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Si says ...
Notice also, in the #ThreeLawsOfReality above, how the connection with others is the neutralizing force that breaks the reality stalemate between our natural ability to create or do anything and the ego selfie and it’s desire to control and always be in charge. I would actually think you, seth, would have great affinity for that aspect of the 3rd law of reailty as it shows very clearly and logically how others and otherness is super important to the harmonious trinity of a well balanced reality in an individual. Without the neutralizing force of otherness we would all be playing supreme Gods in our own individual worlds as the general norm … which although that could be quite fun for a while, it is not an evolutionary structure.  
Absolutely i have an affinity for this null.  It seems that much of my life has been about striking a balance between self and that which i #share with others.  The situation continues to excite me null.

There seems to be a logical question about  the #intersection in the #ThreeLawsOfReality …


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Si says
… this is the venn diagram I would use.

Mark de LA says
Perhaps your reality is spelling sharing with an “e” in it.  I tried to go to my own group & import a clipboard of an export of this item but there was no place to do it even though it may have been on my clipboard.
There is no reality outside of reality.  OTOH, there are different kinds of reality inside/outside the nuthouses.
Your reality may or not conflict with the Thelemic motto: #DWTW & #LITLLUW which works for me in “the World” 

Mark de LA says
Well I said my piece above. null

Seth says
see my response Sharing (comment 77839) re mark’s, “There is no reality outside of reality. ”

Seems to me at this point this is merely a quibble about what term we use to refer to what thingey .

I use the term #TheWorld to refer to that which exists apart from anybody’s subjective experience. I think that is to what you refer in your sentence.  

Does ...

“There is no world outside of the world”

ring the same truth bell mark and nathan ?

Mark de LA says
You have drawn a line between subjective & objective & munged the word experience in there somewhere:
experience (n.) Look up experience at
late 14c., "observation as the source of knowledge; actual observation; an event which has affected one," from Old French esperience "experiment, proof, experience" (13c.), from Latin experientia "a trial, proof, experiment; knowledge gained by repeated trials," from experientem (nominative experiens) "experienced, enterprising, active, industrious," present participle of experiri "to try, test," from ex- "out of" (see ex-) + peritus "experienced, tested," from PIE *per-yo-, suffixed form of root *per- (3) "to try, risk." Meaning "state of having done something and gotten handy at it" is from late 15c.
others use the word soul

Si says
I have clarified a long munged understanding. It is easy now to understand that …

Reality is your experience of it.

… this simple idea being true in all forms of that statement … making it a clear and easy way to define and understand reality.

Seth says

Mark de LA says
Yours is pretty much a worthless tautology nathan.  #MakeShirtUp → then enjoy

Si says
Thanks for the shitting mark.

Seth says
its not a tutology … it is more just a definition.   Once we define what we are talking about, then we can start saying things that are not ambiguous. 

For example …
i would mentograph realities  as the collection of the experience relationships of each being. 

it should be clear that in thinking this way we are avoiding the natural confusions and ambiguities of natural language.

… such is, in my reality, just mathematically detailed exact thinking.  It is #shareable … whereas ambiguous thinking is not.   It is high time we applied  mathematically detailed thinking to our own psychology.

Mark de LA says
Anyone can declare something as if they are right & any disagreement is incorrect. 
#MakeShitUp → drink da #juice enjoy the experience.  Some people are immune. I know I am from your virus. 

Si says
Anyone can learn something new, apply it to one’s own life experience, discover what works and is solid and reliable, and then tell that to others too. That would be me.

Seth says
the process is …
(make stuff up … share it with others untill matches are agreed … repeat! )

it is a tried and true method that works.

Mark de LA says
That is you folks processes. Like I have already said 

#MakeShitUp → drink da #juice enjoy the experience.  Some people are immune. I know I am from your virus. 

Mark de LA says
Thanks for your shitting nathan thumbs upnullnull

Seth says
so how are you feeling today, mark… getting enough to eat but not too much … getting good sleep … getting out in the Spring weather ?   … meeting interesting people?  … doing some great work?   but  sounds to me that you are going through some nasty shit.  is there anything you need?

Mark de LA says
Nice guessing game seth – thou mayest be projecting. 

Seth says

well sorry null, i can do nothing but express (or guess) from my reality.  

but, in this case i was inquiring about yours. 
please #inform !  
so i can read and vicariously experience your reality with my eyes null
I am all ears.

Seth says

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