Rudolf Steiner speaks of the CycleOfDoing

You live in the heart-lung-beat

That guides you through the rhythm of times

To the sensing of your own soul’s being:

Look under #CycleOfDoing … you will find my description of it being a cycle of breathing in, and breathing out, rhythm of being sensing and perception, very similar to the above words … and so too how I speak in all my commentary on the Cycle of doing, even to “heart”, is much the same as the rest contained in The Foundation Stone Meditation. Yet I only just read this meditation by #RS this very morning, prompted by mark, and I recognized and wrote down the #CycleOfDoing over a month ago on March 25th.

Great minds channel the same shit … and sometimes I do too!

Reference Mark’s comment Here is (comment 77265)


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Seth says

Seth says
it does sound like you and #RS are into similar rhythm of times null

i am not so very into “sensing of my own soul’s being” for i know that directly …
sorry, null i think self consciousness is over rated … i have quite enough of it, thank you anyway.

me, now i love null swimming the rhythm of times with other beings.

tag #SelfConsciousness #otherness #LoaSwim

Mark de LA says
Plucking a bit out the the middle of a poetic presentation gives some a pleasant feeling.  Much like taking something out of Shakespeare: ( Romeo & Juliet: Act 2, Scene 4 )

Tis now the bawdy hand of time is on the prick of noon!

Seth says
well i think nathan plucked out the essence related to #CycleOfDoing just as he said.  there are lots of symbolic connections in either poem for which it would take a life time of many to digest.  #shucks we do the best we can in any given now … crossing our eyes to confuse the connections  will not help us grasp in the least. 

Mark de LA says
Maybe xor not – Your #CycleOfDoing has nothing to do with RS’s Foundation Meditation. 

Seth says
assuming that it is not connected … while flying in the knowledge that it is null

Mark de LA says
Jibberish! ?

Mark de LA says
Gregory embellished Shakespeare on his own with :

’Tis now the bawdy hand of time is on the crack of Dawn! null

Seth says
Gregory was the originator of that quote?

Mark de LA says
.. the one about Dawn YES … the one from Romeo & Juliette NO!

Mark de LA says
Just as your mantra in previous weeks exhausted the word informs, now you are venturing upon with the word connection.  Everything is connected.  Even Through the WormHole has some dark matter or energy which seems to connect everything to everything else …. look it up! (last few episodes) nulllaughing

Ep6Is the Force With Us? 

Recorded 4/25, 7:04 - 8:06p

(4/25/17)New research begins to reveal a hidden force in the universe -- one that penetrates space with trillions of invisible connections, instantly linking every place in the world and joining the future with the past.

Seth says

Seth says
thanks for noticing that i do take up different words from time to time and elaborate their new connections for me  … “informs” and “connect” have a long way to go null.

but, #shucks i don’t see your “even though to that” in some other  story …
proving that all things are not equally connected in a bland blah mix.

Mark de LA says
Your #shucks → #BlahBlah for sure! 

Seth says
#shucks is a great little word to use … it represents nicely an attitude that goes well with others #pellic …
taste it yourself … you may well like the taste in your mouth …
it has the sweet aroma of #IDoNotKnow …
will quite a bit less of bitterness of  #IDoNotCare.

Mark de LA says
But when you followed it with jubberish above I lost what you were saying hence my :
Your #shucks → #BlahBlah for sure! 


Seth says
but somtimes my grasp is you jibberish … and visa versa … should that not be our assumption?

Seth says

Mark de LA says
NOPE! – Otherwise why have this website at all? It is degenerating from time to time to just #AlreadyAlwaysArguing & twitter-bait. 

Seth says
i have no idea what you are denying and saying is otherwise. 

the #AlreadyAlwaysArguing is your thingey … i do not share it … strange you have not noticed.
me i am more into the #AlreadyAlwaysListening … omg null it feels so much better null.

Si says
Well, I do agree with mark on two points.

Seth has abused and flayed the word “informed” into utter incomprehensibility. If it could have once meant something a little new, a little different, it is now only a dead fish in a Sargasso sea.

Everything IS connected. Emphasizing connections as having anything to do with living life or experiencing reality is like emphasizing that we breath air. Get out and run wild in the fervor of your dreams, and know that the “connections” will always support you along the way.

Seth says
well being #informed by the #connections is the air that flows in and  out  of me as i run wild in the fervor of the #world.  when i am #unconscious i dream … quite a different thing.  being supported is not something i fear … on way or another … that is rather just in the air itself. 

Si says
Do you focus on the air moving in and out of your lungs as you run? If you do, then you are missing quite a lot of the real experience you are out running for. Same with informs and connections … when you are focused on those, your attention is not in the “quick” of the experience. You might as well get a treadmill and run at home and imagine the rest, or watch TV.

Seth says
yep … but i did not say i was focused on the air when i run …
rather i said the connections are the air.
but let’s not use the analogy way past where it applies.

and as i analyze what is happening like i am doing here …
it is quite a different process than when i actually run.
or said differently: constructing the map of the world, is not the same thing as actually sailing to Hong Kong.

Si says
That’s right seth. It is not sailing.

Si says
Have you ever been to the Southern Oracle?

Well, what do you think? I work scientifically!

Seth says
you guys are like fools walking into a studio where a cartographer is drawing a map of the currents in the ocean and complaining that he is using too many → → → symbols in his work null

Si says
I don’t speak for Mark. I am out riding those currents which need no map to ride, they take you were the connections go. Life is about the experience of it and needs no map.  

Whatever fool is standing in your cartographer’s office looking at → and → and →  instead of saving the mermaid from the giant squid before making love to her in a moonlit cove … is not me.  

Seth says
well you are the same person … er i assume … who said …

Well, I do agree with mark on two points.  Seth has abused and flayed the word “informed” into utter incomprehensibility. If it could have once meant something a little new, a little different, it is now only a dead fish in a Sargasso sea.

… er, too many → → → huh?

Si says
More like too many left turns. Someday, when you don’t turn left, you will leave the cartographers office and have an adventure. Many await you “out there” (pssst in the wild, without maps).  

Seth says
Well Sir explorer, tell me first hand of your travels … what did you see on the other side of the world?  The length of my beard since  last we met and the color you see in my eyse will not #inform my charting.  And did you bring me new paper and ink from the orient … as you can see i am running out.

Si says
There may be those who are here to have experiences “for you” and of those you can ask such things. I am not one. I am here to have experiences “for me” and to join together with those who are likewise here to have experiences “for them” and we co-create amazing experiences out here together.

I only rap on the doors to your office when I happen by, for thus I have agreement with you to do … so that you will remember where those doors are should you choose someday to leave your chart room.  

Seth says

well i have nobody who experience “for me” nor would such a notion have any meaning to me.   Just like you, and every man jack alive, we each experience in and for our own purposes and intentions.   So your purposes and intentions are yours and yours alone.  i make no claim on them.  Nevertheless once you do something in my prescience its vibration actually effect me.   it is those effects that might #inform my charting.   

#shucks, why you say such a things above, as with all your intentions, is not for me to know or claim …
the same goes for your right turns relative to my left ones null


Si says
Well, you are wrong. There are lots of people on this planet who “have experiences for others”. One of the most obvious is traditional Japanese wives, and Eastern Indian Women. They completely devote their lives to living for others.

Another are actors. They also live “mostly for the experience of others”, and some additional ego stroking of their own.

In fact, those who live entirely for their own experience are the smallest class of humans on earth, and I am not there 100%, only enough to classify myself that generally, and in relationship to you.

Hence, your above is all diatribe. It is not about me or others, just your own justifications for ranking on what I said.

Seth says
okay sure, … people do devote themselves to others.  even i do a whole lot of stuff for denise, quite joyfully,  after all i have the eyeballs in the family, her’s are not very useful.  i exaggerated.  there is in fact a vast network of such connections and bonding between people.  there are even bondings between you and i.   but none of the nature you referred to above … at least not from my perspective.  you do inform me, yet that does not mean that you do so for me.  i may inform you, but if i did,  i did it for my own experience (i think we are in violent agreement on that).  we do not seem to be able to share a common intent.


Si says
Yep. I agree. So when you say Rudolf Steiner speaks of the CycleOfDoing (comment 77376) you are talking to someone who is having experiences “for you”, which as you say, is not me. I don’t tell you my travels for the sake of my experience of the telling or your experience of the listening. When I tell you them at all, it is so you can learn about #LOA and other things which my stories bring to light, which you typically reject my experiences for anyway. And I have never brought you gifts back from anywhere. I don’t do that for anyone, including you. Everyone around me knows that about me by now. I have the experiences for the experiences and with those having the same now experiences, not for others back home. I don’t even send Christmas cards or buy Christmas gifts for anyone except those I am personally spending Christmas eve or day with now. I live here and now, not for others somewhere else. I always essentially have done that, and now I do it deliberately, I own it. It’s my way of life.

Seth says
well when explorers comes into my studio i interrogate them about their travels and i represent their experience in my charts.  they went out on their own for their own glory … that had nothing to do with me.  i did not retain them to brave the ocean on my behalf.   That they may have done it for me, is just a tale you are telling … and that tale does not inform my charts,  any more than the explorers comments about the length of my beard or what they feel when they gaze into my eyes.  So when they deviate into such amorous advances towards me, i always try to get them to talk about their journeys … and leave me out of their descriptions … i was not there.  if they love me so much, bring me back some of that oriental ink … that is good stuff indeed null

Your stories about your #loa experiences actually do inform me … but your stories about mine do not … why? … well you almost always get them completely wrong.  


Si says
I don’t tell stories about your #LOA experiences. You do that, and sometimes call them mine.

Whatever to the rest. You asked of me things you would ask of someone having experiences “for you”. That is not me. You either get that or you don’t. I don’t tell such things because I have experiences “for me”.

Seth says
well next time you tell me something about my #LoaSwim, i will ask you if it really is about me.  
#btw, i am pretty clear about who’s mouth a description comes out of.

Basically i am telling you that i get informed better when you speak about your experiences and not mine. Believe that or not, your choice.

Seth says
Conversation forked to thought 23989

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