Without the wasteful industries of insurance & legal the costs of health care would shrink.  Untax everything to do with healthcare & free it from the fetters of the economy.  That includes salaries, hospitals, pharmaceuticals – EVERYTHING. There would be more heath care than disease, imho. Those who worship the gods of CAN’T must have special interests in legal, political or other associated industries. Life & Death should not be bought .  
One might have to ensure that the Solyndras of such an arrangement are vetted exactly & integrity of the medical & associated professions maintained. 
My tweet to Rand Paul:

Untax ALL to do with healthcare & free it from chains of the economy; including salaries. Insurance & legal are wasteful. Taxes choke!


Si says

Si says
Great idea! Now that you have created it, added it to the possibilities, manifest it. I will be happy to breathe it out with you. Two out breathers are more than twice as effective as one.  

(See The art of doing for more on the out breath)

Mark de LA says
The fun thing that could happen is with the next Trump project of Tax Reform it is right on time to consider. null