Experiencing others

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YesMan says ...
To truly experience another as they are, you not only have to not try and represent them, you must also loose your own identity and not represent you. As long as there is a spec of your own ego and beliefs around, your version of another is all yours … and the more you try and get them right as not your idea, the more they are your idea only. It’s the paradox of otherness. You cannot truly know another until you truly don’t know you.


Seth says
Well i agree, to truly experience another i must try not to represent them …
otherwise their representation in my mind would always conflict with what they actually do.  

But by experiencing another i don’t expect to BE the other,  and have the identical experience that they are having.  That is not something that i would attempt,  as i believe it is impossible.  For example, if i were a tall sycamore, i would not attempt to be the owl who just perched on my top branch.  Yet i can still experience him lighting on my bough,  and empathize with the moment’s shelter i have given him from his flight. 

Si says
Don’t know where that came from. I never said anything at all about “being another”. I said “you must loose your own identity and not represent you”. As in Zen, you must become a clean slate with no identity, not the identity of another. As long as you have an identity, then all others you create are represented from your identity.

Which I am not actually suggesting you do this. I am only saying that it is the only way you, or anyone, will be able to create the representation of another as something other than a representation of self. It’s something Monks could do, for the skill of it. It’s not something average humans having human experiences need to do. We are here to write our stories and experience them by including and representing others. Not to loose our identity and only experience the stories of others.

Seth says
well yes i know, you simply said, “experience another” …
but then you went on to describe what would be necessary to be another. 
so i told you that i think it is impossible to be another.