Politics & Polarity - The New Civil War

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The Democrats have become an unelected shadow anti-government that is seeking to bring down an elected government. That is what I described in an earlier article as a civil war.

The crisis has its roots in Two Americas.

The Democrats artificially created another America. They built it in the elitist urban and suburban enclaves of the left. They drew it with urban welfare ghettoes and with mass immigration. But despite the vast financial, political and cultural power invested in this “New America” it did not represent the majority of the country. And democratic elections dealt repeated setbacks to this Anti-America.

Political maps show these alien concentrations of blue amid a vast national sea of red. Democrats have lost much of the country. They have been wiped out at the state level. They retain power only because they have illegally concentrated them in undemocratic political, financial and cultural centers.

Democrats responded to the latest string of defeats by denying the legitimacy of the election and calling for the elimination of the Electoral College. The original Americans hadn’t died out on schedule so it was time to further dilute their electoral influence in favor of the left’s cultural and financial centers of power all the while protecting the mass immigration program that was meant to replace them.

The Two Americas are now in a state of war.

Daniel Greenfield, a Shillman Journalism Fellow at the Freedom Center, is a New York writer focusing on radical Islam.