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Seth says

Seth says
anyone can change the game board and then make a play. 
Only rules so far is that (1) the game board must remain symmetrical.
(2) Logic and identiy cannot be broken … but (3) identity is allowed to vary as long as it is consistent … and
(4) the scoring is global … in other words cannot change the objective of the game …
unless or course, you make a new game.

Si says
#LOL … no thanks.

Those are the same rules traditional Politics run on … well, the rules they publicize anyway, not the actual rules they use behind the visible. Those rules only produce more of the same dog-eat-dog experiences, including “behind the scene rules”.

I play a different game, a better game, a wiser game, a more natural game.  

Seth says
no way Josey … that is a total misunderstanding on your part.
Politics is a #RWG game … a win-loose …  even you said that yourself. 
This game is the opposite.  Here one plays to win-win.   It is a #CooperativeGame … a game that increases null
if a player synchronizes with that (as you observed) then their moves will meet the objective of the game.

Si says
It is based on the same false premise that will inevitably degenerate it into rwg. It is unavoidable when you place the seat of one’s well being “out there with others”. That upside down relationship will always produce the same upside down results and experience in the end.

Well being of any kind, and especially love, must be generated inside oneself, in one’s own being, and flow from there out to the world independant of any circumstances that are apparent in the world. Wherever that happens, abundant wellbeing abounds. Look around, you will find it.

Seth says
well apparently this assumption is your firm belief …

Well being of any kind, and especially love, must be generated inside oneself, in one’s own being, and flow from there out to the world independant of any circumstances that are apparent in the world.


i have found that it does not always obtain over here. 

I can see how subjectively inside yourself it feels good to you to  believe that assumption.

But, perhaps strangely to you null new, my beliefs do not imply to me that “i place the seat of my well being out there with others” ← that is just something you have made up yourself about me.  Yet, to me that proposition is nonsense.

Si says
Mark said it another way which means basically the same thing. Perhaps you prefer what he makes up about you better. null

You, seth are so totally caught-up in the world of Abstractia - Mark

… doesn’t matter to me. It’s all the same thing. It’s all you having conversations about things, cards all up on the table, instead of living them deeply from within yourself … or whatever other way someone chooses to describe it. We all see the same thing when we look at you … you living in your cartographers office charting the world … you in your box.

Seth says
but that is just shit that mark has made up about what i do … and now you align yourself with that negagive shit about me.  hey #shucks , go for it kiddies … let me know when you get sick of playing that game. 

tag #MakeShitUp #RWG

How are you adding to the love here by playing that negative game #nathan ?   Is that transaction increasing your own internal well being?   Do you actually believe that it is increaasing mine?   But, okay, i am aware that you just gave mark a brownie point … maybe you gave yourself one too, i do not know … but all of that was at my expense … win-loose … which will never increase what is on the global board.

Si says
The  here you can personally experience and claim is limited to that which you allow in your box.

So I do better, I tell you about your box and show it to you clearly … so that perhaps if you someday leave it, you will be sharing the love out here that your box is immersed in.  

Come join the party!        ?

Seth says
just another win for yourself at my expense.  hey, make yourself feel better and better. 

Si says
I “feel” what I tune my vibration to. That is the point. We all do. It is not at your expense at all. It only appears that way because you are not tuning your own vibration. If you would start getting your feelings from your own source by tuning your vibration to the experience you want to feel, then you will quickly notice the others who are doing the same around you and you will enjoy sharing the experience of being immersed in that great feeling. The feeling of creating and experiencing as one. The feeling of true sharing, not transactional and conditional sharing like you are trying to get us to participate in with you.

Seth says
i feel what i tune my vibration to … just as do you null null

Si says
Okay great. Stop tuning it by what I do then.  

Choose the joy stations you want to experience and tune them in.

When I am on the same station, we will have fun. When I am not on one you are interested in, you won’t have me tuned in, you won’t be able to hear me at all. Be a deliberate tuner of your own joyful experience.

Seth says
#sucks when i feel a negative vibration coming from you, i should certainly be aware of it … and grasp its information. 
the same for a positive vibration, i should not just ignore those either.   
if you believe otherwise, that is your business. 

#btw how i feel inside when i am #informed by  vibrations from outside is the essence of my being.  

i suspect i do pretty much what you do there … i try to tune my internal feelings according to my  intentions regardless of what is flowing into my being from outside.   For example this morning, your negative vibrations toward my framing the #CooperativeGame informed me about you but did not bum me out … rather i respect that vibration was just what you were doing over there just according to your own business and intentions.    So they did not decrease or increase my love or joy … rather your vibrations were recognized and informed me about you.   but i did not allow that negativity  to dominate my being.  now would you have recognized in the game what was actually there for you to grasp … i would have tuned to your positive response to increase my joy and even my pride in myself for my creation … expecting  maybe even more to come in the future … who knows maybe you would even have  stood on the game  i started and gone beyond it like you usually do … love it when that happnes null ...

Si says
”when i feel a negative vibration coming from you, i should certainly be aware of it” 

Absolutely not. That’s the kind of self serving misunderstanding that gets wars started and all other manner of rwg. Other peoples negative vibrations are never your business unless specifically asked for, and even then you always have the right to say “no” to tuning yourself to a vibrationally negative state with any other being.

About the game, you could simply accept the feedback that it is built on an over tried and faulty premise. Any game that is based on personal positive state coming from the actions of others will eventually degrade. If you revise it so that it can succeed, I would be happy to try it out.

Seth says
yes i know,  you seem to firmly believe that being aware only of positive vibrations from outside yourself is the best strategy for maximizing your personal joy which seems to be your only intention. 

me i tend to maximize my awareness  independent of my subjective feelings. 
otherwise  i can not get a reliable signal from outside.

that is my choice … the choice of my being ... and quite only my business …. thank you anyway.

Si says
”you seem to firmly believe that being aware only of positive vibrations from outside yourself is the best strategy for maximizing your personal joy which seems to be your only intention.”

Yep, absolutely. Fought it for years. Went down all the paths including the one you are on. They don’t work in the end. This one does … and is the path all the wise ones (including me now) suggest. This is what works.

“me i tend to maximize my awareness  independent of my subjective feelings. 
otherwise  i can not get a reliable signal from outside.”

Not true. That is conjecture on your part. Reality does not actually happen that way no matter what philosophy you subscribe to as to what reality is and why this does not work. Real qualitative experimentation, by you, will show you this very clearly if you actually want to know the truth.


Seth says
yep that is your story.  it has been remarkably consistent even if seemingly contrived on the edges.  i will give you that.  

i have even heard it from others … many of them from your generation.
It is not my tempo.

The good news is that we don’t need to synchronize our tempo …
life itself does tend to diversity giving it resilience null

Si says

Seth says

Seth says
moving these templates back into my group,  as nobody else is using them.  

notice group test works well for collaborative work standing on a common departure point.   i would not work if  somebody not sharing the intent of the original author deleted or corrupted the template, hence i have moves it.

Si says
Well you never revised the diagram to represent things outside your box. Notice now the bottom arrows literally bounce off the edge of your box. You have labeled it “negative” there … but that is only the characterization that functionally creates the edge of your very box. If you were to allow the arrows to venture out, instead of bouncing off the negative barriers you placed there, you would discover that the wholeness of the larger space does not included negative. There is nothing actually and truly negative in reality. What we perceive as negative is only negative space … the absence of something positive that belongs there. If you were to venture forward wherever you are putting up a negative cone to bounce off of, you would soon discover the amazing, and huge, space that exists outside the perceptive space you have been circling inside of for a long time!   

Seth says

Seth says
an astute observation indeed null null.  

#kudos → nathan    well played !

i revised my move to make it explicit that the negative relations were in fact bouncing off the edges of my box (my move in this game) … and moved this shareable game board back into group test.  #done → seth
Notice i have preserved my first move in my own group … in the thought “The Starting Move

your move !

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