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  1. FairWitness
  2. FraudNewsCNN
  3. FNN
  4. FakeNews
  5. Trump
  6. fuckaroos
  7. obamacare
  8. Supervene
  9. btw
  10. ImpotentReference
  11. wtf
  12. SOS


Seth says

Mark de LA says
More so than ever before: (kinda reminds me of the transection of a blackhead from a distance or what become of a once honorable profession of news publishing in Ben Franklin’s days) – fade to black xor find some fair witnesses somehow, somewhere .
 ← Plato’s Allegory of the Cave ~ Modern Version
no #FairWitness would live in this cave.

Seth says

#FraudNewsCNN #FNN

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) July 2, 2017
i guess this was provoked by #FraudNewsCNN or trump’s version of #FakeNews

Mark de LA says
Normally given my you would think that direct transparency from the top of government would be cherished by the people. Not so these days. Too bad – the fourth estate has gone Internet. News, managed by big corporate mouth pieces of money are going … going .. gone.

Mark de LA says
Oops! wrong link, that shouled have been my null

Seth says
well me,  i actually do “cherish” #Trump’s tweets … i love to know what he is thinking … or even what he wants me to think he is thinking ... same thing really in this case.  tweet away dear president ! … this way i know you are an authentic fool … transparency is great null

Mark de LA says
Even though the M$M kept the insults like yours away from OBAMA for fear of getting branded as a racist (his biggest shield) it is amazing how the disenfranchised CNN & leftist #fuckaroos get so much “air time” from you leftist fools. The notable atrocities of non-transparency #obamacare (Pelosi had to pass it to know what was in it) & the Iran agreement (non-treaty treaty agreement) with the rules that the details in it can’t be disclosed – which gave Iran a whole bunch of money to further develop nuclear weapons & delivery systems  with Obams & John Kerry) bear out that the previous asshole in the White House didn’t want anyone really to know what they were doing. Further it was exemplified by Hillary – the Secretary of State – keeping her own private email server & destroying much of the evidence later.  thumbs down 

Seth says
well okay and all … punch and punch back … i hear you … just like Trump and CNN are doing.

my only question is what kind of concsciouness is going to #Supervene on that level of behavior … me, i don’t see it … i say switch to some other underliening network … maybe WiFi … maybe bluetooth … something that we can do something constructive and productive on top of.

#btw … if you do want to dwell on that level of interaction between us … i’m betting on the media … trump is just one man … not really a fair fight.

Mark de LA says
Well – I watched Tomorrowland as part of a group of recommended movies along with Inception & Mr Nobody … interesting although disjointed.  I had to do it in two parts because I am not fond of George – fair actor who uses his celebrity to spout politics – I almost didn’t watch the 2nd part.  Maybe that to will vanish in some future where YouTube & streaming get rid of the big celebrities .  Point was what happens when negativism is broadcast over & over – need to see the whole movie. 

Mark de LA says
I don’t do supervene come on top of stuff – I prefer the nesting in inception – the -cept part. null

Seth says
hmmm … what is the "nesting in inception” part ?

anyway i doubt it makes much difference how you do it … makes much more difference if you do it … lol.

#btw have you ever crawled up the ass end of desire/satisfaction and came out the other end? .. didn’t it all just start again?

Mark de LA says
look up the word instead of free associating with your butt-hole – xor maybe watch the movie.null

Seth says
might be enlightening for you to count your own impotent references.

tag #ImpotentReference

Mark de LA says

Mark de LA says
Inception ?

Seth says
"nesting in inception” as a method to go behond more basic behavior.

Mark de LA says
Yep = thinking outside boxes – people are tired of the #SOS may have to lick the wounds a little harder of the 2017 election before waking up to something different. The three movies above give the emotional window to step through XOR perhaps lick a little more.

Mark de LA says
I got “nesting” on my first acid trip w/ Charlene on Carl street near the GG park & a trip through the museum. “Everything is alive!” .~ 1972 I still got it without the psychedelics

Seth says
yep, nesting or recursion is another way levels are related to each other null

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