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Seth says ...
  1. some things i believe because i want them to be that way.
  2. other things i believe because i recognize them as matching what i sense from outside.
  3. I believe in what is outside,  and that i do not determine it. 
Oherwise #shucks, sans (3), i could just go with (1) and be the whole thing myself. 
Then too bad about your soverignty, then i could believe whatever the shit about you that i make up …
er, kind of like you do to me null
#beliefs #WillToBelieve #othernness


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Mark de LA says
Lots about beliefs in BofNK, to wit:
Emptying Your Cup Exercise 2:34 Go through everything you believe or hold to be true. As best you can, bring to mind all that you know. Everything that comes up for you that you consider true, or assume is true, ask yourself whether you have actually experienced it or if you just believe it. Certainly this will take some time, and you may often be unclear whether something counts as a belief or as an experience. Take all the time you need, and if you still aren’t clear, set it aside for later contemplation. The vast majority of what you “know” will turn out to be beliefs. 2:35 Try to come to grips with the fact that the truth of these beliefs is actually unknown. Allow this unknown experience to sink in. The more you can free yourself of countless beliefs—instead staying with a sense of not-knowing—the stronger your sense of the present moment will become. Although the beliefs might be numerous and varied, the not-knowing will always be the same. It is only one experience, and it is always now and always true. Use this to open up and wonder about the nature of your awareness of this very moment. 2:36 The above exercise is not something that needs to be accomplished all at once. The point is for you to start opening up to seeing the ways that beliefs affect your life, and to begin not only to question their validity, but to open up beyond any belief, valid or not, to experience this moment as it is.

Ralston, Peter. The Book of Not Knowing: Exploring the True Nature of Self, Mind, and Consciousness (pp. 38-40). North Atlantic Books. Kindle Edition. 

Si says
Very nice. Similar to both Bashar and Tolle’s techniques for Belief management. Abraham’s technique is quite different. I love how so many modern thinkers and channelers are providing consistent and highly unsalable information.

I love how he says “Take all the time you need, and if you still aren’t clear, set it aside for later contemplation.” I forget that sometimes.  

Mark de LA says
except you believe in the words of channelers null

Si says
I believe in words that feel true because they match the signature of my spirit. As Seth would say, words that #RingingTrue for me. I trust my own ability to know what is right for me, and what is not. The source is simply the source. It does not matter if it is a person, a channel, an alien, or an artifact. The words I need make their way to me because I have called for them and I recognize them when they appear.   

Seth says

Seth says
2:35 Try to come to grips with the fact that the truth of these beliefs is actually unknown. Allow this unknown experience to sink in. The more you can free yourself of countless beliefs—instead staying with a sense of not-knowing—the stronger your sense of the present moment will become. Although the beliefs might be numerous and varied, the not-knowing will always be the same. It is only one experience, and it is always now and always true. Use this to open up and wonder about the nature of your awareness of this very moment.

I love staying with the mystery of #NotKnowing null.  As long as there is no intention to change those are the things that i am free to make up to be  whatever works in the current story i am telling. They are #Type1Beliefs.   As i act to change, some of those beliefs i make true.   For example see [title Moving the Industrial Window] yet to be written.

Mark de LA says
That’s what belief robots do to protect their selfies with whatever feelings they need to exist.
Free yourself & get rid of beliefs ! Don't be a BELIEF robot - M.R.

Mark de LA says

Si says
Nope. That is not what belief robots do. Try again.

Si says

Mark de LA says
Beliefs seem to chain one to the past instead of NOW. Some may be useful like believing that people will drive on their right side of a divided highway & mostly follow the rules of the road.  Others are just chatter in the mind. Still others … null

Si says
Yep. That’s true.

Mark de LA says
maybe ..

Seth says
certainly beliefs can chain me.  not necessarily to the past, somtimes they could be restrining my future.  once i believe in a story, i will keep living in it as long as it is working for me.  but breaking stories is fun.  i remember wandering in SF totally bonkers … making up stories … then breaking them just as fast.  i suddenly recognized what i was doing … realized the sadness when a story breaks … also realized that another better one was on the way null

Si says
Maybe won’t get you anywhere. It just gets one sitting in one place, growing, pontificating, like Jabba the Hut.

A huge number of a common persons beliefs are not their own. They are borrowed from others. These are the beliefs that need to be discarded. These are the beliefs #PR is identifying and targeting for retirement.

Some beliefs are required in order for there to be direction and purpose, for life to flow. Some beliefs are required to create the structure reality happens within. The above is such a belief, not a “maybe”.

Seth says
seems a “maybe” is a #NotKnowing

Si says
Under the influence of drugs, and in some states of altered consciousness, we gain direct experiential access to our ability to write our story, to fully believe something other than sensory information. At the same time, that state of consciousness lessens our ability to manifest. It essentially lessens our ability to transform the story with our will. We can be incredible story tellers, but without a publisher.

The good side of this is we can learn to access our formative story telling abilities with these states of consciousness. The bad side is we never experience, or experience little, of the sensory reality of the stories. Abraham talks about this a lot. Youtube Abraham Hicks on taking drugs.

Seth says

Seth says
to fully believe something other than sensory information” is to be at 6 oclock in #CycleOfDoing. 
a great place to visit on the way to 12 oclock null

Mark de LA says
While you are believing you are short-cutting being present to the current NOW to toy with past meanings.  Drugs, while maybe fun, at best distort perception experiencing the distortion through distorted perception. … some ideas obtain some not at least in some cases beliefs are shed.

Mark de LA says

Mark de LA says
kinda like the scientific method if used scientifically rather than to promulgate your own private theory .. xor using only some data points or coincidences to prove it

Si says
Well, sort of. The above idea is more like starting at 6 oclock with direct knowing and thoughts, then instead of going through will at 3 oclock and sensory input at 12 oclock, simply jumping straight to 9 oclock and having the experience then back to 6 oclock for more input.

Drugs create a short circuit around 12 oclock, bypassing it.

Seth says
i think i go through the same changes, whether i are on drugs or not.  i havnen’t done any drugs for a while or been in that feverish crazy state, but if i remember right, some things got highlighted which otherwise got ignored.  for example the ease with which i could break a story and create a new one.

Si says
Kind of mark. Drug experiences don’t easily obtain, as I explain above. However, drug experiences are not distorted experiences. They are quite real. They are actual realty. But with the lessening of the will under the influence of drugs, they don’t obtain into the sensory arena. If one could have the same drug experiences with will fully intact, they would fully and with all senses experience the reality experience they are creating.

Si says

Si says
Yes, that makes sense. There is a lot of momentum involved in 3 oclock and 12 oclock. When those are skipped, the remaining cycle can be very easy and fast!

Seth says

well nathan, that serves to highlight that we have quite different stories about what happens and is experience on the clock null.   me i don’t believe in the significance you place on “direct knowing” at 6 oclock.  for me there is just #LalaLand untill it passes throught #will at 3 AM. 

Si says
I kinda like “not proving”. Proving is just thinking a thought until it becomes true, and then getting another to think it until it becomes true for them. As is often seen, anything at all can be proved given enough time (thought about it).

What I prefer is direct knowing. When I want to know, I ask. The verses provide the answer. I tell it to those who are interested. They can ask for themselves and see if they get the same answer, or not. We don’t have to agree to enjoy each other.  

Mark de LA says
yep, drug experiences are real distortions! null

Si says
Drug experiences are not distortions, real or otherwise. They are alternate experiences. Experiences outside the box … and every bit as real as any other.

Mark de LA says
that’s what a druggie would say – enjoy the buzzz…...zz…..z

Si says
I don’t take drugs.

Si says
You do seem to be agreeing that you “get something” that you then “pass through will” and finally “experience through your senses”.

Just for some reason, you seem to want to not have the other experiences other than the sensory one. You kind of seem to want to classify those as above your pay grade, or something outside human experience. They can be fully inside human experience if desired. The whole cycle IS human experience, even when a human only focuses on the sensory and the emotions.

Seth says

Seth says
if we are talking about the same thing … yes, it IS the scientific method.


Mark de LA says
kewl – then your are just speculating without real experience! – #Bullshit

Si says
I didn’t say I never have. I said I don’t. Taking drugs is not part of my daily life or practice. I do know what effect they have, on me, and on others as others report the effects.

Seth says
… well, er, if you experience them, they are experiences, necessarily.

the question is to what they are connected … anything? … outside of yourselt at 6 pm ?


Si says
They are as connected to all that is as are all experiences. No differences in that area.

What is different is that they don’t play through your reality mirror. They don’t appear in your own sensory based experience. They jump straight from existence to emotional feedback, bypassing will and senses.

Seth says
#connected to all of your experiences … not to all experiences … that would be a quite a different matter.

i can’t think in terms of “reality mirrors” … to me that is just confusion.

Mark de LA says
They are distortion-experiences like a fun-house mirror or a lens which is distorted.

Mark de LA says
sounds like living in the past & others

Si says
That is why I usually say “sensory input” in the same sentence I use the term “reality mirror” seth. I know you don’t grok it, so I usually provide both. They are the same thing, though thinking of it as a reality mirror is more true to it’s nature than thinking of it as “actual reality” which it is not and calling it sensory implies.

Information in our own reality exchanges with others at 12 oclock and at 6 oclock. Those are the stationary points where information can enter and leave. In normal life, we are sharing both sensory based information and direct knowing information with others all the time, our reality to theirs. In drug induced experiences we mostly only share the direct knowing experience … and that often does happen during drug experiences where people in a group have many shared alternate reality experiences, but we don’t share sensory experiences because we are bypassing that point completely, except in a small amount of awareness of our actual physical bodies and surroundings.


Seth says
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