “just do it” (long before Nike)
A martial artist came a bit closer with :

The consciousness commands and the body obeys.

Peter Ralston: The ART of Effortless POWER

Si says
The thought becomes the deed. The thought is the creation, the deed is the realization. The thought happens inside (even if written down out here), and that is where the creation occurs. The deed shows the creation to our senses, out there.

Mark de LA says
Thought is in another world than the doing & consciousness is yet another bit of stuff.

Si says
Yes! It is all the art of #doing.  

Mark de LA says
XOR needs no extra words or explanations or interpretations such as yours. ← more words pile up.

Si says
Yes, that is true. Thought is not doing. Thought becomes doing.

The question is where the creation occurs, it occurs at the point of thought, even though we obseve it at the point of worldly sensing.

Seth says
i can interpert that such that it rings true.  certainly the thought is inside, and the deed is outside.   the creation happens inside as  the thought is thunk … no doubt about that.  but for the #deed to actually happen requires more than just the thought … i requires the actual #DoIt to happen … sans the #DoIt is will never be #done nullnull

… then, absolutely, we can #percieve  the #deed with our #senses.

Mark de LA says
XOR some don’t bother with the thought at all – slows down the martial artist! null

Si says
Yes. It requires the breath to flow out (the will).

The creation happens in the inner world, with the thought and associated emotions. The breath flows out (the will) and the creation appears as deed in the outer world, where the senses perceive it. If one is only focused on outer senses, one only sees that part, and at most sees the tail of the will. One must use both inner AND outer eyes to see the whole event and creation.

Seth says

Mark de LA says
This feels a bit like thumb wrestling: null

Si says
Just as one can only observe the outer, and short circuit the cycle in an outer loop (sensation based reality), one can also short circuit the inner, and only observe the inner loop (imaginary reality).

It is the will (the out breath) that connects the two and creates a happening.

Seth says

Si says
Verily then, you must have two thumbs. null

Mark de LA says
yep, one on each hand!

Seth says
Conversation forked to thought 23262

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