A rational framework for insuring health care.

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A rational framework for insuring health care.

Let us start with some assumptions which we know and which should not be controversial.


There are 2 causes why a citizen cannot afford their health care. 

(1*)   they have a incredibly expensive situation,  or
(2*)   they are too poor.

(3*)   Well there are actually 3, causes,  health care is on average too expensive, 
but that is out of scope of this insurance question and can be dealt with separately.

Since, one way or another, a (3*) basic level of health care  will be supplied by the country in which the citizen resides,  the expense above what the person can afford themselves, must be collected and paid for by the government of that country. 

The solution:

If the country itself pays directly the expense incurred in (1* incredibly expensive situations), and
those incurred by (*2 those incurred by those who are too poor to afford the basic level),
then the country has these conditions to legislate ...
  1. the minimum level of care it will insure to its citizens
a work in progress … to be continued …

Commentary will be accepted about this framework only. 
Please note, you need to understand the essence of this framework to inform it!


  1. SoWhat


Mark de LA says
Won’t work, bro.  Other people’s money drives up the cost.  When government pays for things they end up paying $164 for a toilet seat. Untax everything related to healthcare (including salaries) & there will be an abundance which will drive down the cost & increase the competition.  BTW the libs were hoping Obamacare would eventually fail & lead to single-payer.

Seth says
but by (3*) the government will pay the cost one way or another.

Insurance is insurance … it says that the risk is shared by a large pool.  if the country decides that it will provide some basic level of health, then it is going to be operating under the actuarial mathematical consequences of insurance.   Fact is the larger the pool, the more accurately the cost can be determined … so that what is paid can be controlled.

Of course the country could decide not to insure a basic level of health care,
but that has not happened in any civilized society, nor will it ever happen in America.
That is the essence of assumption *3.

This fremework just aknowledges those assuptions and figures out how to set up the legislative framework so that it will happen. 

Mark de LA says
Apparently you haven’t noticed that the US now has a 19.9 TRILLION $ government debt.   Without a market pressure & competition costs just get higher & higher & value moves in the opposite direction.  Then too there is a shell game of medical billing which drains what funds are available.

Seth says
mark that is not about this framework.  

Mark de LA says
Well your framework seems to ignore important things.thumbs down


Mark de LA says
Fuck your framework – go for socialism-communism & everything will level out to the lowest common denominator – Cuban healthcare! Holla! 

Mark de LA says
The country in fact has no money of it’s own except it devalue the currency by issuing more through the Federal reserve or collect it from taxes. 19.8 trillion $$ is what sponge looks like today. Just paying for the biggest health problems solves nothing.  Medicare does that for the elderly from the taxes of the young who need less heath care.

Seth says
yep the countrhy’s money … or the people’ money … is basically collected from the people by taxing them.  #SoWhat does that have to do with this framework?

Mark de LA says

Your framework is not new nor does it allow for the best bang for the buck. Single payer as they have in the UK just adds lines to wait for services. We need something that doesn’t just give away money to the insurance companies & the lawyers & the pharmaceuticals & the bureaucrats. The more the government pays for the more crony capitalism flourishes.  Of course if you are a one solution guy you can hide & ignore my untax solution. Maybe undertake to calculate the loss in taxes against the savings in healthcare costs & make incentives for charities the focus for those who really have no alternatives.

Seth says
note, this is not a general “single payer” system.  rather regular insurance is paid just exactly the way it is paid  today by insurance companies.  but only the high risk things like “pre existing conditions”, which run up insurance costs for everybody,  are paid from the largest pool possible … the tax base of the country.   those risks are taken out of the equation.

Mark de LA says
That’s pretty much medicare.

Mark de LA says
I still think you are going to have to force young people to buy insurance – just like Obamacare.  I didn’t need insurance until the 9-11 vortex.

Seth says
in fact no, there would be no need to force people to buy insurance at all.  that is the whole point.  

To make
  1. insurance affordable, and
  2. cover preexisting conditions
you needed to increase the pool, so that was done by the mandate. 

But once you remove the preexisting conditions, then natural market force can take over and drive the cost down.

Mark de LA says
Where are you going to get the money to cover the pre-existing & catatrosphic conditions if you don’t get it from those who do not need to use healthcare? That’s what made obamacare work.

Seth says
the money comes from the tax base, …. that was answered above.   if the people are going to care for each other collectively, then they must pay for it.  and to the exact extent and level that they decide to cover that collective care. those individuals who pay for themselves, also do so to the exact extent that they can afford.  so let us code that into legislation which preserves that situation without confusion.

Mark de LA says
Just a munge of Obamacare.null WITH 3-CARD MONTE to confuse the voters as to who actually pays. null

Mark de LA says
Apparently you don’t have anything left or new except the samo-samo Obamastuff – ignoring further word pile from this item. thumbs down #PileOfThoughts

Mark de LA says
What happened to Obamacare, then – presumably the same except the pea ended up under a slightly different shell.

Mark de LA says
XOR –  null