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Miami says ...

And a good first step is “breathing out” and noticing it’s effect on will, and then “breathing in” and noticing it’s effect on allowing. When you master willing and allowing, anything is then possible. 

 Because we all pretty much already have thinking and sensing down pat … practice not required 

See: Cycle of doing

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Seth says

when i breath in …
when i sense something from outside of me, …
i do not feel that i am “allowing” it, … 
rather i feel,  i am accepting it. 

Si says
I know. That is why about 85% of Abraham’s teaching is spent simply on teaching people how to allow. We don’t get that imparted to us as part of our upbringing in this society as it has been. Hell, in western society, we don’t even get taught how to breath at all. We had to get that from India and yoga practice. A huge number of physical ailments in our society are due simply to incorrect breathing. Even my mom had that. Remember when they couldn’t figure out why she was having chronic lower chest pains about 8 years ago, almost did invasive exploratory surgery, and it turned out to be simply an atrophied diaphragm, because she has always breathed in her upper chest instead of her diaphragm?

Both correctly breathing in, and the experience of allowing, are simply not part of our normal human experience. But, we can learn.  It’s the current stage of learning for humans, filling in the final quadrant of the circle of doing, making it conscious, both in the physical breathing sense, though yoga and other means, and in the allowing sense, through #LOA and other teachings.

Seth says
well once a situation can be sensed, it is already allowed. 
the language is very specific …
this has to do with timing … not philosophic stance. 

if i think that what i sense i can allow (or just disallowd),
i am confused and simply using the words incorrectly …
or maybe being overtly subjective about interpreting sense inforation from outside myself.

For example, if another person is pointing a gun at me, and asking if i will allow them to pull the trigger,
and i say, “sure, go ahead and pull it”, … then i have allowed the bullet to come my way.
Whereas if my senses are fast enough to see the bullet comming,  it is way to late for me to duisallow it. 
If i think then that i can disallow the bullet, i am #subjectively interpreting my senses into #LalaLand.

Si says
You can sense all manner of things, be aware of it though senses, not thought, and still not allow it into your direct experience. You can sense a bullet shot from a gun … and you can either allow it to hit you, or allow it to miss you. Both experiences are available from the sensory information. Your allowing selects the one you experience. Acceptance comes after allowing. It is at the end of the in-breath. You accept what you have allowed. The allowing is much the same quality as will as an aspect of perception, very hard to identify as a thing one does, very hard to put ones finger on it exactly, but equally as important to the whole of doing as is will.

#CycleOfDoing #ThisIsGood 

Seth says
Again, i am null sorry, you should speak for yourself.

i can NOT sense a bullet coming my way from and gun
and disallow that i will experience it breaking my skull. 

All i can do is disallow such a situation from happening in the first place …
before the fact of the sensing occurs. 

This is a matter of #timing null

Si says
A bullet is actually an excellent example.

Because with a bullet, the change in what is allowed is so slight. Just an inch can make the difference between a hit and a miss. There are many factors, on both ends, and even in between, that can vary that simple inch. There are several dozen factors on the shooters end including the alignment of the gun sites. There is the wind and other things that affect the bullet between you and them. And there is your ability to slightly shift your body out of the path, which anyone can easily do if they actually do it in sync with the firing of the bullet. That is how a martial arts expert can walk directly toward someone repeatedly shooting a gun and not get hit … they move just enough each time by being acutely aware of exactly when the bullet was fired by watching finger movement, not listening for the sound.

Every single one of those factors has to be allowed in order to be experienced in your reality. Which ones you allow determines the final outcome, what you accept at the end of the breath of experience.

And again, remember that this is actually going on at a rate of millions of times per second during the course of the whole shooting. Every single one of those micro cycles has a component of allowing involved. But yes, you don’t (at this time) experience any of those micro events. You experience the overall tone of your allowing and the end result of it … you effectively experience what you accepted.

Seth says
you just changed the example.  

i chalk all of that up to “disallow such a situation from happening in the first place”.
And yes i believe that kind of attunement to what is happening is possible.

My point is that allowing or disallowing happens before sensing. 
But after all of that allowing or disallowing is done,
i must accept my senses, or daydream in #LalaLand.

This is a necessary usage of the words themselves. 
There is nothing that i can choose to change in this matter.
It is a matter of #timimg !!!

Si says
Yes. It is true that in the general course of a deliberately lived life, one simply is not in the vicinity of such happenings. One’s vibration never attracts them there.

But the bullet example does nicely break down into individual elements where it is easy to see how a situation can have thousands of factors which determine final outcome, and any one of those can be selected different by allowing. In fact, all life is like that, at the micro scale, and the macro scale, but in this example it is really easy to see at the smaller scale just how flexible reality really is and how something as simple as allowing (once understood for what it is) can change any outcome.  


Si says
Yes. After the breath is done, you must accept. But you did not have to accept at the point of sensory information, at that point, you had access to allowing … and as you allowed, the experience unfolded, and then at the end you must in fact accept and that deed is done.

But of course, from there, the next #CycleOfDoing is a complete new one, independent from the cycles before it to any degree you believe and choose. A whole new thought can go absolutely anywhere at 6 o-clock, and so can your story!

Seth says
well i am tireing of this ...i have work to do

Si says
Learning can be tiring … especially when one is trying very hard to invalidate (disallow) what they are receiving.  

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