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6. Individuals are specializations of the nature of man. They are bound by the ties of blood and spirit to family, nation and race. Each individual, and family, and nation, and race, has a definite work to perform before the universe as a whole can progress. The first duty of a man is therefore to raise each of these units -his individuality, his clan, his national soul, & his racial spirit, in their order, to its highest state of existence. He is forced to deal with each of these units, and if he fail to assume this obligation he will find himself cut off forever from the universe, will continue to progress without him, leaving him behind.

The blood of an individual is a complex structure and climacteric product of the work of his ancestors, his race, and the whole earth. It synthesizes the good and evil Karma of all the factors that go to make it up. It is therefore his business to purify & elevate his nature, by working upon that blood, and thus contribute to the purification and elevation of the whole of humanity.

Man is the universe. An individual is a permutation of one of the particular ways the universe has of being and doing. His core or central idea determines his individuality, and his will. His blood mirrors to his soul his own interpretation of the universe, and just what he knows of that universe thru his blood is his ego. You can see how this makes the self and the not-self identical and also provides for the myriad permutations which are the myriad individual beings. Each individual is responsible for his own universe, for his own "I", and if he discharges that responsibility with the whole of his will, that is all he needs to do, nature will take care of the rest. For the whole will of any individual is the whole will of the universe, and the universe will pay any price for the whole service of a sound soul.


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Lots of other interesting stuff in the about link above. null null Last night at bedtime I asked for the meaning of “the universe will pay any price for the whole service of a sound soul.” & I got a flood of answers. chaychun 

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