The first iris to bloom, Spring 2017 ...

and the  coincidental smile
of a red head girl 
made my Spring day null


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Si says

Mark de LA says
no snap of the red head girl? null

Seth says
regretfully not null… unfortunately most of the best pictures ever remain just as memories.  i could name some other memorable ones … but then you all got those yourselves and must know what i mean.  in fact even the pictures that i take are approximate reframes of something that i saw and then missed.  but occasionally i get a frame in a snap right when it happens.  i am sure i am no different than any other photographer in that regard.

Mark de LA says

Seth says
of course that the young red head’s girls’s smile was interperted by me as surprising directed at me without apparent reason certainly gave the moment its lustrious hue.  … er, which subjectie connection is ducently difficult to capture with a camera.   she literally turned around from facing the post office clerk and looked directly at me and smiled.

Si says
What you are no different from is all the other photographers who have that same belief. I once met an exceptional photographer who believed they were always in the right place at the right time to snap the perfect shot. He had books and books of these amazing perfect shots he had taken. Exceptional photographers are different from other experienced photographers in one way only. They believe in their ability to get the exceptional shot. Some of those believe it is difficult and a high art, and so they struggle for those perfect shots. A few believe it is easy and they have the “eye” or the “nack” or the “luck” and so, for them it is easy.

You stated your belief about yourself and you related that your experience matches your belief … and so it will always be … but not all photographers have your belief and your experience of how hard it is to get a perfect shot, even in your own reality.  

Si says

Seth says

Si says
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Seth says
another way to describe this is to say,  a  great photographer intuitively navigates himself with his camera to remarkably interesting frames. 

i can feel how such a intuition could emerge … i don’t claim i have it.  
My intent is not the persuit of those frames … but rather something else entirely. 

i actually do a lot of framing when i photograph …
but not a lot of intentional navigating myself and my camera to potential frames …
rather i take them as they come.

Si says

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