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Mark de LA says ...
Actually not.  The #AlreadyAlways program a “selfie” runs is “I am unique”  –
PR: (BofNK) – well copy paste doesn’t work for me any more. hasn’t for several days.
1:23 – 1:24
Please be specific mark. That could mean 10 different things. And I use copy and paste constantly everywhere and have noticed no variations.


  1. AlreadyAlways
  2. hmmm
  3. NotKnowing


Mark de LA says
I screen scraped the text from BofNK & tried to paste it into the RTE both directly & through your paste gadget & both ended up empty.  I tried again pasting same into Note tab light & it worked.  I also tried it in a new text document which worked but didn’t fold the lines.  It used to work . I am using M$Edge .  I think I tried it with FF with similar results.  I am using Windows 10.

Si says
Okay. Can please point to the page where you copied from so I can do some testing?

I know that Microsoft has been talking about implementing content rights schemes for browsers, similar to how they do for videos now. Perhaps it has to do with early versions of that coming into windows. Or perhaps not. I need to run tests and examine the header tags on the exact page you tried from.

Mark de LA says
I just tried screen scraping from the first 2 paragraphs from .  Even the url won’t paste.

Si says
Okay. I will check it out as I can.

Does content and url’s paste fine from other sites? Like G+?

Si says
President Donald Trump said he’s actively considering a breakup of giant Wall Street banks, giving a push to efforts to revive a Depression-era law separating consumer and investment banking.

Works fine in Chrome standard on Mac. (is Microsoft playing with copyright protection in windows? #hmmm)

Mark de LA says
nope – was from with a picture

Mark de LA says
It does work with G+ & Chrome

Gaia Live

May 31, 2013
what does a red head need more than red eyes
one plus one
no comments

Mark de LA says
Apparently they get lost a day later if from G+

Mark de LA says
Apparently this is NOT about universalism.null
5:37 Simply wanting to know an answer or requesting information is not a true question. Questioning as a genuine and powerful activity is real wondering—dwelling on and wondering about a subject, and being open to the possibility of realizing something about it that you do not now know. Such profound questioning remains unattached to any answer or outcome. Without the power of questioning, there is only knowing. With only knowing, there is no question and so no discovery, no insight, no learning, no mystery, and no experience of the authenticity of simply “being.” Questioning demands real wondering, and wondering demands not-knowing.

Ralston, Peter. The Book of Not Knowing: Exploring the True Nature of Self, Mind, and Consciousness (p. 96). North Atlantic Books. Kindle Edition.
copy/paste seems to work from FF on Windows 10 Kindle app.

Seth says

Seth says
tag #NotKnowing

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