Evolution & Involution & Revolution

Mark 2005-12-30 08:17:59 2393
Maybe things like uri http://fastblogit.com/item/2320/ and folksonomy devoted to some higher aspirations will help transform society. My instinct says action at local levels rather than global levels may help. Private education or education divorced from the government & money concerns is another. More of this later in the politics.
Well here it is:
The enormous size of government ensures laws & governance of  people without full participation of those governed.  The same can be said for the size of economic entities such as corporations and their employees, customers and directors. We have a problem here of efficiency versus quality and organic life. To this day I still marvel at the human body as the ultimate model for structure & it's ability to support life.  Our bodies have many architectures, systems & functionality beyond anything we could invent (or possibly ever will invent).

I think we want to have our governments, our education & economic systems, our laws & justice systems be more like the human body in systemic behavior & facility. 

I seek a brief period of involution to examine where we are now & a combining of purpose & vision for the future. Follow that by evolution to the desired purpose & a revolution for change where things need to be completely thrown out (i.e. where evolution can't get to the vision from the present situation).  I am a proponent of peaceful revolution.   I once (in the 80's) shouted into the wilderness:
"Common Logic is a SYNERGY OF INDIVIDUALS called forth to establish the economics & politics of a Golden-Rule-based-society: We are modeled after the God-given perfect example of dynamic equilibrium given to us as the human body. We dedicate our work to the proposition that the ends & the means - (both the goals & the process ) must be true, beautiful & good to be fulfilled in Common Logic. "
The spirit is still there but the words may be askew for these times. Another more powerful possibility was expressed this way:
"THE POSSIBILITY THAT EACH & EVERYONE OF YOU LOVE ONE ANOTHER IN A WORLD THAT WORKS POWERFULLY FOR ALL OF US. " (Someone more loving & powerful than I once said the same thing & they nailed him !)
I like the idea that things work powerfully for all of us in a loving world!  Too bad terrorism took a giant shit (temporarily) on a lot of that. 
I seek no utopia for utopias are all intellectual & idealistic (a head without a body). I seek a spirit moving us in the direction of these recent visions (see the red & blue).  I don't think that the left & the right ( liberalism or conservatism) can handle the job.  I think another different way (which is neither) needs to emerge with more than just a political/economic base to it. 

What say you ?


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Seth says
We don't need Government or God to make things right and and shape our worlds. Those are  idea which emerged  and evolved in the dark ages.  But as you point out there is a better way modeled after the way our own bodies have evolved and their processess goverened. This way does not involve a top down hierarchy where laws are legislated and enforced by power structures; rather it uses bottom up methods where individuals are free to persue their intentions yet those intentions are balanced by the realities of the body politic.  I call that the Leviathan model. It uses chaos to self organize.  google chaos theory

Mark de LA says
If you don't think there is a need for a change or transformation look at what Lexis-Nexis thinks were the top news stories of the year 2005 here.  Or, look at the Drudge Report & see if you can find a heart-warming story anywhere, any time soon.

Seth says
The basis of the Leviathan model is given in a group is a social cell.

Mark de LA says
It is interesting that the word Leviathan came from the Bible (probably before Hobbs). I would be interested to know if Science has come up with an explanation for the existence of anything at all or anything at all to go bang in the first place . 'till then God works fine for me.  Anyway, I doubt that chaos & strange attractors is likely to ever, no matter how much time there is, come up with a human body on it's own.  To me the extrapolation of time to be of sufficient antiquity for evolution to produce a cell and then an amoeba which eventually turns human is about as believable as a god did it!
We still need governments to ward off anarchy - I don't have to keep up with my neighbors & buy a bigger gun just to feel safe at night or enjoy the fruits of my own labor. Re-read the preamble to the US Constitution - it sets a fairly good tone for government.

Seth says
... well i did't intend to push your buttons on the old evolution/creation contraversy. As you may or may not remember i experssed my opinions re "God" in God. I think there is way way too much baggage associated with this concept and people would do well to shed that baggage and start from scratch.

Mark de LA says
seth 2005-12-31 10:23:28 2402
... nor will Government.
Yeah! currently governments exist primarily to sustain themselves.

Seth says
... well, i don't think that God is going to help you.

Seth says
... nor will Government.

Mark de LA says
just trying to bring into being a new era via vision & declaration rather that whatever it was that produced all the bad news last year!

Mark de LA says
seth 2005-12-31 10:22:32 2402
... well, i don't think that God is going to help you.

Well, then I will have to ask the Great Phoenix of Happiness!

Mark de LA says
seth 2005-12-31 10:31:25 2402
Perhaps this is more on topic ...
source:  Chicago Reader
To prove that bloggers and Google News robots can't do the work of trained reporters, Reader executive editor Michael Lenehan proposes a yearlong journalism strike. "I am urging reporters and editors around the world to put down their notebooks, close their laptops, hang up their phones. Lie down and be counted! Let's have no reporting, no editing, no application of any human intelligence whatsoever to events public or private till January 1, 2007. I'm calling it the Year Without Journalism. Let's all relax, let go, and float blissfully in the information-free state (excuse me, I mean free-information state) that our public awaits so eagerly. ... Let's see if Wonkette can deal with the devious bastards in the executive branch any better than Judith Miller did."
That's pretty much what 2393 was all about only from the news reader's perspective.

Mark de LA says
Too bad I referred to the human body as God-given (apparently that set someone's machinery in a spin & the intended topic got lost). But,  come to think of it, I don't know anyone alive who can honestly say they had something to do with their own incarnation - physically (autogenesis).  On the otherhand if they blame it on their parents, which of them had something to do with the way the machinery of sex and birth works.  And so on......to Adam & beyond (for you who are descendants of apes and amoebas you have to carry the argument farther ) .
So God-given expresses awe & wonder at the process of creation of the physical body, it's beauty & complexity - deal with it! 

Si says
I say that once upon a time Mark wrote really good content and had original thoughts, like this one.  

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