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Seth says


#hashtags in #presentation mode
provide paths for entry
into a #ThinkingLive domain null


see first presentation  →

see this presentation  →

Seth says
Note how my comment on the video at G+ did not show the title which was my sole contribution to the opus.

Si says

Si says
Okay. I will see about removing links from hashtags in presentation thoughts. A hashtag has little value in a presentation thought anyway, but there should be no leaks. If you want a hashtag to go somewhere explicit for your presentation, you can simply link it yourself to the controlled place you want it to go.

Si says
I don’t know what you mean. I see some titles. Have no idea what you were expecting.

Seth says
null #OMG do not do that! 

My whole point is they are useful to provide a entry and make a connection.   A person making the presentation can put the hash tag in the presention or not … that is where the choice is. 

Seth says
#OMG you are dense!  Look at what my thought says, look at how i presented it as a comment at G+, and ask what is missing.

Si says
#hmmm okay, since we can make a \#hashtag that is not a #hashtag with a backslash to link on our own, I guess that works.

You do realize all references, \#hashtags and \@name tags can be escaped with a backslash, right?

Seth says

Si says

Seth says
yep works that way if you want to … but saying \#something is just kind of stupid unless you want to talk about the “\#something” word itself.   If you don’t want to say the link, #something, then just don’t say the link.

Si says
And also if you want to link it to somewhere yourself, which most people using it in a presentation would.

Si says
Of all people, you should recognize the value of “staying inside the box” … left turns only! null

Seth says
not me … i use #hashtags for how they are supposed to be used … if i want to hyperlink to something particular i do that as well.

Si says
If you intend to let people out of the box, why are you using a presentation thought in the first place? Why not just let them see a normal thought?

Seth says
you are talking out the side of your neck.  connecting inside the box or connecting outside the box is an intentional act by the author of the thought.   #hashtags used exactly as they work in #ThinkingLive domains work perfectly in that regard … even in #presentation 

i think we are already in #ViolentAggrement on this … your #RightTurns notwistanding.

Seth says
actually in the case of #hashtags in #presentation it is not letting people out of some box … it is rather beckoningly them in null

Seth says
a guest comming into the presentation is already in a presentation box …. but they do not know the limits of that box  until their interest clicks them into the larger mind in which that thought is contained.  if the author does not want that to happen, the author simply does not give them that oppurtunity by not putting in any hashtags in the body of their thought … just exactly as you did not put any hashtags in your presentation.   it works perfectly heart.  

sorry, i was about to say \#kudos → “@tigger” but then he argued about it. 

Si says
We are not in or out of agreement. I simply want to know why you would be using a presentation thought in the first place if you intended to let someone out of the box? I don’t see a reason to do that. You can already turn on and off commenting and tag clouds and almost everything except the date line on a normal thought anyway. What are you getting here?

Si says
Because I just don’t get it. The only real advantage to a presentation thought is “the box” … keeping a person isolated. Otherwise you can almost make any thought look like one just by turning on and off commenting and such.

Seth says

nullwell obviously that is not the only (or “real”) advantage.   your creation goes beyond your own intentions nullnull

Si says
Okay then. Spill those beans. I don’t get it.

Seth says
#shucks i already told it.  it has to do with how a thought is shared with the world here on the web.  go look at my G+ example linked above.

Seth says
now i am almost thinking that most of the thoughts here that i share elsewhere will be presentations well hashtagged into my more in deapth mind.   people will get out of the one focused presentation just as their own interest dictates. it is a way of talking to the world from this mind.

also notice that if they do click into the tag room here how the top of it has entry into that #hashtag in the larger web as well … maybe they go into twitter … or look it up on google … or see graphic images of it. 
Signed Seth, i #LoaSwim

Seth says

Seth says

Seth says
this has to do with following trains of thought using hashtags.
That is how i (and millions of others)  connect

and advertise 

our thoughts in context on the web.
maybe you don’t understand that because you never do it.

Seth says
nullthumbs down

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