What is the News ?

Mark 2005-12-29 23:45:42 2362  And another thing - is there anything more to the news than dead bodies, murders, rapes, wars, plane crashes, tragedies, government & corporate corruption, disease.......... ? maybe there isn't
Why is there a meme for the news? Is there anything of human value in it ?
I think I read the so-called news to defend myself against things that can possibly harm me. Is a disaster coming my way ? (better get ready for it). Is there a rapist running around in my neighborhood? (better get a gun or worry about my wife or  what ?) Is the government stealing my money again with taxes & spending. (They always do & always will - sick as it sounds. Check out ancient history!) The funny thing is that in most cases, 95% maybe, that which is in the news has nothing to do with me or my family nor is it likely to affect me or my family directly. (except the pain & depression we experience as a result of knowing about the shit that is going on around us somewhere in the world)

The solution to the unstated problem may just be less news - NOT more or better (more truthful) news!

I wonder what would happen if we treated the news like the weather. Mostly I look outside & there it is. Yesterday the forecast was for partly cloudy, windy, no precip. I got about 5 minutes of dark clouds and a little rain, visible snow flurries for a second - no big deal (slightly wrong but no big deal!). Maybe all we need is a thermometer shoved up the ass of the news - not a highly accurate one, just enough to figure out whether we need to do something about it. 

I would carry this analogy a little further now, but I am too engrossed in the beautiful sunrise outside with pink-orange clouds and a still blue sky.


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Mark de LA says
I did put mayonaise in my coffee once. It was in a squirt bottle & looked like a white liquid. Uggg! (It looked like a bunch of little maggots swimming around in my coffee)

Mark de LA says
The sad truth about value systems is that a person will do far more to avoid the negatives (hurting people, getting duped etc.) than they will do to pursue the positives (eat healthy, exercise, read a book, etc.).  Don't take my word for it. Make a list of all the positive things (or states of being) that you have. Then make a similar list of all the negative values (things you want to avoid - like possibly killing people) and then merge the two lists by priority & see what things come out as the highest priorities.

The news meme feeds on the negatives.

Mark de LA says
I wonder if there is a negative VALS survey (one bible of the advertizing industry).  This survey is for lifestyle targeted marketing.

Seth says
Money, sex, drugs, guns, and rock and roll ... and the fear of loosing or gaining same.  That seems to be dominate human nature.  (Ever put orange juice in your coffee instead of cream by mistake ... oh, scusie, that was unrelated)  So we are like packman gremlins programmed to be in persuit of those gods.  I think that standing aside from that rat race is what makes life worth living.  Perhaps citizen journalism will evolve to jump us just a bit out of that machine.  One can dream, huh?

Mark de LA says
Look at what this poor kid did because of the news.

Seth says
Well i have now drunk the whole cup ... orange coffee ...  ... will this be the next Starbucks winner ?  .... money, money, money .... 

Mark de LA says
Maybe things like uri http://fastblogit.com/item/2320/ and folksonomy devoted to some higher aspirations will help transform society. My instinct says action at local levels rather than global levels may help. Private education or education divorced from the government & money concerns is another. More of this later in the politics.

Mark de LA says
Well I propose another discussion (start another one) about the news use this item as a reference & that the following be considered:
   Unhack your brain - divorce it from the news!

Mark de LA says
Starbucks already has flavored coffees. I hate them. I flavor my tea & sweeten it often with orange juice, though. (Not to extend this conversation further off-topic) 

Seth says
Well, i'll stop if you stop ... or is it off topic?

Mark de LA says
Mark 2005-12-30 06:18:46 2393
Look at what this poor kid did because of the news.
Maybe the end of the story here.

Mark de LA says
Maybe NOT all news is bad news although this one points out that SEX is part of the mix.
SEX is the ultimate meme! & humor & "in the know about jokes" could lead to SEX.

Mark de LA says
If the news just stopped would anybody except news-junkies & politicians care. A few years the congress & Newt shutdown the government for a few days - did anyone notice ? I think there is a clue in there somewhere. (;-))

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