Blowing Your Own Whistle

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The 5th Estate – 

Wikileaks’ Assange movie – watched last night –  made him out to be somewhat of an asshole & somewhat of a folk hero. 
Brings the question to the forefront, like the mass amounts of leaks from the Deep State about the Trump administration – what constitutes espionage & treason  & what constitutes innocent whistle blowing?
Traditional spying & espionage delivers the information to an individual or an enemy of the country & usually pays off to the perpetrator in money, sex, etc.  If the perp publishes it like Wikileaks does that lessen or greatly compound the crime? If the newspapers & internet websites then publish it all is that a conspiracy & are they accomplices to the original  to the original espionage ? I say YES!
The more wide spread the more the word sedition comes to mind.


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Mark de LA says
I’ve checked it out before & Wikileaks was boring – mostly for conspiracy theorists. Too much information too little meaning.
Then too today:  xor google wikileaks
Assange bio in Wikipedia:

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