A World Pioneer

#Vidar #NorseMythology   #sethhmmm research in progress …

This is still the best image  i have found that matches what what i want to make of this symbol.  
#Vidar in my conceptions was a explorer … a pioneer … he splayed the monsters who were keeping humanity in a small box … he was a #viking .

Note the real voyages of the Vikings like #EricTheRed and #LeifErikson

from #SethRussell 

Some old images and stories from #norse mythology …

“There sits Odin Son on the horse’s back; He will avenge his father.”


~ Vidar, the Silent God:
In Norse mythology, Vidar was the god of Silence and Revenge. Son of Odin, he is considered to be the second strongest of the gods. In the battle of Ragnarok, Odin will be killed by the great wolf beast Fenrir, Vidar will avenge Odin by killing Fenrir with his bare hands. He will place his boots on the lower jaw and grab the upper jaw, where he will continue to pull until the wolf rips apart. Vidar is one of the few gods who will survive Ragnarok and will continue to rule over mankind in his father’s absence.

As a god, Vidar was regarded as wise and stoic. He lived deep within a great forest where he would ponder the secrets of time. It is said that Vidar never spoke, rather he would allow his actions to speak for themselves. The idea behind vidar is the unconquerable will of nature. While a flower may wilt and die, from its seeds a new flower shall be born.

Character Building Valut

Chapter 14 The Punishment of Loki Loki goes and hides at the Frananger falls. Odin sees him from his chair Hlidskjalf.  The gods find a hlaf-finished net and finish it and trawl the river for Loki in the shape of a salmon. As he leaps out of the water Odin clasps him tight which is why salmon’s tails are so slender to this day. They bind him with magic sinews to three enormous rocks in a cave under Midgard and suspend over him a venomous snake which drops agonising poison onto him.

Chapter 15 – Ragnarok Odin visits the prophetess Haid who foretells Ragnarok. The Fimbal Winter will come covering the earth for 3 years. Depravity and greed will ruin man. The Wolf Skull will swallow the moon and the sun. Fenris Wolf breaks free. Jormungand swims ashore flooding Midgard. The ship Naglfar made of dead men’s fingernails approaches. The sky splits open and the Surtur leads the sons of Muspel over Bifrost bridge which breaks beneath them. Loki is set free and comes with Hymir leading the frost Giants and the hellhound Garm. Surtur kills Frey who gave his sword to Skirnir to win the giantess. Garm and Tyr kill each other. Thor kills Jormungand but staggers 9 paces away and dies from its venom. Loki and Heimdall fight to the death. Odin is swallowed by Fenris who is killed by Odin’s son Vidar. Triumphant Surtur spreads fire over the entire universe which is consumed in flames.

And yet a new world will arise from the flames, pure and clean and beautiful and new gods will govern it wisely and a new race of men will be born, fair and good.

“The sagas of Midgard, whether the heroes be Gunnar or Grettir, or Sigurd himself, all end in tragedy – in the picture of the brave man struggling in vain  against the powers of fate – ‘And how can man die better than facing fearful odds?’ – This was the Norseman’s view of life – and the deeds and fate of the heroes of saga must have been but the earthly counterpart of the deeds of the Gods of Asgard in their struggle against the Giant forces of Nature so apparent to the men of the North, and of the doom, the Ragnarok, which was to overtake them.”

Myths of the Norsemen by Roger Lancelyn Green

During Ragnarok, the gods – the divine forces who uphold the cosmic order – and the giants – the divine forces of chaos and destruction – battled, and most of those involved on both sides were slain. The god Odin was devoured by the wolf Fenrir. Vidar, a son of Odin by the giantess Gríðr,[2] immediately set upon the wolf to avenge his father’s death. He wore a shoe that had been crafted for this particular moment. It was the strongest and sturdiest of all shoes, and surely also charged with magical properties. With it, Vidar kicked open the wolf’s lower jaw, and then, holding the beast’s upper jaw open, he sliced Fenrir’s mouth to pieces with his sword, killing the monster and ending his devastating rampage.

Elsewhere, Vidar is called the “silent god,” although no explanation for this epithet is given. He is said to be the strongest of the gods after Thor.[7] His land is described as a place of brushwood and tall grass,[8] but the significance of the association of this particular kind of landscape and this god is unknown.

Two place-names from Norway contain his name: Virsu (from Viðarshof, “Temple of Vidar”) and Viskjøl (from Víðarsskjálf, “Crag/Pinnacle of Vidar”).[9] This seems to suggest that Vidar featured in pagan Norse religious practice, and that he wasn’t just a literary figure.

Turning to the archaeological record, depictions of a man tearing apart the jaws of a wolf on the Gossforth Cross from northern England and the Kirk Andreas Cross from the Isle of Man, both of which date from about 900 AD, could be Vidar and Fenrir. But they could also be Christ and a more general wolf, since Christ triumphing over various monsters was a popular motif in medieval art, and artists often freely mixed pagan and Christian imagery in the same works.[10] Even if these are representations of Vidar and Fenrir, they provide us with no new information, but merely an additional corroboration of a motif that’s repeated often enough in the literary sources to leave no doubt regarding its authenticity.

Unfortunately, then, we know of Vidar only as the avenger of Odin and the slayer of Fenrir. The few other tantalizing but wayward details don’t add up to any particular, let alone comprehensive, portrait of a personality or mythological/religious role. Sadly, the question of who exactly Vidar was to the pre-Christian Norse and other Germanic peoples is essentially unanswerable.

Looking for more great information on Norse mythology and religion? While this site provides the ultimate online introduction to the topic, my book The Viking Spirit provides the ultimate introduction to Norse mythology and religion period. I’ve also written a popular list of The 10 Best Norse Mythology Books, which you’ll probably find helpful in your pursuit.

The Viking Spirit by Daniel McCoy

As History does not “add up to any particular,
let along comprehensive, portrait of” this personality, 

i am quite free to make it up myself null



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Si says
Kind of creepy IMHO. Now when I see “Vidar” is online, I think “the dark one is affoot, Seth is absent”. Just saying. null

Well, maybe Vidar can explode the box that Seth got trapped in!  

Seth says
see “Socretes Cafe Tuesday April 11 2017 (comment 75772)

Si says

Seth says

Well sure, the #vikings got out of their box …
out of the Scandanavian penisula
and explored the #world …
slaying the monsters of their own fears and #Augs
with the spirit of #Vidar .

They were the first to discover the New World … not Columbus. 

That is the story …
not your oogey wof …
whose terrible jaws i break with my bare hands.

Seth says

Send your #fears and #Aug’s ….

and #Vidar  will #smite them …

like the jaws of the The Great wolf Fenrir.


Seth says

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