The house of beliefs

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Seth says
i guess so many people took the advise, that it crashed their website … try again later ...

Si says
Yep. This is exactly what I mean too, when I say seth is off on a crusade. He doesn’t believe he is while he is … but his amygdala doesn’t care if he believes it or not. His amygdala is dead set on storming the castle regardless. 

Seth says
and the tiger is doing the same thing null

Si says
Nope. the  only bounces on the outside of boxes until he can hear the thundering crusade noises coming from within. The stirrings of righteous beliefs resounding. Then the tigger bounces off somewhere else for a while.

Honestly, nothing has stirred up my beliefs in a long time. Nothing at all in the diatribe above. I thought G’s slave dentures was a really good idea!

Reality is whatever you want it to be, and thus believe, that is what I believe. All other ideas and beliefs fit inside that box quite easily. Nothing to go crusading about. Just lots of littler boxes inside to bounce on … and littler beliefs to stir up for others. That’s what tiggers do.  

Seth says
nope the same thing happens in my friend’s mind when he is confronted with an alien belief.
my friend will immediately defend his house of beliefs … same as the other person. 
the animated picture is what is happening between us on our respective houses of belief.

Si says
#LOL … you wish!

But no. It’s all your sir. You in your box making yet another left turn. I accept that your beliefs are real to you. All beliefs are real to me. You are simply finding your edges.

Seth says


Mark de LA says
If I were the tiger I would eat the man first then save the animal for later – fuck the tug-of-war!  null

Seth says

Seth says
i think that’s what the tiger is trying to do null

Mark de LA says
really ?  all the tiger has to do is drop the animal & chase the man – he is faster than the man.

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