War in Syria - 2017



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Seth says
News stream by date: 

2017-04-06 U.S. Pentagon Weighs “Saturation Strike” Against Syrian Government in Response to Chemical Attack

2014-04-06 3:40AM Syria  –  U.S. strikes Syrian military airfield in first direct assault on Bashar al-Assad’s government
no comments on the news stream please

Mark de LA says

Seth says
well the past informs the present.  if gass had not been used and so publicly avoided back in the Obama administration, then #Trump would have had nothing to contrast his bold strike … he may not have even noticed something needed to be done.

Mark de LA says
#HorseShit to the max see: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_war_crimes 

Seth says
well what i speculated was very specific to #Trump’s timing and his administration. 

It was not informed by a presumed global ethic, nor does that ethic inform my speculation.

Go back in to the end of March when this was the story …

The United States’ diplomatic policy on Syria for now is no longer focused on making the war-torn country’s president, Bashar al-Assad, leave power, the U.S. ambassador to the United Nations said on Thursday, in a departure from the Obama administration’s initial and public stance on Assad’s fate.

The administration was definitely steering away from believing #HumanRights was a priority for American international policy.  There was a selection of statements coming out of the white house, and the state department justifying that claim.  That was the narrative.  And, #afaik, still is.

Then (1) Assad’s gassing informed that priority … and also produced an #opportunity for #Trump to boldly act in (2) direct contrast to his predecessor.   Sans both of those  facts obtaining at that moment in History, #Trump may not  have retaliated.

the #past informs the present giving it #meaning …
the #present stands directly on the past as its #result …
the #future is for us to #create.


Mark de LA says
Piling on more weasel-words still doesn’t make it not smell other than #HorseShit – your anti-trump position already welded in your mind. Your use of informs while gramattical correct carries no ethos for me.

Seth says
You really should speak for yourself, none of those thoughts obtain for me over here.

Mark de LA says
Nor do yours for me; your pedantry notwithstanding.  null

Mark de LA says
Given your #AlreadyAlwaysListening what you have done had you become POTUS?  Ignore the gassing war crimes & acted like Obama who lied about the gas being gone? Seriously, would you have ignored it until the M$M went on to other news? XOR maybe a Kumbayah with Assad & Iran?
Maybe sing a song – funny aside I used to play this song on my reel to reel as I was sailing off Viet Nam in a gasoline tanker. 

Mark de LA says
MHmmm …. no live thoughts on the subject to give to the forum 

Given your #AlreadyAlwaysListening what you have done had you become POTUS?  Ignore the gassing war crimes & acted like Obama who lied about the gas being gone? Seriously, would you have ignored it until the M$M went on to other news? XOR maybe a Kumbayah with Assad & Iran?

Maybe #AssadGasBag or #LoveAssad xor #MindingMyOwnBusiness xor ….

Seth says
Given the beliefs that i have today still obtined were i #potus, …

I would have ordered the strike,  but i would have specified the task to be demolish the #Shayrat air field, including the stockpiles of gass,  so that neither the air field or the gass could not have been used again … and i would not have given anyone 1 hour notice.


Mark de LA says
The notice was a delicate maneuver so as not to start a war with Russia who is playing around in the same sandbox. 

Seth says

i am completely cognizant of that situation.   nevertheless ….

acting to sustain that “duplicitous situation in Syria” is not something i would do … rather i would act to clarify the situation and unbind American’s freedom of action in regards to Syria.   i believe that might move us closer to a better result in the long term for the Syrian people.

Now, even in hindsight,  we see that even #Trump’s “delicate maneuver” did not serve to sustain the “delicate situation” in Syria between the American and Russian military. 

I believe the “duplicitous situation in Syria between USA and Russia”  is part of the dynamics that is sustaining Syria as a ...

← #FailedState …

… which only serves to make #isis stronger.

Mark de LA says
#OpinionNation sitting in your arm chair responsible for nothing!

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