I am going on a semi fast - comment 76046

Seth says ...
let’s put it this way … #SemiFasting will improve my systemic health.  A good thing to do in any case.  
But the primary reason i do this,  is so i will not experience the energy downer after i eat.

It also reflects a change i want to make in the total energy flow of my timing and intention.  
That kind of change won’t happen by my just changing a belief …
rather it will happen as a consequence of these deeds in the world
or in this case deeds that are not done. 


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Si says
Simply not true seth.

You believe that you must do deeds to get these changes … and so doing deeds will match with your beliefs and changes will happen.

A person can also change beliefs, those you have about deeds, or simply those about how eating affects the body, and get the exact same results you will get by doing deeds. Things as simple as hypnosis prove this is true. People have been hypnotized into loosing weight by eating the exact same diet as they were previously gaining wait on … without any other change in their life, exercise, or anything else.

Thoughts control your reality. Period. Your beliefs control what will happen when a particular thought is applied. Period. The only reason you will get results with deeds is because that is how your belief structure is set up … not because deeds are required for anything at all. They are only experience happening.

Mark de LA says
I would like to see the scientific documentation on losing weight without changing diet – not just yours or TR’s suggestions about it. The diet industry would go out of business & hypnotists would be millionaires & Oprah Winfrey would be slender etc. null

Si says
Well Mark. As you well know there is more to hypnosis than commanding. It has been often said that one cannot get someone to do something under hypnosis that is not in alignment with their higher self (many people say that in different ways but it means about the same thing no matter how said). For instance, one cannot get someone to directly commit murder under hypnosis … at best they can only trick someone into doing something that results in murder under hypnosis.

And as Bandler said, being overweight is most often something a person believes at a deep level is helping them in some way. Hypnosis can temporarily affect that, if done right, but not permanently. As always, it is the beliefs that actually must change to get lasting results. There are actually places you can go to get hypnotized to loose weight, stop smoking, and nearly anything else. And some do work … the ones that also apply methods to change a persons beliefs do work when a person is receptive to having new beliefs.

If you will notice though, very few people are comfortable being hypnotized for any reason, even loosing weight. Humans tend to avoid stuff like that … with good reason.

Seth says
you have the relationship switched around. 

Cause to effect:

  1. First  i see A happen before B. 
  2. Then i see it happen in that sequence again and again. 
  3. Then i believe it usually happens in that sequence. 
  4. Then i do A, and expect to see B follow. 

See if you can write that out using your sequence and it still make sense. 
I can not. 
I #dare you to.

Mark de LA says
Yep – more #hearsay.  Eating the same but thinking you are going to lose weight seems bogus on the face of it.  If one looks at the exact input & output there has to be a change. I was once hypnotized for weight for amusement by a practioner back in the days when I played raquetball.  He put the suggestion that if I ate that day I had to exercise. I remember almost forgetting to do so one day returning home when, compulsively,  I got off the 101 freeway & went back to lift weights & swim (my usual exercise) ! I knew another lady who liked suggestions like eating a pie after mentally scraping all the calories onto the pointy tip & setting that small piece aside.  Good luck with those folks! null

Si says
It appears that way when you are only looking at one, or a few, parts of the complete #CycleOfDoing. For instance, when you are only paying attention to sensory input, not direct knowing, not the actual experience of will, and not your emotional feedback telling you the value of something to your whole experience, then your A/B stuff works out quite logically as you indicate above … yes.

When you access full awareness of the whole #CycleOfDoing … the actual positions of A and B take on new meaning in many situations.  

Si says
As you indicate, there is almost infinite variability in how to set up hypnotic conditions to loose weight.

The body is also a very intricate machine that can work in millions of different ways. It is not at all hard for a human body to produce enzymes and/or hormones which affect how a body processes and/or absorbs the products of food. Calories in = body weight is a very simplistic formula. If it were always true, everyone would be the same weight if they eat the same food as others. 

It would be easy for a skilled hypnotist to work with a human and human body processes to change how a person absorbs and relates to calories. Any scientist or doctor would easily be on board with that. It is not about input and output … in the end, it is only about one thing, beliefs.

Mark de LA says
Yep, still more hearsay & opinion & #AlreadyAlways “I am right-ing” .  I am looking for scientific documentation not more words to back up your opinion. null then the #OprahWinfreyTranceDiet commercials.

Si says
I am not right. I just know things. You are the one turning my knowing things into some game of right verses wrong. You are welcome to know things too. I don’t mind. You can know what you know and I can know what I know. It is extremely, very extremely, rare that we would have any reason to know the same thing at the same time and for that to be formative in our needs in that moment.

Mark de LA says
Show your scientific proof rather than your #AlreadyAlways pile of words & opinion.

Si says
If you base your interpretation of your reality on some kind of proof or another, then construct that proof yourself. I have no interest in constructing cross-reality proof for you of any kind. I manage my reality, please manage your own according to your own beliefs. Thanks!  

Mark de LA says
XOR #IDC I have little interest in your pile of words. null

Si says
I know. Your pile of words is welded in place. A monument to mark and the life he has lived. Why would you have any interest in my flexible ever shifting pile?

Seth says

Mark de LA says
Yeh – your pile not mine – too bad your #LOARobot won’t let you see the outside world.
Free yourself & get rid of beliefs ! Don't be a BELIEF robot - M.R.

Si says
Is that “outside word” the view of the world that can only be seen from atop your monumental pile of words?

If so, you are right. I don’t often visit that viewpoint. Too many other lovely views to visit. I am a traveler, not a person to sit on one mountain and contemplate that view for a lifetime.  

Seth says
well  feedback loops (negative or positive) exists on a systemic level,  it is true.
the feedback loops can turn the sequence around.

Here i will do your #dare for you …

Effect to cause:

  1. First i believe A happens before B. 
  2. Then i do A, and then i do B. 
  3. Then i see it happen in that sequence again and again. 
  4. … which reinforces 1

Si says

Mark de LA says
You are projecting #TuQuoque with your #LastWord compulsion & indeed the #RWGemphasis on “I’m right” etc. too bad. #ageism also plays a part.
Me(I) not interested .  Am not a guru. Am not on a mountain top . I do know who I am, though & not through some #LOA filter
Free yourself & get rid of beliefs ! Don't be a BELIEF robot - M.R.

Si says
… and to be specific. If you believe the thought of something happens before the sensory appearance of that thing, (B before A) then you will eventually experience that relationship … which will reinforce etc. etc. Your are going to get what you believe you will get, no matter what you think.  

Thoughts create things. Beliefs determine what thing a thought will bring. Even if you believe otherwise, that belief will be your experience. The system is self correcting.

Si says
As you wish.  

Seth says
The feedback of “Effect to Cause” happens, but not all of the time.
The more direct  “Cause to Effect” is more usual.

I cannot believe that the feedback loop is all that is happening,
and that is what it would take for me to believe that i make up, that which informs from outside
unless i also believe that i am all that there is. 

Si says
Notice your own choice of words … “I cannot believe”.  

… and therefore, it is so number one. It is so.

If you want to experience something different being so, set up different beliefs for yourself. That is all.

Si says
Now please realize in all of this that I am not putting down your plan of action for changing your eating habits. Your plan is consistent with your beliefs and seems like a healthy good plan. That is why, back on the original thought, I reinforced the idea with my own knowing.

This entire thread over here is simply about your mistake above. 

That kind of change won’t happen by my just changing a belief 

… not true it all. That kind of change can happen by your just changing a belief … and you can even verify that if you are willing to actually change one or another of the supporting beliefs which caused you to say the above.  

Seth says
Yesterday when i was picking up, see 2017A - Spring CD catalog production (comment 76028), i was experiencing #synchronicity where events flowed exactly as i thought they would.  I reached out in that period, and that what i reached for then existed there.  This happens to me frequently. 

I could easily conclude that i created all of that including the sense impressions coming into my eyes.  But i conclude instead that i just knew what was happening in advance of it happening.  I could then appreciate the new information i grasped by wandering onto the factory floor and seeing the gigantic machines working and meeting Dan.   I guess on some level i knew that was there like that … but no, not really … this factory has grown in ways my beliefs did not determine.

Seth says

Si says
Sure. You ARE in contact with the reality of others, through your direct knowing at 6 oclock on the #CycleOfDoing, and are thus always including what others create in their realities in your own sensory based reality at 12 oclock. I have never ever said that creating one’s own reality eliminates surprise. Only you have said that, many times in fact, as if it were so. It is not.

Seth says
sorry null,  of course it is not a mistake over here null
your believing to the contrary being just beauty in your own mind, having nothing to do with me.

Maybe some day you will realize that yourself …
untill then we have this #spass between us null.

Seth says
i don’t know if you have noticed, but i have.  As we go deeper into this, your descriptions get more and more complicated, and more and more contrived to have the effect that you so dearly must desre.  Eventually you will resort only to #authority … or even worse, to downright #intimidation.

Sorry, that last one is about 90% only in your mind … i will need to get back to it later … it is too complicated for a  day with other work to be done … so give me a  #sethhmmm on that.

Si says
It is a mistake. Many things are simply personal preference. This one thing is intrinsic nature. It describes why you believe it is not a mistake as well as why it is a mistake. It’s ability to fully describe and predict all sides of the situation are what make it an intrinsic component, instead of just a preference.

However, your personal preference is to restrain yourself into a sphere of experience which you like to call “human experience”. It would not be possible to fully immerse yourself in that restrained experience if you believed in the very intrinsic components of reality which define the restraints. So you don’t.  

Seth says
talk about yourself,  you will speak a better truth.

Si says
I did talk about myself, none other.  

Seth says
huh?  … then what are all those sentences with “you” as the subject or object doing in what you said ?

Si says
So that you can understand the distinctive parts of me I am referring to. It’s context, just context.  

Seth says
well all of the sentences that you say with me as the subject or object are not ringing true over here.
Maybe try rewriting them using “I” as for the subjece or “me” as the object, if you really want to #inform me.  

Seth says

Si says
Nope. The #CycleOfDoing simplified things a whole lot. After it’s inception, all that I have said on it has been the same. Re-pointing to the same concepts I laid down in the initial treatment. It is a very nice model in that respect. Very comprehensive and simple. It only has 4 basic parts. The 4 parts of a natural cycle or sine wave. And what happens at each of those points is consistent with how things happen in real sine cycles in the real world … even to the information exchange points.

Nothing new above. Same old stuff. Look it up in what I said initially about the model.  

Seth says
  1. some things i believe because i want them to be that way.
  2. other things i believe because i recognize them as matching what i sense from outside.
  3. I believe in what is outside,  and that i do not determine it. 
Oherwise #shucks, sans (3), i could just go with (1) and be the whole thing myself. 
Then too bad about your soverignty, then i could believe whatever the shit about you that i make up …
er, kind of like you do to me null

Si says

then now i can believe whatever the shit about you that i make up

… and you do. You have very little concept of my experience. The vast majority of what you think you know about me and how I experience life is all made up by you to fit within your beliefs, which are quite different than mine in a lot of ways.  

If you actually knew anything very useful about me that you haven’t made up … we would have nothing to tell each other in all these 100,000’s of words we have written here. It’s true.  

Si says
… as I said, you care more about the messenger and the method of delivery than about the message. This is a prime example. As you say, you cannot be informed unless the delivery is to your specifications as to how two people “should be communicating”.  

I communicate how I do because it is a more representative way to communicate. Better matches the intrinsic nature of the components involved. I do not shoot the messenger.  

Seth says
i have actually trained myself not to  believe suff about others untill i sense it comming from them.   if you only knew how many times i made up a story about you, and then smacked myself knowing that story was all in my mind, you would not say such a thing to me.   in fact realizing that my story of you,  is just my story of you,  and not you at all,  is almost always accompanied by me liking you better … and somtimes even with me seeing something great that you have done ← which of course is a story about you null

Seth says

(#shucks i can write you in #CyEnglish null (#MakeShitUp repeat !))

#btw … i think i said this before … when it comes to human interaction …
there is a world of difference between making up negative shit about another, and making up positive stories ...

The former must necessarily spiral into decay  null,
the latter spirals into love null

… I’m betting that you have plenty examples of both of those  happening in your own life … i sure have in mine.   But who knows, maybe you have a different explaination of those experiences.

Seth says

Seth says

Si says
Exactly. People do like each other better when they stop feeling like others are “out there” and something to be defended against, or tolerated, or changed … but simply another aspect of one’s story.

All of the stories you are telling about me are about the version of me you create, the ones you smack yourself about, and the ones you replace them with. What you think is “sense coming from them” is really sensing continuity with your own representation of reality. Discovering the version of someone who better matches, not what you would like, but what you created that person to represent to you. The reason you put that person in your story.

Seth says
Well sorry null

I do not consider “other people to be ‘simply’ another aspect of my story”.

… Strange null … that appears to be your story …
in fact you wrote it,  “About: I am going on a semi fast - comment 76046 (comment 76101)”.

Perhaps that is about yourself ….
why do you put it on me?

Si says
Weather you consider it that way or not, others as you experience them are only in your story, on your holodeck, as I wrote here Universalism (comment 76105)

Mark de LA says
My pile of words is not welded in place! As before you LIE when you talk about others as if you were omniscient or just because you talk about others. More #RWG etc. But of course you continue on in #AlreadyAlways mode. null

Si says
Your monument of words sure appears to be welded in place to me. You have said the same words about the same things the entire time I have known you. And you banter your static pile of words around as if to justify the life you have lived and how you have lived it, as if being flexible in your words would invalidate your life … so I call it a monument to your life. Makes sense. Yes, I talk about you. So what? Nothing wrong with that, unless there is a static block of words in your monument that says “it is wrong to talk about others”. Oh yea, there is!  

Mark de LA says
#AlreadyAlways #RunningYourOwnShit null

Seth says
yeah i wouldn’t like believing in the holodeck story … even thought i do understand it … nor could i prove to you that you are not in that story. 

for me this is a type #1 belief … i will it not to be so, so for me it is not so. 

see “About: I am going on a semi fast - comment 76046 (comment 76092)” for reference to belief types.

Mark de LA says

Seth says
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