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Mark de LA says ...
Profound #GofB material


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Si says
All of that rings true to me. And, there is a simple solution to each and every one of those. Be Authentic. That’s it. Do that, be authentic, and none of these “traps” will affect you or others.

Mark de LA says
don’t need your approval – thanks anyway – being authentic is way back in BofNK etc GW, RS, & so forth.

Si says
I am not approving, I am telling.

It is interesting that your “thinking I am approving” grants me specific powers to weald in your reality. Thanks for those.  

Mark de LA says
Some of you folks keep on telling me shit I already groked a long time ago.  What is the point? Most of it appears your trying to reframe stuff so that you appear to your selfies to be right (see #RWG)

Si says
So then … be authentic

Mark de LA says
Maybe get your face out of your mirror & demonstrate you know what it is to be authentic!

Si says
#hmmm … what’s more authentic than my face in my mirror? I wonder.

Mark de LA says
That’s a question between you & your mirror or you selfie – #IDC

Si says
Yes! Exactly!

Mark de LA says
#LastWord – congratulations. 

Seth says
sombody else’s face in your eyes

Si says
Someone else’s face would not be “more authentic” … no matter what, I would always be seeing “my interpretation of their face”. It would always be a composite of them and me. When it is just my face, then it is me interpreting me … which seems to me to be the most authentic one can ever get.

Seth says

Seth says
okay your choice null

me, i am #informed null by another’s face, more than i am #informed by my own.

Si says
Okay, but that is a completely different thing. We were talking about “being authentic” in this thread.

Si says
… and also, if you listen to the masters, and understand how things work, then you realize that what you are being informed about when you look at someone else is really aspects of yourself you were not aware of before that moment. You can never know another. You can only know more about yourself interpreting another.

Seth says
well the differences here may be just in the language itsef.  i don’t distinguish between “being authentic” and “being honest”.  seems like you distinguished that somewhere in the past, but i cannot remember it, probably because it didn’t connect back then any more than it connects today in this universe.

Si says
Well seth, if you have the excited impulse to reach out and touch the wrinkles on someone’s face (like a small child might do authentically) but you don’t. Then you are certainly being honest, but you are not being authentic. Honesty is simply expressing yourself consistent with your beliefs (see #LIE). Being authentic is to express the exact impulse your excitement (inner guidance) is leading you to express in any moment … which may even, in some cases, lead one to do something that is not consistent with one’s current beliefs. Sometimes being authentic can mean being dishonest.

Seth says
well sorry null i do not believe that for a moment.   “You can never know another. You can only know more about yourself interpreting another”  is your thingey not mine.   me, i null love when others #inform my interpertation.

tag #otherness and it’s #denial.

Si says
”love when others #inform my interpertation” ~ Seth

Exactly … you don’t “know them”, you know more about “your interpretation of them” which is knowing more about you, more about what you are, more about how you feel, more about what you think about, when you interpret them. Everything you encounter expands your awareness of yourself … your knowledge of how you react, how you feel, how you exists, expands. And that’s all that expands, for you. You never know what they are … you only know what you are through your experience of them.

Seth says
you are  just kicking the can down the road.  

“Everything you encounter expands your awareness of yourself” ~ nathan

I would say that differently.  When you encounter something it expands yourself.  in other words it #informs you.  You absorb it as it were.  You represent it inside yourself.  In that sense yes,  if you are aware of yourself, that awareness gets expanded.  But it was not you who did it, it was the other who informed you.

Seth says
Conversation forked to thought 24084

Si says
Go have an experience. See if you can find anything in that experience you can be aware of that is not your reaction, your interpretation, your thoughts about, something that is you changing. Light that your eye interprets does not exist separate from your eye … it is a person out there combining with light to emit a different frequency photon that gives it an identity like to them, and it is your eye combining with that photon of light that allows you to sense their identity. The change is in you … always.

You do not sense others. You sense yourself interpreting others.

Mark de LA says
Go have an experience of reading the book (#GofB) instead of speculating upon which stuff of yours is tzu with it that you can tout, nathan – such might have more honesty, integrity & authenticity. 

Si says
For me, that would be inauthentic because I have no excitement to read that book right now.

Authenticity is not “that which can be shared and is found to be the same”.

Authenticity is “that which, when shared, elicits the highest possible expression of being in the one sharing, and the highest possibility for coincident elevated experience in the ones receiving”.


Mark de LA says
I have little excitement in following you down your rat-hole of your imagined trans-migration of your consciousness between people (xor dogs etc.)

Si says
I have a little penis … I don’t let it stop me or interfere with my love life.

Mark de LA says
Your penis & your arsehole are of little interest to me.!null

Si says
How small and insignificant you allow your experience of the grandeur of all reality to be is of little interest to me! Keep it small, keep it in house, I care not. null

Seth says

Seth says
#btw …. and this is totally off the point … but i have no teeth but that does not intefear with me talking or eating … and in fact i have made that part of what i am.  i have a little penis too … i bet mine is smaller than yours now …. care to compare? …. but i have made that part of my sexuality enhancing it … like my teeth, i have made it part of what i am.

but marks lack of excitement in following you is almost certainly another matter entirely.

Si says
Well that’s my point. Mark did not say “a lack of”, he said he has a little.

It’s not the size, it’s what you do with it. A little is more than enough!

Seth says
okay … i think he meant no excitement in following you.

Mark de LA says
How about none of your characterization applies @N About: Profound #GofB material (comment 78429) – you are not even being authentic in the purpose of your language. (xor you are just continuing to be an arsehole).

Si says
Well, I believe when someone writes something, it is the true representation. Even if it is not what the person thought they intended to write … as Freud would say.

Seems that it is you dear Uncle that is re-writing Mark in your own best interest based on your model of what Mark should be and your assumptions … not “authentically accepting Mark as he presented himself”.

Mark de LA says
Fascinating #GOB quote (for Seth only): – with some contemplation as I did this AM it might lead one to grock some purpose for language.

4:8 Begin your contemplation by working hard to create an experience of the possibility of having no language in existence at all, not even as an idea. Then you can question: How is it possible to create it? Because of a nearly indelible familiarity, our minds tell us that all we need to do is simply produce a sound that means something to another person, forgetting that, without even an idea of language, to other people our sounds are merely sounds. So what needs to occur to make one thing—a sound, a gesture, a shape—into another, into a representation of something it’s not?

Ralston, Peter. The Genius of Being: Contemplating the Profound Intelligence of Existence (Kindle Locations 1036-1041). North Atlantic Books. Kindle Edition. 

Si says
If each person is being 100% authentic, then the actions themselves become the language … no other representation is required. Re-representaton is only required when direct experience is not directly expressed … when authentic impulses are not followed … unless, it is for the sake of representing as art.  

(also “for seth” as part of the continuing dialog on what authenticity is)

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