API Procedure to mail a Newsletter

About: Newsletter Mailing System - fastblogit

  1. Create the coupon in reporter … see 1705a ←  #done 
  2. Activate it at the website ←  #done 
    • in this case change the expiration date to 2017-05-18 midnight ← #done 
  3. Create the #NewsLetter in reporter … see newsletter output from reporter  ← #done 
    • ← Reporter screen
  4. Create a corresponding template in Sparkpost    id=”2017-05-10”   ←  #done 
    • perhaps later this will always be just named “current newsletter”
  5. Write the  new mailing list from tome newsletter.prg creating to emaillist.csv ← #done
    • upload to #SparkPost as id = “newsletter”  containing 13479 customers   ← #done 
    • note we also have a test list, id = “test” ← #done 
    • these list can be listed by a get to https://api.sparkpost.com/api/v1/recipient-lists 
  6. ...
  7. Create a new transmission (mailing) in Postman #done 


  1. NewsLetter
  2. SparkPost


Seth says
Note to delete a template, use the API “Delete a Template” transaction.  

Deleting templates (newsletters)  can not be done on the web interface.  

Put the “Template ID in at the end of the URL” and send a http DEL command with the appropriate headers … all done for me by Postman null

← https://api.sparkpost.com/api/v1/templates/TEMPLATE-ID

Seth says

← Success on test list ?

I got mine … and so did patty.

denies’s three all sorted into spam.  so even though we both use gmail to decide what is spam, her filter is different 

The transmission is named 
“A Speak To Me Catalog Mailing”

← returned result

Seth says

the reports seem to confirm what was delivered and even what was opened.

Seth says

first live mailing submitted via postman

looks like it was accepted

waiting for it to do something

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