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Miami says ...

magor or magur: fear, terror
Original Word: מָגוֹר
Part of Speech: Noun Masculine
Transliteration: magor or magur
Phonetic Spelling: (maw-gore’)
Short Definition: terror


I know that all others don’t necessarily think this way. But, by my thinking, this event is clear.

When I first saw the picture on the #magor glossary term, I did go and search for what the word meant, and at that time, I found nothing specific in the all wise Oracle of Google. Many months later, after my thoughts were exposed to the vibration of the picture and the energy for a while, I searched again today and the above came up quickly … materialized into being.

This is how #LOA is said to work and how I have been consistently experiencing it. This is how our reality forms around us in the present. This is how all history is written from the now. IMHO.  

Everything we actualize becomes part of the history around us as we form a vibration for it.

Does this mean Mark is actually a fear and terror?

No, it only means that, in the absence of already existing reality to focus my thoughts, my mind attached those attributes to the word #magor by repetitive thinking, and so doing, materialized the above definition as history in this branch of reality. Thoughts become things, even definitions, even history. This is how the material coalesces around the thoughts of the present to become the observed of the next in the grand Cycle of doing.


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Mark de LA says
More appropriate for Vidar.

Si says
Perhaps. I have not thought about Vidar … not even sure who it relates to or why. I have not studied that Lor.

What I thought about, at various times, as I moused over the #magor hashtag etc., was the word magor, that it was attached to the person mark, and how it felt to be on this end of that energy. That was the operative #CycleOfDoing involved in this attraction event.

Seth says
well first there were no #connections in your mind, 
then there were connections,
then the connections in your mind, connected to those outside your mind.
Connections work in mysterious ways … especially as they hair and tangel together.

i don’t know why anything called #LOA needs to get connected with that process …
except as you yourself connect it.

Seth says
#GW connected #Vidar to me … i chose the aspects of the name to which i align. 

tug on other ones, and your strings will not pull null

Seth says
it was not a good idea for me to attach that picture to #magor null

twood have been better if mark had attached his own …
but he wants that name not to be pulled upon, it being just his secret.

me, i am different, you can tug on my names,
but only those strings that i personally have attached to the signs
will get my attention.

For example, i have named myself #BozoFaust …
but people who wish to pull me around degradenly by #bozo will be pissing into their own wind null

so sorry null … i love null the name game anyway null

Si says
Go and read A Law of Attraction Event Story. It tells a story of an #LOA event. It does not slander mark or Magor and even says this does not define Mark. It simply tells what happened and shows how what happened is tied to #LOA as the manifestation.

If Mark does not want his name tied to #LOA, that is his business, not mine. I did not put the picture under #magor and I did not create the Hebrew definition, I only googled it. This is my authentic story of what happened and I am telling it in good faith. What Mark does with his names is up to him only, same as anyone including me.

Seth says

Seth says
How does  your description in “A Law of Attraction Event Story” tell how what “you experienced” is “tied to #LOA as the manifestation”  ?   I do not know what that means to you.

Si says
The whole story tells exactly that, and below is what might be called the punch line, but seriously! This is very clear writing, not doublespeak. How is it hard for you to understand it?

“This is how #LOA is said to work and how I have been consistently experiencing it. This is how our reality forms around us in the present. This is how all history is written from the now. IMHO.  “

Seth says
sorry i must be dense null … but i still do not see how your description of your experience implies the conclusions you have drawn … primarily because you state your conclusion in such general terms that they could be interpreted to mean just about anything … yet your description of what you did is quite clear to me … and i have experiences the same null

For example i just went thought the same kind of quest with #Vidar which you did with #magor.  Initially i could not find the image that i wanted … but i kept at it … the more i thought of it, the  clearer it became in my mind … finally i found an image (even externally) which was acceptable enough to me to represent here as #Vidar.


Si says
What else is there to say? #LOA is not some complex thing. It is simply “thoughts produce things” and “things are vibration, including thoughts” and “like vibrations attract”. My story exposes “those elements” in my experience and shows how from a beginning point one arrives at an end point in #LOA.

This is very predictable and usable in a practical way, in everyday life.

If you want to explain it all with your own assumptions and complicated beliefs, be my guest. The above probably only seems incomplete to you because #LOA is so much simpler than the systems you have been working with to explain these things for the duration of your lifetime.  

Si says

Seth says

Si says
Yes, your thought, through cycles of doing, became a thing. Very simple #LOA in action. What’s so hard to grasp about that?

And sure, you can make up any set of assumptions to build any belief about how that works you can think of. Just because a complex system has been the belief you have held about these things your whole life does not make it true. It is just a belief. So is #LOA. #LOA is a very simple belief that works, and works well, to model reality experience with. I use it.  

… and I don’t really believe for a minute you don’t get the #LOA relationship in the story above. I simply believe you don’t want it to be like that, so you try and tease out a debunking.

Seth says
Well i almost think that we are in #ViolentAggrement here null

I just don’t have your thingey about calling it #LOA
and i do not connect it to a lot of the other stuff that you connect it to.  

I just think of this one thing this way …

The more i #represent something the clearer it becomes to me,
and the more i will find that which i represented externally. 






Si says
The above is an “#LOA story”. One of hundreds that happen in my life every week. It is fully explainable by #LOA and needs nothing but #LOA to be fully understood and predicted, though you can easily add anything to it you have a propensity for.

You have often asked for examples. This is yet another. I give them, you say each one is “not” and you can “explain it all differently”. Well, of course you can, but doing so is not giving #LOA a try to see if it always works as I say it does.

#LOA is not “the only explanation”. It is a simple explanation that always works. Always saying “there is another way to explain that” is not checking out #LOA, it is simply sticking with what you have because what you have appears to explain it too and you are more comfortable with what you have.

Seth says
i think you missed my point.  

you say, i say “each one is not LOA  and i can explain it all differently
… but that is not what i say. 

rather i say i do it all the time, just like you do … i just don’t call it “LOA” …
or associate it to the others stuff to which you associate that word.

Si says
Your nit-picking words. You have said that before about my #LOA stories.

“ i just don’t call it “LOA” …
or associate it to the others stuff to which you associate that word”

So then try making those associations. Once you practice doing that for a while, whole new pathways will open up in your brain, and in your awareness, and you will see many more simple connections you don’t see right now. #LOA is not a pill you swallow, it is a set of principles and beliefs you put in place to understand reality with. It takes time and practice, just like learning a new language does. The effort is worth it. The #LOA language is much cleaner and easier to model reality with and will lead to doing things that are not possible in most other reality description languages / thought models.

Mark de LA says
I prefer encountering reality itself without the models. null

Si says
So then, you prefer the illusion created by the modals? The grand spectacle generated by the circling wheel of doing? Many do. Many do.  

Mark de LA says
no illusions, no modals, no grand spectacles no circling wheels of doing – none of your shit!

Seth says
Well there certainly IS a “grand spectacle generated by circling the wheel of doing”  !   null

nor is it an illusion null, for all see and connect therewith … #grasping it.

The mystery is why null ….

The more i #represent something the clearer it becomes to me,
and the more i will find that which i represented externally. 

  … works so very well null null

tag #apprehension

Si says
The reason it is illusion is exactly because all do not see it the same. Every single one sees it all differently. It is illusion that each are seeing the same. What could be said to be exactly the same for each is almost non-existant. Try living in someone else’s shoes. We did exercises like this in NLP workshops. Even Mark did. We found out just how different other’s realities were when we only tried while staying inside our own skins. If we could actually get in theirs, everything, the whole of experience, would seem alien.

If you walked 10 steps in someone else’s shoes, you would never again doubt that “what all see” is an illusion. There is only “what each individual see’s” and a few connections here and there between. The whole idea that “all see something the same” is a complete illusion, held by most individuals.

Si says
Quite the no man aren’t you? Now what would that be like? Saying no to most things in life?

#hmmm … hell, I don’t know. I can hardly imagine. A life like that seems foreign to me. Just an illusion!

What does my life seem like to you? An illusion? I am sure you will probably say “no”.  

Seth says
Well the notion that our personal views would be the same for each of us is just silly, as you observe.

But nonetheless,  we all still see and connect with what is happening just as we #grasp it.

And sorry null, my friend heart, you mis judge the quantity of connections by a several orders of magnitude. 

If discard your belief  that “There is mostly only what each individual sees”,
then you can better #feel the connections which are not in you,
even thought you cannot experience them yourself. 

tag #empathy #otherness 

Si says
Go ahead and try listing actual connections. I bet you can only come up with a figure in the hundreds range at best. And that is nothing compared to the connections you “feel” every day.

It is only an assumption that the quantity of connections with others is so large. It is an artifact of your still base operating assumption that “there is one world” and everyone perceives it. I know you don’t think that way, but that old assumption still underlies many of your perceptions.

If you honestly and objectively try and find out what real connections you have with others, and compare that to what is only “connections with others in your perception only” … you will find that the actual ones with others are very small, less than hundreds … just a fleeting moment here and there. All the rest that you experience, the seeming continuity, you really do “make up” and if you actually start comparing with others you will discover that too!

Seth says

← Sorry null, You are asking for the wrong examples.

The connections are there …

They are so vast, they are 


That each connection is seen differently by who sees it,
is  a #Freedom that takes a bit of #wisdom to appreciate null.

Si says
The illusion is that all those connections are the same for everyone. Nearly all of those innumerable connections are “inside you” … your creation. You made them up in your experience. And so did all the others for theirs. Go ahead. Don’t just “ass-u-me” because your senses appear to be telling you something. Those are “your” senses, not the senses of “another”. Actually go out and try and catalog these connections you feel are there and compare them with even what others report from their senses. If you do, you will discover the truth about it. But you probably won’t do it and will even come up with logic why not to do it, exactly because you know deep down that you will discover the truth about it, and that, my friend, scares the shit out of you! Because it would describe a reality “you can’t live with”!  

… can’t live with it carrying the old baggage you have been carrying anyway. You would live fantastically with it, especially with all the knowledge and understanding you now have, if you would let go of that old baggage.

Mark de LA says
apprehension (n.) Look up apprehension at Dictionary.com
late 14c., "perception, comprehension," from Old French apreension "comprehension, something learned" or directly from Latin apprehensionem (nominative apprehensio), noun of action from past participle stem of apprehendere "take hold of, grasp" physically or mentally (see apprehend). Sense of "seizure on behalf of authority" is 1570s; that of "anticipation" (usually with dread), "fear of the future" is from c. 1600.

Genesis 3:19 New American Standard Bible 

19 – By the sweat of your face
You will eat bread,
Till you return to the ground,
Because from it you were taken;
For you are dust,
And to dust you shall return.” 

As our parents returned to the sea as dust so shall we someday – being mortal 

Seth says

Seth says

i can not distinguish, in any way that makes any difference except perhaps in aspect, between #apprehension, #perception, #compreshension  or even from an entirely different aspect #digestion

← or even #asimilation.

Mark de LA says
null Maybe #LOA is just the lazy explanation for others “you attracted that – you are responsible for it” for a selfie “I did that – I can boast I am a god!” null

Si says
Not “lazy” at all. Knowing our value, how good we are, how good the world is to us, is an important thing to learn … and something that has been missing from common human experience for a long long time.

Mark de LA says
Nah! It’s lazy! Image result for lazy

Mark de LA says
Yep, got them all munged together!  Distinction is a fairly powerful tool if used correctly.  Of course, analogous to digestion, if you are omnivorous & don’t care what you put in your stomach then you can shift focus on your asshole & everything begins to look like shit. null (nathan has that problem)

Seth says

well i can take into my being  new information, or new ideas, or food for my growth and sustenance …
there is a similarity in all of those processes …
the distinctions of aspect notwistanding.

Mark de LA says
Aspect is part of distinction – you are just pissing away distinction: (via Hieronymus Bosch)_
Image result for The Haywain Triptych

Seth says

#apprehension yields both distinction and recognition of similarity. 
Why should we be aware of the one, but not the other?


Mark de LA says
Who said anything like that was happening.  Anyone can say that the Universe IS! .. then what ?null

i can not distinguish, in any way that makes any difference  (bozo)

Mark de LA says
Content at this point is so thin I can’t grasp (apprehend) any – seems like just semantic arguments & reality left the building leaving behind only abstraction. null

Seth says
you misrepresented my quote …

i can not distinguish, in any way that makes any difference except perhaps in aspect ...


Mark de LA says
you emphasize one thing & I another – maybe they should not be together in the same sentence since aspect  seems to be about distinction. 

Seth says
well, mark,  try noticing the similarity between #perception and #digestion and #asimilation

… which is not a  biggie,

… except perhaps for those #BeIng’s who don’t realize that they have an #inside and an #outside

and there  are processes by which

the outside informs the inside

and the inside informs the outside.

Mark de LA says
XOR you are just acknowledging you are not all there is! – so what?null 
p.s. & you have an interchange with that you are not. Bosch like? who knows?
I/O at it’s most basic.

Mark de LA says

Seth says
Well yes i am acknowledging that i am not all there is null … #thanks → mark for noticing.

And yes i have interchange … connections …
i #grasp that which i am not null .
#thanks again null.

But sorry crying, “Bosh like” , “I/O at it’s most basic”  ← appear to be just your personal #aug

Me, i null Shakesper’s #apprehension …

In action
how like an angel!

In apprehension how like a god!


Mark de LA says
Not an #aug – without judgment – dust to dust! null It takes an Ego to judge . I takes a selfie to survive & make something out of it. null

Si says
”you can shift focus on your asshole & everything begins to look like shit” ~ mark

Nice way to avoid taking responsibility for the result you get from your communication. It doesn’t matter that everyone here often gives you feedback that your communication makes others feel bad … it’s apparently their fault for not interpreting your communication the nice rosy way you meant it to be.

If you really want to know what it feels like to be on the other side of your communication? Just access what it feels like to be on the other side of my communication with you. THAT is exactly what it feels like to be on this side of yours and I simply send it right back.

Mark de LA says
It is YOU that is passing your reaction onto ME – wake up!

Si says
Yep. I react to shit getting dumped on me. I pass it back your way. You are right about that.

So if you want to see what it feels like to be treated by The Golden Rule? Send that my way, you will get that back too!  

Mark de LA says
You react just like any selfie – enjoy the #juice . “The meaning of your communication is the response you get”  is in the context of NLP-therapy – good to know to manipulate a client’s attention.  In the context of ontology, as you use it nathan it is just more #RWG. null
BTW, the Golden Rule is not a hammer:
Golden rule is not your hammer – don’t use it that way in your #RWG

Si says
Those games you play with rwg and the golden rule is your thing, not mine. I don’t do rwg. What you get from me is just your own shit sent back. And I apply the golden rule as it is intended, not the “do unto others what they do unto you” way you practice it … which obviously feels exactly like “do unto others what they do unto you” to you … because that is when you send so is what you get back. Try sending the real Golden Rule for a change and see what happens.  

Mark de LA says
YOU can’t stop doing the #RWG you are #AlreadyAlwaysArguing that you are right & I am in error - wake the fuck up!Image result for wake the fuck up

Si says
I do always catch what you send and sling it back, true story! Send something other than shit, you’ll see.

Well, often anyway. I’m not perfect. Sometimes you send shit and I just ignore it. I have my limits.

Si says
#BTW seth … the above meme makes it seem that we don’t have a choice about how we perceive something. Like we are stuck in the jar however we were put there. And that is a common idea people are accustomed to thinking, that we don’t have a choice, that how we see things is set, part of who we are as a living being.

In fact, this is one of the only things we do have choice about, our perception, which way we look at something. That is our power. One of our only powers. And the one that can actually make a difference!

Si says
Lets be clear about this mark.

When you are practicing The Golden Rule? Your communication with others will feel great. That will be the indicator. The feedback you get from others will be helpful and usually positive and either way you will be excited about it. You will enjoy communicating and feel like people understand you and respect your ideas, and you will enjoy respecting theirs. That is what it feels like to practice The Golden Rule.

If your communication with others does not feel like that to you? Then whatever you are doing, it is not actually practicing The Golden Rule. It’s something else.

Mark de LA says
Hammer on & on & on ... d’A 

Si says
Then you disagree that A Law of Attraction Event Story (comment 75437) is not an indicator? In what way?

Seth says

we celebrated #AshWednesday at #LuthersTable at the beginning of #lent.

i still do not #grasp the signifgance of …

Ashes to Ashes, Dust to Dust

… except, of course, for the obvious.

Mark de LA says
Lot simpler than your stories & piles of words, but you would have to consult your Anhata chakra & throw away your #LOA box.
Anahata Mandala.svgnull

Si says
The #LOA expands to the edge of infinity and wraps back around to the beginning. It is not the only way to talk about reality and model it, but it is an intrinsic way. It will always be there, no matter what the box.  

Seth says

Mark de LA says

Seth says
What part of …

That each connection is seen differently by who sees it,
is  a #Freedom that takes a bit of #wisdom to appreciate null.

… “makes it seem that we don’t have a choice about how we perceive something” ?

null sorry, that is like totally baffling to me.

Si says
The meme, I said “the meme”. This one.

… that is all I am talking about. It is a meme that represents a common idea … but that common idea is false and denies us our most basic power and right as living beings. (see the full above)

Seth says
sorry null i have no idea what you are talking about.  

… what common idea is false ?

… what common idea denies us what basic power [or #Freedom] and right as living beings? 

Si says

← this meme makes it seem that we don’t have a choice about how we perceive something. Like we are stuck in the jar however we were put there. (fish up or fish down?) And that is a common idea people are accustomed to thinking, that we don’t have a choice, that how we see things is set, part of who we are as a living being. (i.e. how we got put in the jar)

In fact, this is one of the only things we do have choice about, our perception, which way we look at something. That is our power. One of our only powers. And the one that can actually make a difference!

i.e. The meme, though a common idea as represented here by the fishes, is a misconception of true choice.

A true glass half full, half empty, meme would not imply that perception is fixed as this one does.

Seth says

you are taking that version of this classic meme way too literally.

and i agree with …

in fact, this is one of the only things we do have choice about, our perception, which way we look at something. That is our power. One of our only powers. And the one that can actually make a difference!


… although i don’ think it is the only null

my version of that is “A Law of Attraction Event Story (comment 75457)

Si says
I don’t think so. I think this fish meme is actually the way most people believe and think about their perception. And I think that is why most people don’t have much power in their reality.

When a person realizes that their own true power is in their choice of perception, their whole reality experience changes dramatically! The fish meme makes it look like we don’t have a choice. Like we are simply dealt a point of view and have to live with it.

Seth says
okay, but i don’t presume to know that deep of a thing about others  … speaking for myself i change my perspectives all the time … and since it is Sunday … twice as much null

Si says
So a good glass half empty half full meme would emphasize our ability to choose our perspective. Would make that a clear component of the idea and clear that is what we are wanting to do.

Fish stuck in a jar actually aligns with the opposite … makes it seem like we can’t choose. That some of us get to breath easy, and others don’t. It is nearly the literal opposite of the intent of the half glass idea. Those who see it and go “oh yea” are most likely going to be saying “oh yea” to the fact that they are stuck seeing things the way they do.

Seth says

Seth says

Mark de LA says
Whatever fantasy you want spin 7. 

Si says
Sorry, the truth is that I am not much into fantasy. What I am into is ferreting out the real intrinsic qualities of reality and mastering them.

Mark de LA says
So you say – to others it sounds like a fairy tale.

Si says
I beg to differ. To you, with your pre 2k ideas about what reality is, it sounds like a fairy tale. To virtually all the normal people I am around, people generally less than 40 years old, it sounds quite normal. IMHO you simply have not kept your ideas up with the times. I recognize the stuff you say, about reality, as pretty much the same stuff my parents and their friends said when I was under 12 years old. That’s how people thought things were back then.

Seth says

Seth says

It’s interesting to note that the Internet is only about 20 years old.  Most kids and youths of the #MeGeneration  have no idea how the world was back in the mid 20th century.  Imagine how it was in the #Renaissance.  Living consciously through changes of History gives us old folk a perspective that youths may never experience.  I am not anxious to arrogantly discard it.

Si says
I agree, no need to discard it. As you say, it is useful and has a place and a perspective. At the same time, if one doesn’t keep up and keep upgrading their beliefs and their interactions, they simply become obsolete. In fact, I discovered a while back on my own that not upgrading one’s beliefs and interactions, or in other words, resistance to the continuous flow of change, is exactly what ages humans. Nothing else. Humans naturally have about 1000 year life spans. Then, I learned the same thing, first from Tolle, then from Abraham, and finally, Bashar.

Be what you are. No need to discard anything. Simply allow yourself to continuously change too, as a child does. It’s all good. We are safe in a good world that supports us. “There is never a need to resist anything we have attracted into our experience.” ~ Eckhart Tolle

Si says

Eckhart Tolle at age 69. Nice example of practicing what one preaches. Does he look 69? Not a fluke or photoshoped image either. I have seen him recently live on TV. Same deal.  

Si says
Conversation forked to thought 23754

Seth says
Nearly all of those innumerable connections are ‘inside you’ … your creation. You made them up in your experience.” – nathan
Not my tempo!   By definition a #connection necessarily bridges the divide between inside and outside.   Sure the connection is viewed from inside with the biases and beliefs of the observer  as it is breathed in.  Or it is created in the world by a #deed, as it is breathed out.  But we know that it is a connection because others can breath it in as well.   We can  mutually #share and #verify its existence to the extent that we care.  Those #connections are vast indeed! … believe in their importance to you and others …. or not …. just as you choose.

Si says
As I said. The above is what you “assume” because without that assumption, reality would just not be palatable to your current ego structure.

It is an assumption that a #connection necessarily bridges the divide between inside and outside. Are you brave enough to find out if it is true? Right now, you only want it to be true and are only basing your knowledge on the facts you have allowed into your expereince.

Seth says
like i said … believe it or not … just as you choose null … that is your #Freedom
Me, i am sorry null  but ...

My experience is that i do not need to disbelieve in
a vast actuality of  #connections happening,  which i love null,
to live my #LoaSwim.

… your continual #enticements notwistanding, #fabana.

Mark de LA says
live on TV null with all the makeup
Nate has #AgeismDisorder   . Evolution & reincarnation enfold individuals in the wisdom of the universe; 
pretend ontologies notwithstanding;  we have both the past & the future with us.  The tree of life, however is open at both ends. So you can go either way as you choose. 
Image result for tree and rootsImage result for hieronymus bosch

Mark de LA says
Actually my tag line says it all about beliefs
Free yourself & get rid of beliefs ! Don't be a BELIEF robot - M.R.

Mark de LA says
To an egotist it feels great when he thinks everyone is clapping for him & his performances & ideas. null

Mark de LA says
A nursery rhyme for children: (***)

Sticks and stones may break my bones, but names will never hurt me.

Seth says

Seth says
Absolutely! null

Si says
I never said you have to disbelieve in anything. You make that all up as a binary choice based on incomplete information. The choice is not binary even after you have all the facts.

Seth says
well yes of course it is not a binary choice … but rather a choice of an attitude.

As far as i #grasp what you keep saying … you keep telling me to
disregard the actuality of those connections outside of myself
and that is what i choose not to do. 
Rather i adopt the #stance i described above, “A Law of Attraction Event Story (comment 75487)”,

I have no want to #dodge the #edge here or vague it away.

tag #connections the #world 

Si says
Also feels good to anyone when they work hard, make a great performance, and are enjoyed by those they performed to.

Mismatchers rarely if ever have that experience though. If they even did, they would mismatch it anyway. Call it ego and cancel their own enjoyment.  

Mark de LA says

Si says
I never ask you to disregard those connections. They are very important and I say that often. I only suggest you take responsibility for those connections being inside your being, and that others do the same. Then, we can all play together well.  

… instead of putting vast effort and resources into pretending there is only one connection that we all have to agree on and maintain and dote over. There is not. We each have our own version of the connection, and we each are ultimately responsible for that one and only that one, it’s quality, and our responses and responsiveness to it.

Seth says
perhaps you did not actually #listen to me when i said  …

those #connections being [exclusively] inside me being” is false.
I will now #own that which i believe is false.


Let us not go in a loop here.

Si says
Yep. As I said. Your information is incomplete. That’s as good a place to leave it as any. When you update your information, we can revisit if needed.  

Seth says
whatever … play your #VooDoo all you want … it does not inform.

Si says
Incomplete information is not magic, it is just incomplete information. And I have made the information available to you in many ways, you simply don’t retrieve it and integrate it. That’s how things are. You can be comfortable with that choice instead of pointing fingers.

Seth says
null yes #GOD … all of the #connections are exclusively just in me null

Si says
The #connections are in you, yes!

The results are not. The results are in each separate person. That is where the beauty, the mystery, the creations exists.   

Seth says
Well according to how you are pointing things out,
i have just been talking about “the results of the connections” …
fine whatever. 

My point then is that i focus on the “actual results of connections” …
those are what i null … not that which is only in me …
which is a mere (representation + my interpretation)  of the thingey itself.
To avoid confusion at this level of deapth, somtimes we need to be very specific …
like how i try to point to #MtRainier 

Si says
Knowing that the actual connections are inside you, and inside them, and that they are different whole connections, not just two ends of the same connection, is important. Otherwise we are always trying to change what we see in the mirror by manipulating what is in the mirror, instead of what we own, and can change. And lots of people really do try and do that and the results they get are poor because of it.

And yes, what we all want is the results, or more exactly “the feelings the results give us”.  No one actually want’s a result or a thing, they really want the feeling the result or thing gives them. Also important to keep in mind.

Seth says
Well they are “two ends of the same connection”.  

And i never try to “manipulate what is in the mirror” …
i just move myself … and believe others move themselves. 

You seem to be talking about your peculiar story, not mine. 

tag #connections

Si says
Yes, your tag line most certainly does!

… I am still waiting.

… you going to get rid of them anytime soon?

Mark de LA says
I got rid of many more than you – you are continuing to make more faster than you give them up. #LOARobot that you are. 

Si says
Not really. #LOA is very simple. A small set of core beliefs interact and cover virtually all cases of reality intervention. In fact, I am dropping many others not #LOA based when I discover them.

I’ll bet you I am way ahead in leaving useless beliefs behind!

Yes, I do generate new beliefs. Ones I desire. Ones that add value and harmony to my life. You should too!

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