When is "mirroring" reflecting ... and when is it projecting ?

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YesMan says ...
So stop talking about it as if it is one. You can’t get an orange when you are attracting an apple. Tell the story you want to experience, mainly to yourself … I am only a mirror for you to check your self story by looking in to see what you are telling.


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Seth says
almost always the feedback i get from you is not even about the story i am telling …
usually it is about the story you are telling about me. 
that is something that is pecular to you …
other people i know dont’t do that to me.

For example, i started telling a story about how i relate to the mythologic character, #Vidar,  who #GW named me after.  So what was your first feedback … it was how you felt about the partial story that i was telling.   

Now i thank you for that … after all it provoked me to articulate the story better … but your reaction was not about me … it was not about my story … it was not a reflection of my story … it was rather a projection from you about you.

Si says
Yes, I am different than the other people you know.

For one, the other people you know are in your experience because “they are like you”. That is unavoidable … it is simple Law of Attraction. Our entire experience is those people who are like us, or are unlike us in ways that are a match for something we are attracting according to our beliefs and desires. (I come into that last category)

For another, I understand the simplicity that “you” are something I created to interact with. The actual you that you are experiencing is not the “you” that I am experiencing. So my responses to you are from that fuller place of understanding. They appear different to you because of that. In fact, they get the exact result I am going for in my reality and yours. i.e. they provoke you to examine yourself better and me to understand my reality better. If I were to try and “get in your head” I would fail as miserably as all the others in the world do, who get out of their business that way. I would be just like everyone else, involved in gossip and imagination. Instead, I am involved in creating “you” in my reality … the only “real thing” anyone can ever actually do!   

In my personal experience, I am attracting people who talk and think like me (except mainly you and Mark). And I can tell you, this experience is far superior in delicious interaction with others than the traditional experience most people are involved in … which is 90% gossip and imagination because most people are “out there”, “completely out of their own business”, and thus actually only spectating when they think they are really participating.

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