Subscribing to the NYT online ...


i am seriously thinking of doing this.

They keep cutting me off from reading their articles that i want to read.

I mean, their journalism seems to be fairly targeted to me, it frequently #RingsTrue … should i not pay for it?

#done  on a month to month …

$15/month … and all the #NTY that want to read. 

Here is first article that i just had to read …

China Warns of ‘Storm Clouds Gathering’ in U.S.-North Korea Standoff


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Si says
Well since you are asking publicly, my answer is NO.

Every balanced source of information out there agrees hands down, consuming news does not add value to life and usually does the opposite. In fact, just listened to an Abe Tube about that 2 days ago. The lady loved news, and believed it added value to her life in many ways. Abe simply told her the truth. Two years later she came back into “the hot seat”. She had fought it and consumed news for over a year, then finally she stopped … and that was the exact point her life started taking many new directions that replaced her craving for news in ways she had never even thought of, but now enjoys tremendously and is glad for not having all the experiences in her life that consuming news used to attract. If I find the Abe Tube again, I’ll post it.  

Seth says
Well how aware a life is of what is happening around it is the choice of that life … not yours …
and not the choice of those expressing their opinion that it “does not add value” to that life.

Bear in mind that the “value of information” to a life is completely relative to that particular life. 
I believe that those expressing their opinion that some information does not have value to some particular life are being confused about which life is being talked about.

Si says
Yep, you are both right, and confused.

You are right, it’s your life and your choices and your happiness.

You are confused about when you are happy and when you are habit.

Seth says
… and null … you are continueing to #MakeShitUp about me.

your thoughs about yourself almost always ring true over here.

your thoughs about me almost never do.

that is the honest truth.

Si says
that is by design.  

Seth says
do you mean that you speak that way intentionally?

Si says
Not exactly. You do hear that way intentionally. It is part of #GW’s legacy. You hear things selectively according to a bunch of filters you developed while growing up under #GW’s influence. Those filters had intention behind their development, both yours and #GW’s.

I have a part in it too. I allow myself to provide information to you in the ways that trigger those same filters. I don’t do it intentionally. I am aware of it happening and can observe it. I don’t interfere. It is part of the grand design … that is why I said “by design”.

Seth says
well there is no doubt that the things i think, feel, and do stand on
and even exist in relationship to what i have experienced in the past …
and a lot of my early (and crucial) experience happened under #GW’s intention and even design. 
see thought … to be referenced later

like you i am somewhat aware of how my past is informing my present.

All of that is pretty generalized and certainly applies to both of us, and, me thinks, should not even be contraversial.

But in this case i asked for the particular example that you seemed to be referencing. 
Can you provide a particular example?

Si says
Well, you asked …

“i am seriously thinking of doing this.”

(stating a thought like that in public is the equivalent of asking opinion of others)

I say NO. It will be a waste of money. What could you spend that money on that would actually add value to your life and improve your joy?

Seth says
… that was not the example i was asking for. 
all of that is obvious and i understood with no qualms at all.
maybe it got confused between two different trains of thought here.

indidentally i did it … i subscribed for the month to month … and i read the article … and i also discovered that what was reported in the artile is not being reported on either CNN or FOX as important at all … yet it forms an essential part of the current #DrumsOfWarNorks.  

I did not wait for your opinion about your own news consumption … which i had already guessed.

Si says
”I did not wait for your opinion about your own news consumption”

… that is a cheap shot. You know I am right in general. You know that you are choosing this because of your thought momentum. You don’t have to send cheap shots, just own your choices.

Seth says
well sorry null,  i know that when you speak about me, in general you are wrong, … like i said above.

i had made my choice about the subscription to the #nyt hours before this conversation even happened …
see #DrumsOfWarNorks.
so my choice could not have been informed by the momentum of my thought within it null.

but maybe we are getting closer to understanding this … that i love null

Si says
The momentum I am speaking of is all the momentum you have accumulated about consuming news. You have a lifetime of assigning value to that activity. That is a lot of thought momentum to overcome.

The fact remains that consuming news does degrade the life experience of nearly anyone who does it often. It can be no other way since news as a rule focuses on degraded experience. Whatever one consumes and thinks about more than 50% will be a large part of what one is attracting in the majority of all their expereinces. There are lots of things a person can do to reduce this natural effect, but not consuming news is the easiest and most effective. You do it because of the thought momentum you have put behind it, that’s all.

Seth says
okay so that was the momentum you refered to here… obviously there is a momentum to my thoughts and life and my choice to subsubscrie to the #nyt was no different … although it was a new choice … one on which i even had to consult with denise.

your next paragraph is a repeat of one you already wrote above … to which i have the same response …
but in summary, those are your “facts”, not mine.  read me above for more deapth on that matter.

Seth says

Si says
Yes. It is your choice. Know your choice. Know what effect it will have on you. Know what you can do to turn it into a value added choice in the end. Simply put, own it.

Or don’t and be a spectator, of both the world, and your own inner process, also your choice.

Seth says
null i always know when i am happy … even with all of it’s variations.

null you would be surpirsed by how aware i am of when what i think, feek, or do is done out of habit.

null sorry, dude … no confusion here … nice try, however null

Si says
Yes. I didn’t say you don’t know when you are happy. Glad you do.

I said you have habits you confuse with things that make you happy. Being happy is not the same thing as knowing what will bring you joy and not the same thing as making choices or following habits.

Seth says
I am a spectator of much that happens around me,
and in much of that i intentionally participate.
When something happens outside of me that i did not expect,
it is surprising null

i also watch what happens inside me,
much of that i intentionally create.
When something happens inside me that i know i did not create,
it is surprising null.

Is it any different over there?

Seth says
… and you know of that confusion how?   Give me a specific example. 
or don’t waste my time with your speculations about me conforming to your
generalized imagination of being a man.

Si says
Well then, don’t waist your own time consuming news.  

… you have far better things to do.

Seth says
… which does not follow at all null … i guess you have not been paying attention.

Seth says
incientally … i null that the notifications seem to have returned to the title tabs … those are very useful.

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