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RE: – N achieves final control of his post. No more pesky differences & alternate reframing.  One wonders null why any other content provider platform would not be just as good or better.


  1. kudos
  2. Tigger
  3. DoubleTalk
  4. JustDoIt
  5. KISS


Si says
I don’t wonder. The general way thoughts work here in a Thinking Domain is the best available for interactive cooperative content.

However, there are times when one only wants to present to a target audience and nothing else. In those cases, it is still nice to be able to use the exceptionally brilliant authoring tools in a Thinking Domain. Hence presentation thoughts.

Mark de LA says
So you say! null

Si says
Yes, I did in fact.

Mark de LA says
Others who had an unbiassed perspective may judge otherwise.  Perhaps when there are more than 10 daily, consistent users something other may turn up! Just saying. 

Seth says
i agree with nathan here … now we get the best of both worlds …
interactive cooperative thinking ….
and classical presentations on the web …
with a seamlessly transition betwee the two null

#kudos → nathan … #Tigger scores again null

Mark de LA says
Image result for your results may vary disclaimernull

Holmes says
There is no such thing as an unbiased perspective. When it appears to be, it is really only individuals choosing to bias in the same direction. Since we are all in our own realities experiencing each other’s realities, why not simply own our bias and enjoy it? Everyone else can do the same. The multi-verse does not unravel and the sky does not fall.

Seth says

Mark de LA says
Sounds like #DoubleTalk laughing

Holmes says
Well then, #JustDoIt … and #KISS it.

Seth says

Si says
Resolved the river issues with an existing mechanism. A presentation thought will appear as a normal thought in rivers, groups, and feeds … unless it is muffled. Then it will not appear. So as with any other thought, if it is your intention not to broadcast your presentation thoughts at a domain, simply muffle them. Then they are between you and your explicit audience. They cannot be found or stumbled upon. They can only be “leaked”, via explicit links.  

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