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I want to get the technology in place to send pictures and vidios from my camera direct to my blog here at fastblogit. 

When this loop is closed ... well citizen journalism will certainly take off.

Let's make a pledge to close that loop this year !

More about using this camera to post to flickr here in Make how to


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Seth says
source:  Bubblegeneration Strategy Lab
The death-by-whimper-not-bang of Bayosphere should cause you to ask: what happened to citizen journalism? Why isn't it working? What's holding back market growth?

Clearly, it has been disruptive in Korea, so it can work (unless you believe that everyone's mystically really different).

My answer's simple: citizen journalism is working. With a few caveats:

1) Much of it's decentralized - ie, blogs.

2) Much of it's happened in verticals which don't need marketing because they have natural cool dynamics.

3) Amazingly, those CJ plays that are venture backed have built no understanding of how to drive scale.

3.5) Part of this problem is that many verticals do need marketing - because CJ is so low under the radar, joe 6pack has no idea what the hell it is. I don't mean $$$ super bowl ads with lovable puppets - but I do mean some basic level of awareness building.

4) Much of the failure is of VCs, who seem to be unable to help the entrepreneurs they're backing articulate a coherent value proposition for citizen journalism plays - because they don't understand the dynamics of consumer markets.

5) All of this is absolutely astounding, given the fact that the market size of people fed up with big media is huge (and growing).
emphasis, mine.

Mark de LA says
Now if we could get some real journalists that would be pretty kewl!

Seth says
Well i got a Mustek DV5300SE for Christmas.  But I am very dissapointed in it.  The price was right $149, but i guess you get what you pay for. The quality of the photos are just not there.  Plus there is no way to recharge the batteries ... err except to just recharge alkiline batteries... and you just do not get that much time out of three AAA's.  I will probably send this back and perhaps wait for another purchase oppurtunity.

In any case I can cover Renton ... if anything happens here, i can go take pictures and blog and talk about those events.   Is anyone else covering a town here?

Seth says
Great piece of citizen journalism on a Missouri dam break by Shelly [see: url]

Mark de LA says
Access (to pols and others) is not likely for citizen journalists or bloggers. And another thing - is there anything more to the news than dead bodies, murders, rapes, wars, plane crashes, tragedies, government & corporate corruption, disease.......... ? maybe there isn't

Mark de LA says
Too bad his uri didn't work . It was purported to be the opposite point of view as his. I'm not looking so much for citizen journalists as truth, proportionality & integrity in journalism. I wouldn't expect any more of this out a citizen journalist than a regular journalist or the average blogger. We need people who are trained & can read, write & photograph & have integrity to witness current events becoming history.

Seth says
Article about citizen journalism at url

Seth says
Another find example of citizen journalism from boing boing url

Mark de LA says
From the San Jose Mercury News to Berkeley-Harvard association, Dan Gillmor is just going mainstream. What did you expect he was looking for money & fame and that's where he came from.  You need a vision that's more than that. Just repeating the terms "citizen journalism" one hundred times doesn't make it work.  Blogs are not journalism. Those that are done by journalists are just more of the same. Bloggers don't usually go out and find a story & dig deep & report anything. They are even less unbiassed! The people who are fed up with mainstream media are mostly fed up with the liberal bias & the fuck Bush gotcha attitude & the lies that come with it.
Read the header on my group UnhackTheBrain for a vision worth fighting for.

Seth says
source: Scoble
But, we should now start deriding people who link to non-credible sources. I will. Anyone who links to that jerk down in Australia anymore is simply not doing bloggers any favors. Same for anyone who links to the Register. I don't believe a word they write.
Scoble has a point, but it is hard to know which sources are credible and which are not until you catch them in a lie.  Over time we (collectively) may get better at this.

Seth says
Read this though provoking article: Journalism Is Broken.

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