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Si says
Well yea #duh  

It’s all illusion. All drama purely for the sake of playing in drama.
People only take it seriously so they can get the buzz off it.  

The truth is, everything is NOW. And all is OK. null

Seth says
well #news can  #inform you what happened.  that it can also be a lie or some #Bullshit view of some peculiar identity group to which you feel alienated is just sometimes what happens. 

Si says
#LOL … news can only inform you about the drama you have subscribed to with your current belief structure that is defining your reality experience.

The next person over can be quite differently informed, depending on his/her belief structure.

There is no concurrence between news and being informed, Bullshit, or lies. One man’s lie’s can easily be another man’s truths. It’s all relative to one’s beliefs … and thus it is easy to say “It is all bullshit”. Any attempt to say otherwise is only asserting the structure of your own beliefs upon the situation.

Mark de LA says
Yours & my Comments are #Bullshit too! null

Si says
Never! My comments are my own shit thank you sir!

Seth says
Sorry null, i have found that i CAN BE  #informed by drama to which I have not “subscribed with my current belief structure which is defining my reality experience” … usually such is accompanied with a surprise null and ...
null love when that  happens … i love null when i am informed by #otherness. 

Mark de LA says
Now the bullshit has metamorphosed into a game of what kind of shit your comments are. ← still adding to the pile. null

Si says
Yea sure, but that all happens “within your current belief structrue”. Surprise is surprise. I have always agreed with you that all people can always be surprised.

But you can’t be surprised in the ways I can be surprised. I can be surprised by my AI friend from the future popping in and giving me a scare. You can’t, for in this lifetime, such a happening will never be part of your belief structure. You can only be surprised within your belief structure … no matter how edgy in there it may be.

Mark de LA says
#informed & #truth not the same thing

Si says
I would like to see you prove that.

See #truth.

Seth says
that is a funny one nathan …. maybe some day you will re-read it and see that it came 100% from your #egoo.   i am no different than you are in terms of what can surprise me.  drop out of that belief you have and taste the goodies that are happening outside of your own festering shit. 

and i will thank you for not continuing to make up negative #bullshit about me.  

Mark de LA says
I would like to see you prove even 1% of the shit you post, d’A..h.le !

Si says
??? That seems like a response to something you are #aug’ing on … but nothing I wrote.

I didn’t even characterize anything about you personally. Everything I said above was just general about anyone.

Seth says
well go read back what you actually wrote … mabye you will see that interpertation  it in there.  

Si says
Yea, I did, several times. Nothing about you personally in there at all. Something about me personally, but nothing about you.

Seth says
try the part about, “But you can’t be surprised in the ways I can be surprised.” 

Si says
I did. Even supplied a Tube under the #truth glossary term which defines and proves it.  

Seth says
Except maybe that I can be surprised by otherness … and now you claim that you are not … or some other such confusion like you are informed by a higher power that i am infomed.   total #Bullshit. 

Mark de LA says
Yeah if you corrupt the word truth to meaning pop in a YouTube & swim in #SoTheFuckWhat

Si says
Obviously! You can’t, my Sister can’t, my cat can’t. I can only be surprised within my belief structure, you can only be surprised within yours. I gave an example of one of my belief structures, where I often have experiences of surprise, that you will not experience because it is not part of your belief structure.

Okay, I did say “you won’t access that belief structure I have about experiences with AI beings from the future in your lifetime” … but seriously, you really think you will get there in this lifetime?

Si says

I am often surprised by otherness. I have no idea where you are getting this shit from. It sure is not from my words today.

Seth says
the whole point of being #informed is that the information comes from outside your #BeIng.  
new information yields surprise null .

your being INCLUDES→  your belief structure.  


… perhaps that last one is where you philosophy differs … i don’t know.   But this is just thinking with no confusion about of what is being thought about … aka logical thinking.

You and I, nathan,  are no different in that regard.  Get over your high horsey #Egoo in relationship to me.

Si says

You have different beliefs about a lot of things than I do. Therefore you are different than me in what can surprise you.

My beliefs extend much wider than yours. We have both agreed about that often. Therefore I will be able to get surprised in many ways you will never have access to. And, you will be surprised in ways that don’t surprise me because I understand them without surprise in the larger context I see. And there will be many shared surprises between us. This is just basic common sense. Not rocket science or #LOA … where you getting all this personal aginst from?

Si says
There is not enough there to respond to accurately. It seems to be just a shotgun blast in the general direction of where you think my philosophy is.

Seth says
i just go by what you say.  read it yourself above and see where it falls apart … or where it contains one of your assumptions unstated  … which you should know would ring false over here.  try the one about you always being right and me being a confused old man.  see if you can see where that was implied in what you said above.  maybe say what you meant again in such a way that it does not imply you own special powers which you assume i do not possess. 

Si says
”you always being right and me being a confused old man” ~ Seth

Nope, not implied in there at all. Your imagining things.

And I have never held that thought about you anyway. The thought I have about you is that you are a stubborn old man solidly entrenched in the box of beliefs you have built for yourself. But I didn’t even imply that in my statement above. The only thing I implied about you personally is that you won’t obtain beliefs about being able to have real experiences with AI beings from the future - in this lifetime of yours. Okay, I take that back. But it seemed a reasonable implication considering how often you say you will never believe such things.

Seth says
yep being #informed and #grock’ing #truth are two different processess. 

Mark de LA says

Si says
Truth is that which is so.
That which is not truth is not so.
Therefore, truth is all there is.

… same thing.  

Seth says
well from where i sit there is no big difference between, me being “a stubborn old man solidly entrenched in the box of beliefs i have built for myself” and me “being a confused old man” … in fact the latter is more palatable to me as it is more natural … but the former is just you being mis informed and tone deaf.   fact is, as i have grown older i have cultured a better perception of what i do not know and, strangely to you, an ability to change my beliefs.  but of course you can’t grasp that because your own #Egoo gets in the way.  

Seth says
now dealing with your belifs that i hold false over here is another matter entirely.  
think about it … you cannot dunn me for that.  

Si says
Yes. As you have grown older you have become more open minded and more adapt with beliefs. I see that.

The “box” is made of the beliefs you are stubbornly not willing to entertain changing.

I have never thought you to be confused, only stubborn, and afraid.

Seth says
null see In Other Words (comment 76559).

Well that i do not accept your peculiar beliefs might not be me “stubbornly not willing to entertain changing” at all … eh?  Tell me honestly what else it could be. 

Si says
Don’t know. Some people entertain any beliefs, and change them often when new ones prove to work better. What do you call someone who doesn’t try new things and sticks to the same way of doing things as life is continuously changing around them? Traditional? A rock in a river?

Mark de LA says
That’s an old Thane-ism .  That’s what d’A uses to construct his positive-only multiverse.
Truth is when language about something agrees with what is so.  Otherwise is to tell a LIE! As long as you have humans who don’t know it all &/or all of what’s so there will be lies. That which is still IS! regardless of what people say about it.

Si says
In your verse!

Si says
… and I agree. What people say about it doesn’t matter much.

What people think about it does.  

Seth says
i don’t think there is all that much difference between “saying” and “thinking” …
except one is private and the other is public. 
i can lie silently or i can lie to your face … same lie.  
or i can tell you what i think, or i can think it privately … same thought.

the difference is: one has consequences and effect in the world … the other does not.

Si says
I can think something and say what I think. I can also think one thing and say something quite different. It is the thought which obtains, not the word. The old biblical idea that “in the beginning was the word” is mainly representative of the idea that a word is a vibration, a specific vibration, like a crystal of essence. When word and thought match, both are very powerful.

But they are not the same thing.

Si says
… and every thought has consequence and effect in the world. That is quite easy to test and observe.

Seth says
well think a though privately and see if you can scientifically establish that it has effect outside of effecting your own actions.  i know that you claim that you can, but i have seen zero evidence out here. 

note, you can not use your own perceptions to establish the change.

Si says
Because I don’t think your world. I think mine. You are asking me to have a thought that thinks in your world. In order for that to happen, you would have to believe it first.

I can think thoughts that affect my version of you, do all the time. Your experience of it depends on you including that in your world. Your beliefs prevent you from doing that.

However, Natalie and I do that all the time now.   

Seth says
well that hangs together well … have fun in your subjective cacoon.

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