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Seth says
i blanked out #hamlet’s #aug null

Si says
Well, it’s not an aug to me. It is the best part. One of my best friends goes by the name The Librarian of Dust. You might know her as Hannah. Your aug to dust not withstanding.  

… also, widgets don’t appear in glossary popovers.

Si says
p.s. Although doable, placing of widgets relative to the main body of a thought is device dependent. For instance, will not always be the same on a small screen or a phone due to wrapping of the main thought text etc.

If you need to place a widget relative to text, or anything really, it is better to make all the things widgets, and put them in a group. Then they will always look the same on any device because they will be forever relative to the grouper.

Seth says
another solution might be to have an option to burn widgets into HTML all at the same level. 

Si says
Wouldn’t help. Text flow in HTML is by definition “flow”. It is allowed to move and wrap. The only thing that can be done in that case is “insert” something as if it is just a word (like this emoty  ). But that does not give you exact positioning, just a place within the text that flows with it.

The usefulness of widgets are their exact positioning. I can maintain that between widgets with each other, but there is no way to maintain exact positioning with a flowing HTML page.

Seth says
yet still and all for every single presentation you make via widgets, there is a HTML presentation to match it for every screen size even if in some cases one must scroll the screen to see it.

but i will conceed that such a translation might not be childs play.

Si says
What you are talking about is not “putting the widgets in the thought layer”. What you are talking about is “putting the thought in a background widget”. Then, the thought would always have an exact size and placement to the page and the other widgets.

But of course, then the thought would not “flow” on different devices. You would then have to scroll horizontally to see all the parts, just like you do now with widgets in generl, and that would make reading a large thought on a phone very tedious … back and forth for every line.

And, you can do this right now! Nothing special to it. Just make all your text a big background text widget to the rest of your widgets!  That way the real thoughts can remain “flowing” so that they are “device responsive” … which is what people want these days.

Just the other day I removed the requirement that a thought have a minimum amount of text for this very reason. You can now create “blank thoughts” that are widget content only very easily. So, you can create your first widget to simply be a text widget that you size out to be full width and as high as you like. In fact, the height of all text widgets is auto-adjusted for you every time you edit it ... so doing all this is really a piece of cake. You get to choose 1) Flowing normal thought or 2) exactly positioned widget thought or 3) mix them, like you did above, but realize the limitations.

Si says
And p.s. you can even use this technique to create multi-column thoughts as well. Simply create 2 or more text widgets side by side and they will be columns on your page and will auto-height and everything.  

Seth says

Seth says
okay, but then whatever layer the content was in, it would need to be connected to the rest of the domain in the same fashion … then who cares what layer it is in, except of course the composer.

Si says
Yes. That is a good point. Widgets are not currently searched or indexed. Something to ponder. I intend to eventually allow widget content to be searched and indexed, but it is a bit of work to go and update the 50+ queries everywhere for it. Not on my high priority list … I put it in the queue for doing at the same time as getting rid of all the old mysql_ based queries and updating them to mysqli queries so that we can eventually evolve beyond PHP 5.6 which is getting seriously old. PHP is now 8+.

Seth says

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