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Seth says ...
Well the result of unilaterally extending one’s box to include the vastness of everything can be see in this diagram

see more discussion in Action with Intent

Sorry null, i call it the move of a self centered #fool .

notwistanding i null watching null


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Si says
#hmmm – no resonance with either of those myself. I have always said others exist and I participate with them. I have never said “I am self contained in my own box”.

Creating my own reality does not nullify others. They exist and create their own reality too.

Your diagrams say nothing about that either way.

Seth says
so you say … but your description of my box exactly matches my diagram on the right.

You live for your self, centered in your box, saying to all others “I can’t know you for you are not in my box. I can only know those of you that come over here and enter my box and participate with me. If you don’t, maybe I will observe you, but we cannot co-create until you join me in my box”.

and your desciption of yourself exactly matches my diagram on the left.
The one who is out there exploring everything there is to know and experience which comes into their view is “worldly centered”.
which is why i said you seem to have our box descriptions switched null

#BTW  i have never said, “I can’t know you for you are not in my box.  I can only know those of you that come over here and enter my box and participate with me. If you don’t, maybe I will observe you, but we cannot co-create until you join me in my box”.  That is definitely not something that i would say.

in fact i think it was just the other day that i said quite the opposite even directly to you.  
You never enter my box … you can not … i never enter your box … i can not.  
But we sure as hell can interact anyway … just by those things that we match. 

Si says
Yep. “You never enter my box … you can not … i never enter your box … i can not. “

Same thing, same concept. Doesn’t matter if I phrase it as what you would say, or you say it. It all means the same thing. You don’t cross the border of your box. As long as that is true, you are centered in self. That is simple, not rocket science.

Si says
Taking 100% responsibility for one’s experience is not 100% ownership of one’s experience. You do love to munge words in attempts to claim points.

Si says
  1. Reality is one’s experience of it.
  2. I take 100% responsibility for my experience.
  3. My experience often coincides with the experiences of others.
This is exactly what I say. It does not say, or imply, that I live for myself only, or that I create your experience or the experience of any other, or that I am self contained, or that I live in a box, or that others don’t exist, or that I am self centered, or that I own reality, or any of the many other ideas you often present about this subject that I repeat each time are not what I say.

1 – 3 above combine to mean that “we each create our reality”. If something you want to say about that does not match with 1 or 2 or 3, then it is probably not what I would have said, believed, or implied, but is most likely some way you are trying to fit these things I do say into the reality model you work with on your own.

Si says
Conversation forked to thought 24023

Seth says
i “cross the boarder” of my box every time i am #informed or am #interacting with what is outside of it. 

yes, were that not true, i would be completely centered in myself.

Si says
You are completely centered in your box, which is not the same thing as being completely centered in yourself. Your box is an artificially drawn container within yourself and the pen it is drawn with is your beliefs about reality. You don’t cross the borders of your box in any way I have ever witnessed. You interact with everything outside your box through a membrane … you don’t join directly with otherness and don’t believe you can. All of this is not made up, it is simple and direct reflection of your own words, condensed for simplicity. This is what is so. If you start from here, you can go anywhere you can imagine … if you don’t start from here, you will continue to circle in your box of beliefs.

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