Paranoia ?

About: top doctor reveals cia mind control on americans ยป alex jones' infowars: there's a war on for your mind!

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Si says
So, right now I can comment on this thought in the river and in group seth. I cannot comment on the thought directly since I am not logged into group seth.

So, is this how you “intend” to present? From that perspective alone it seems useful.

However, it is “upside down” in how I traverse FBI. I never hang out in the river or in groups, and probably never will. I hang out in the news feed … that is where all the things I am interested in happen … and which always takes me to direct thoughts. So not only is it an extra step to then comment on such presentation thought, but I must also know how to get to this thought in a group (etc) in order to comment, since there is no direct way to do that from the presentation thought. This is part of the current issues the way you intend to use presentation thoughts … if someone, not in your group, goes to the thought from news, they appear to be at a dead end.

Same with [title … ] references in pages, etc. They can’t take you to the comment because it doesn’t exist on the single thought.

And not that any of this is irreconcilable. There would be ways to solve those explicit issues, by utilizing knowledge of where one came from, etc. But before I just throw code at it, I really want to know what your real needs are.  

Si says
See, right at this moment, I can see you over there looking at my comment above. But I cannot go there. When I do, all I see is the presentation thought. No comments. I had to come over here to the river to add this comment.

Seth says
let me look at one of your presentation thoughs to grasp what you are talking about …. eg  A presentation thought.

Si says
Conversation forked to thought 23702

Seth says
i hange out in groups and in rivers … much faster to read and comment directly on what is happening. 

i use the news feed only for what it is good for … notifications.

that is exactly how i read G+ and Facebook too.   and for good reason. 

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