Pure will is what makes plants grow

#will is what causes things to happen. 
It is the media through which thought and consciousness
flows from the #past into the now and thence into the #future.

#will is called the “life force”.
it is our individual excitement.
it is that for which we live.


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Si says
 #LOL … what kind of plants you growing in there seth?

Seriously though, I agree with most of that. But there is no time relationship in the #CycleOfDoing, and that is true to the real human universe it models. You could say pure will flows from thought to material … but I believe it is quite inaccurate to associate will with time. Will and time are not related concepts at all. Even a little meditation and playing around with will will show that will is a direct connection between thought and sensory observation … when will is being applied, there is no time involved at all and no relationship to any other experience, past or future, only to the thought being held now.

Seth says
well time is merely a human concept through which we grasp change
if there were no was-now-becomming there would be no change,
in which case there would be no #will. 
then #will would be a farce.

Seth says
#btw, relative to your particular philosophy the new null idea here is that what you call your “excitement” has here been associated directly with #will.  you might want to try out that factoring of names and see if it simplifies.

Seth says
your #aug against the #firmament … against the #material world …
is best discarded, imho, to grasp thoughs like this one.

I know where you got it, i got mine the same place,
and i know the #Freedom it grants.
But i discarded my #aug of sharable manifestations,
with no loss of power.
You might consider getting out of that box too.

Si says
Not at all. My own experience differs. Will is a direct manifesting of the thought now. That humans often sequence their own thoughts, and use of will, in a timely manner, is only a convention of human experience. It is quite possible to manifest any moment in any sequence desired. I have done this.

Lucely just took a coarse in this very thing where the participants were taught how to experience time in different sequences and orders. It’s a new form of therapy that has come out of the understandings about time being an illusion. She has been very successful in the class and is teaching me how to do this beyond what I have done before.

Time sequencing is just a human tradition. A bookkeeping system we have been utilizing for a few thousand years. We don’t have keep our ledgers that way if we don’t want to, in fact, we don’t have to keep them at all. We can simply move in and out of time as we desire, to have the experiences our being is calling forth for us to have. And in fact, we already are … we just don’t normally access the awareness of our being living parallel lives in different times. Reincarnation is not actually one after the other. Our being is having all of those past and future experiences in parallel, in the now.

Si says
Oh no, not at all, if I understand what you are saying.

Excitement is not will. Will is a direct application at 3 oclock in the #CycleOfDoing and excitement is a direct impulse of information flowing in at 6 oclock.

In other words. Excitement is our higher self giving us a nudge in a direction … guiding our thoughts. Will comes after thoughts … will is the act and process of thoughts being recorded into the media as information our senses can then perceive … like the images on a film strip.

Seth says
well certainly “#will is our higher self giving us a nudge in a direction … an impulse” …
apparently we are talking about the same thing …
you call it “excitement”, i call it “will”.

You have this assumption that manifestation flows from thought as its source. 
I do not.  I do not grant thought such a power … because I can think whatever. 
But i do see how if you grant your free thought such power, a lot of your philosophy follows.

Seth says

null #sethhmmm re  #GloriousFesteringEgoo … later when i am in the mood null … tag #RWG #Egoo #Bullshit 

#NegativeFeedback touted as being useful … or just whatever … who knows who cares

Seth says
i must make the coffee,
before i can pour it into the cup. 
i must pour it into the cup,
before i can drink it.

tag #time #change 

Seth says
Conversation forked to thought 23936

Si says
The topic is “pure will” … and the subject is “will is not dependent on time sequence of events”, as you implied in the thought. And it is not dependent on time sequence … even if you don’t want to believe in a human’s ability to experience time differently, will is still not dependent on time sequence. Will is a direct now process only.

Si says
Conversation forked to thought 23937

Seth says
i have no idea whether pure will is tied to a sequence of events …

seems to me that a sequence of change is a dimension against which will as a force can be measured ... 
the relationship between the dimension and the force remains a mystery to me …

this thought  said nothing about that, one way or another.

individual subjective experience is yet again another topic.

Si says
You said “#will is what causes things to happen. 
It is the media through which thought and consciousness
flows from the #past into the now and thence into the #future.

I read that as implying will is something that has a time quality.
Will does not have a time quality. Simple mediation and experimentation will show that clearly.

Seth says
will is a force.
time is a dimension of change.  it is a sequence.

i have no idea what “will has time quality” would mean.  you tell me.

Si says
If will had a time component, it would be a vector.

You are right, will is a “force”. It has no relationship to time. It is not a vector.

So I am only suggesting your relating will to time as I noted in Pure will is what makes plants grow (comment 76655) probably shouldn’t be ringing true.

Seth says
vectors are a mathematical way of measuring the effect of a force.  for example, the effects of the force of gravity can be measured against dimensions of change and space as components.  can the force of gravity be reckoned without comparing its effects against change and space?  i do not know of a way.

i think both of us are grocking #will as a force. 
we do experience will as causing change. 
so the sequence of change is a dimension against which we recon our will.

so far there really should be no controversy.
Here is where perhaps our beliefs differ ...

We exert our will producing a  sequence of change. i say that as …
“#will is what causes things to happen. 
It is the media through which thought and consciousness
flows from the #past into the now and thence into the #future.”

Is it possible to say that same thing and factor past, now, and future out of the thought?
I do not know of a way.

Si says
More simply, a vector is a force with a direction. In this case, the direction would be time, and in your conjecture, only forward time.

I agree that a sequence of applied will forces can produce effects which line up with forward time. I am saying that is something “one can do”, but that is not a property of “will” at all. It is only how humans tend to sequence will events. It is a property of traditional human sequencing. And traditional human sequencing is simply what we call “time”. Time is not an absolute, it is simply a way of applying will in a specific sequence. Time is not a property of will, and will is not a vector. True will, the actual thing, is a force only and can be applied independently as a force only, in any time sequence, when one has the tools and desire to do that.

Seth says
well human awareness and consciousness are different things from the changes themselves and what cause them. 

it might be possible for human awareness and consciousness to jump around as in your #MultiVerse model.
← your conjecture i presume.

but change itself is a sequence … make coffee, pour it in a cup, drink from the cup.
if #will forces that change, then will aligns with that sequence.  ← my conjecture

I think it is your conjecture that human awareness and consciousness can experience the sequence differently …
for example backward … drink into the cup, pour back into the coffee, then make the coffee. 

But I curious where experiencing the sequence differently from the way it is forced,  would make a difference. 
What would be the useful nature of such a freedom of experience?
… hmmm maybe one could avoid experiencing unpleasant consequences?

Me, i see no advantage for my nature  in that …
rather i want to experience what happens in the sequence in which it is forced. 

Si says
Time sequencing forward is not a “forced” thing. It is simply convention. Experience is composed of discrete static snapshots, much like the frames of a movie, each of which we experience now.

Just like it is conventional to watch a movie as a time sequence of frames, it is similarly conventional to literally “watch our will manifested reality” as a time sequence of experience frames. Also, as in a movie, it would usually not be useful to change that sequence, except sometimes, to slow things down for instance, or to watch something backwards for fun or learning. Also, like in a movie, most people do not try to be producers (artists) and play in the cutting room. Only a very few ever get involved with choosing and ordering the frames. Anyone can, especially with today’s technology in the film industry, as well as todays technology in reality artistry, but few do, in both realms.

As you say, avoiding unpleasant consequences would be possible, but not very desirable. Without unpleasant consequences, newness and change would tend to grind to a halt for a person. They would simply cycle in the same pleasant scenes over and over without making changes. Change is always initiated by the desire born from unpleasantness, the sudden inspiration that something can be better. Those who have gone though the process of learning to use the reality cutting room tools know this well, as part of the fabric of their learning to do it.

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